2012 Ironman 70.3 St Croix race preview

Lance Armstrong will be racing in St. Croix 70.3 Ironman taking place on May 6, 2012. Talk about adding last-minute excitement to a race.

The race comes on the heels of the Twitter tiff between Lance Armstrong and Simon Whitfield when Lance dismissed the Olympic-distance triathlon-Simon Whitfield’s triathlon-as a shampoo, blow dry and 10k foot race.

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Lance Armstrong takes a run at Ironman 70.3 St. Croix

Olympian Simon Whitfield responded with Disappointed to read Lance Armstrong’s comments that those of us working so hard towards our Olympic tri dreams are participating in a joke.

Lance Armstrong defended his controversial statement with this response to Simon Whitfield’s twitter “Not bagging you or your peers. Just feel as it drafting ought NEVER be allowed.”

There are those who echo Lance’s thoughts on the subject of drafting being allowed as it appears to go against the very spirit of individual performance that has been the keystone of triathlon since Hawaii Ironman was first created.

It’s a certainty that the triathlon world will be watching the St.Croix race with interest as Lance attempts to earn a major share of the Kona Ranking points that will be up for grabs.

The field of pros is not nearly as large and formidable as what Lance found himself up against in Ironman 70.3 Texas when he finished well off the podium in 7th place.

He had a sensational second place finish in Ironman 70.3 Panama when he was nipped in the last kilometer by Bevan Docherty.

Hey! Isn’t Bevan one of those Olympians who gets a shampoo and a blow dry before the run?

Guess Lance forgot about that one.

Anyway, here is the pro-men field for the 2012 St. Croix 70.3 Ironman on May 5, 2012.

PRO MEN–tentative

Lance Armstrong
Maxim Kriat
Andy Potts
Terenzo Bozzone
Oscar Galindez
Frederik Van Lierde
Mac Brown
Ryan Power
Ed Donner
Ciro Violin
Alessandro Degasperi
Teemu Kyllonen
Grant Burwash
Damon Barnett
Eliot Holtham
Andres Castillo
Erich Wegscheider
Kyle Pawlaczyk
Zach Ruble
Stéphane Poulat
Tyler Lord
Dave Harju
Edgardo Omar Velez
Mitch Robbins

When I look at this field it seems to come down to two main players.

Lance Armstrong and Andy Potts appear to be the two who will be fighting it out for the win. Andy comes off a sensational 03:54:03 win in Ironman 70.3 California that took place March 31, 2012 and is on top of his game.

Lance will be seeking not only redemption for his disappointing result in Texas, but also the valuable Kona Ranking points for the Ironman Hawaii World Championships in the Fall of 2012.

PRO WOMEN–tentative

Angela Naeth
Nina Kraft
Kelly Fillnow
Mary Beth Ellis
Stephanie Jones
Jenny Fletcher
Leslie LaMacchia
Kim Loeffler
Stephanie Ossenbrink
Tamsin Lewis

Great to see Mary Beth Ellis racing again. I’m sure you all remember Mary Beth’s amazing run to qualify for the 2011 World Championships in Kona. She won 3 Ironman races in 6 weeks including Ironman Canada 2011 in order to quality for the big show.

Although she was pretty much worn out by the time Kona race-day arrived and had a disappointing day, she showed what an amazingly tough competitor she is.

I pick Mary Beth Ellis to win here if she is anywhere near top form. Nina Kraft, Angela Naeth, and Kim Loeffler will also be fighting it out for a podium spot.

Feel free to comment and give your thoughts on drafting being allowed in the Olympic-distance triathlon.

Also, how do you think Lance will do in the race?

Be sure to drop by IronStruck.com on race day May 6, 2012 for a play-by-play of the race. Should be pretty interesting.

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