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For your first few Ironman Triathlons what to eat and drink can be hit or miss during the bike portion of the race but perhaps these Ironman triathlon bike nutrition tips will give you some food for thought.

This is a crucial part of the Ironman and if you screw up on the drinking and […]

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Triathlon is one of the fastest growing mainstream sports in the world and year after year there are people who are bitten by the Ironman Triathlon bug. Making the right equipment choices can be confusing and one of the biggest issues is figuring out the best bike for beginner Ironman triathletes.

When the Ironman first […]

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Many triathletes go into the Ironman Triathlon without any set plan in place.

It’s especially common for those taking on the Ironman challenge for the first time to be unsure how to approach the race. The reasoning might be that how can you come up with an Ironman race strategy if you don’t know what […]

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If you are Training for an Ironman Triathlon: Are you doing too much? There is a very good chance that most age-group athletes go into an Ironman over-trained and tired.

It often seems that when people are bitten by the Ironman bug and have their sights set on reaching the finish line they develop a […]

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Staying mentally strong is just as important as working on your swimming, biking, and running skills when preparing to take on the Ironman Triathlon.

At times it can be difficult to stay focused on your ultimate goal of reaching the Ironman finish line. Month after month of seemingly never-ending training may even have you questioning […]

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There are many things to take into account when buying a triathlon bike.

Road bike or triathlon specific bike, profile-bars or conventional drop handle-bars, bike seat options, and proper bike fit are a few of the important considerations when triathletes are deciding what bike would suit them best.

Hopefully our video’s on […]

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Triathlon wind-trainer biking can be a valuable component of triathlon/ironman training.

For those rainy days or days when training time is at a premium, a wind-trainer can come in pretty handy.

I remember the first time I thought I set up a wind-trainer in my living room.

I thought it would be a […]

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Some of the most common Ironman Triathlon bike mistakes and how to avoid them.

Paying attention to detail can really make the Ironman Triathlon a more enjoyable and successful experience.

Over the years of my Ironman career I made pretty much every conceivable mistake because there were really very few resources to learn from in […]

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Ironman Triathlon In a Speedo

On March 6, 2012 By

Back in the early Ironman Canada days, racing “near naked” was pretty “cool”.

Unlike the triathletes of today we didn’t have anywhere near the variety of triathlon gear to choose from back in “the day” so we just kept things simple.

I guess I’m dating myself but when I was in Penticton doing book-signings […]

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Ironman Triathlon Death March

On February 11, 2012 By

Controlling your enthusiasm is a major key if you want to avoid being a major player in the Ironman death march.

In the back of your mind you were always pretty sure that making it to the Ironman Triathlon finish line was going to somehow involve a certain amount of pain. After all, it’s a […]

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