Ironman Triathlon breakfast

Just how important is Ironman Triathlon breakfast?

There are several important considerations when it comes to making decisions on what to eat for your Ironman Triathlon breakfast on the morning of perhaps the biggest challenge of your life.

  • How well have you planned your carbohydrate loading in the days before the race?
  • How many hours before the race start should you eat?
  • Should you eat a lot, a little, or not at all?


Realistically all your hydration and carbohydrate loading should be taken care of long before race morning. If you have done this properly your glycogen stores will be nicely topped up for the big race.

This will not change overnight as you sleep on Ironman Eve. You’ll wake up fueled and ready to go. Your glycogen stores should still be full and concerning yourself with carbohydrate loading on race morning is unnecessary.

Carbohydrate loading should begin long before race day. As a matter of fact all during that last week before the race you should be making an effort to eat plenty of Complex Carbohydrates that you enjoy and have been eating all through your training season.

Ironman Triathlon breakfast

Pasta is a carbohydrate mainstay for endurance athletes

If you normaly had oatmeal for breakfast and pasta, potatoes, whole wheat bread, or brown rice for lunch or dinner all through your training then these foods should be the main focus as race day approaches.

Waiting until race morning to load up on carbohydrates is a classic mistake. Really, who needs all that food crashing around in their stomach during a 2.4 mile swim in open water with a couple thousand of their newest friends?


Whatever you decide to eat for your Ironman Triathlon breakfast be sure to give your digestive system plenty of time to digest it. That is to say if your race starts at 8 a.m. and you are planning to be at body marking at 7 a.m. don’t head to check-in with a toasted bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in one hand.

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That’s far to close to the swim start to be taking in food.

For a Sunday race one of the smartest things you can do is make sure you have your best nights sleep on the Friday night, even if you have to take a sleeping pill to do it.

The reason for this is that many triathletes will toss and turn the Saturday night before the race. There are often too many emotions swirling around in their head to allow them to sleep soundly. If you sleep soundly on Friday night it’s not a big issue if you have trouble sleeping on race eve.

Ironman Triathlon breakfast

Eating at the right time on race morning is important.

If you end up waking up early it works out well when it comes to Ironman Triathlon breakfast. Whatever you decide to eat you should do it early in the morning. Somewhere around 4 a.m. for a 8 a.m. swim start would be ideal.

You can still easily get seven or eight hours sleep if you like by going to bed at eight or nine p.m. However make eating your Ironman Triathlon breakfast soon after you awaken your main priority.


Ironman Triathlon breakfast choices are a highly personal thing. However you want it to be light, not spicy, and easy to digest. So that rules out that leftover loaded pizza in the fridge that’s calling out to you.

Many pro triathletes swear by a cup of coffee or two the morning of the race. If you’ve had morning coffee before long training rides for instance, you’ll have a good idea how it effects you. If that’s the case then chances are a cup of coffee with some toast would be fine. For some people drinking coffee might stimulate a bowel movement before the race and this isn’t a bad thing.

If however you aren’t sure how coffee will impact you then it would be wise to stay away from it on race morning and go with the safer choice of tea instead.

Keep in mind that this meal should not be considered Carbohydrate loading as you should wake up Ironman race morning with your glycogen stores topped up and when it comes to Ironman Triathlon breakfast, more is not better.

Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast is not a great choice. However you could try some light and fluffy scrambled eggs without a lot of spices.

Ironman triathlon breakfast choices

Fluffy scrambled eggs might be okay if you want something more than toast.

Alternatively, you might try toast with honey and a cup of your favorite tea. If you feel like you want to eat more than consider a small banana or two. Fluffy scrambled eggs might be okay if you want something more than toast.

What you really want is a comfort food. You want something that’s very light and stimulating. Race morning is a time to reflect on how far you’ve come. The time for training, hydrating, carbo loading, and worrying is done.

Relax. You’ve done all you can do. Go into the race with a sense of calm and let that calmness settle over you as you enjoy some toast with honey and a cup of tea. Tell yourself that no matter how adrenaline-charged the atmosphere at the swim start….. you will remain calm.

Maintaining a low heart-rate in the swim will ultimately have more positive impact on how your Ironman unfolds than a dozen 100-mile bike training rides.

Think of your Ironman breakfast as much more than nutrition. Embrace those early morning hours as a time of reflection and calmness and carry that state of mind with you right through to the Ironman finish line.

Comfort food that’s light and easy to digest is an excellent choice for your Ironman Triathlon Breakfast.

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Ultimate Ironman Triathlon Body

How do you define the ultimate Ironman Triathlon body

Do you have the ultimate body configured to handle the rigors of the Ironman Triathlon?

Are the attributes listed below indicative of what it takes to claim the perfect body for swimming 2.4 miles in the open water and biking 112 miles into the wind and up the hills?

Are these the attributes you need for covering 26.2 miles on foot when all you want to do is stop and sleep on the side of the road?


    You’re between 5’9″ and 6’2″. Your long reach and long powerful legs are ideal for pushing all that water in the swim and getting maximum power on your sleek, tricked out triathlon bike.


    How can you go wrong? You have wide muscular shoulders, strong biceps, and huge thighs for driving you up the steepest hills. Yes sir. Well developed, sleek muscles are the key to laying claim to having the ultimate Ironman Triathlon body.


    People look at you in wonder down at the pool when you’re swimming lap after effortless lap. You have the body that so many desire but will never have. There’s no stopping you from crossing the distant Ironman finish line.

  • Of course these are fine attributes that many triathletes spend many years developing. Many are professional or near professional triathletes. Many race at the top of their age groups and aspire for a spot in the big show in Kona.

    But that’s not 90% of you and there’s no doubt that the ultimate Ironman triathlon body is different things to different people.

    You don’t see a tall, strong, super-lean athlete when you look in the mirror. Perhaps what you see is a not so tall, soft, overweight person looking back at you.

    Just the other day you watched a friend or relative cross the Ironman finish line, or perhaps you were a volunteer or saw an Ironman race on the T.V.

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    How you were exposed to the Ironman isn’t the main point. What really counts is that you were awestruck by what you witnessed. No actually, you were IronStruck.

    You heard the clarion call of the Iron Gods that has gripped so many people around the world since the very first Ironman took place some 35 years ago.

    “Come, come show us what you are made of.”

    It won’t let you go. The more you think about it, the more you feel driven to cross the Ironman finish line.

    [bctt tweet=”You look in the mirror and think you could never be an Ironman. Yes you can. via Ironstruck”]

    Yet in your minds eye what you see in the mirror is not the ultimate Ironman Triathlon body and how could you ever get there? Your heart sinks knowing that it’s beyond you, that there’s no point even thinking about it.

    WAIT A MINUTE! Don’t believe that for a second. What you see in the mirror is where you are at that moment, not what you can become tomorrow.

    A perfect long, lean, muscular body is no guarantee of Ironman success. Many a buff Ironman has been squashed like a bug on the Ironman Highway.

    ultimate ironman triathlon body

    The ultimate Ironman body comes in many forms.

    They lay defeated on the side of the road at mile 16 of the marathon.

    As they lay there wondering what happened, a short, not so muscular, not so very lean triathlete motors inexorably on past them toward the finish line and toward a brilliant accomplishment of a lifetime.

    Those not so perfect physical specimens you see in Ironman races worked hard to learn how to swim 2.4 miles in the open water. Despite the naysayers who didn’t believe they could stick it out they put in the training time, increased their endurance, and learned about diet and nutrition.

    Despite appearances they were getting closer and closer every day to having the ultimate Ironman Triathlon body. Every single day they laced up their running shoes, donned their swim cap, or hit the dusty highway on their bike they edged ever closer.

    They might not ever resemble the tall, strong, lean triathlete so many people associate with the Ironman. They may never lose all their excess fat and a muscular body is not necessarily in the equation.

    But in the big scope of things it won’t matter. The challenge of the Iron Gods is for everyone who hears it. They don’t discriminate. They want to see what you are made of not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. For these attributes are all part of you. They are crucial components of having the ultimate Ironman Triathlon body.

    You see, it’s not so much the visually perfect body that dictates who will wear the laurel wreath of victory once the final triathlete crosses the Ironman finish line at the 17 hour mark.

    If the short, dumpy, bodily imperfect image being reflected at you is fortified by a desire to become more, a strong unshakeable will, and self-belief that you have what it takes….then you already have the main components of theultimate Ironman Triathlon body.

    The training you put in to reach the start line is the rest of the equation.

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    Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016

    The swim start at Condado Lagoon began the race for spots in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.


    The winners of Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 2015 were Igor Amorelli and Sarah Haskins but only Haskins would be on hand to defend her titles.

    Amorelli was the only pro to break the four hour mark with his 2015 winning time of 03:54:56.

    Great to See Andrew Starykowicz racing in Puerto Rico. If he’s it top form he could be hard to catch on the bike.


    Alexandridis, Iain
    Amorelli, Igor
    Boily, Cedric
    Bradley, Scott
    Chase, Nicholas
    Close, Greg
    Curbeau, Matthew
    Degham, Toumy
    Delsaut, Trevor
    Doree, Guillaume
    Dye, Cameron
    Evoe, Patrick
    Fecik, Jonathan
    Gerlach, Thomas
    Griffin, Leon
    Guillaume, Romain
    Holmes, Sam
    Leiferman, Chris
    Mantell, Steve
    O'Donnell, Tim
    Rhyner, Jacob
    Roman, Fabian
    Ruenz, Michael
    Silvestrin Souza, Frank
    Starykowicz, Andrew
    Van Lierde, Frederik

    It was a great race between Tim O’Donnell, Leon Griffin, Cameron Dye, for the podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

    O’Donell and Dye came out of the water together and there was little to separate them. Romaine Guillaume was in the mix for much of the race but fell off the pace a little on the bike course.

    O’Donnell outran the field by a full two minutes and would take first place in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

    Leon Griffin of Australia edged out Cameron Dye for second place and Guillaume had to settle for fourth.

    Six pro men came in under the four hour mark and only Igor Amorelli was able to accomplish the feat in 2015.

    ironman 70.3 puerto rico results 2016

    Official WTC Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico logo.


    O'Donnell, Tim   	03:50:53
    Griffin, Leon    	03:54:22
    Dye, Cameron     	03:55:10
    Guillaume, Romain	03:56:29
    Silvestrin Souza, Frank	03:57:36
    Leiferman, Chris	03:59:22
    Gerlach, Thomas 	04:00:43
    Mantell, Steve	        04:02:04
    Rhyner, Jacob    	04:03:02
    Starykowicz, Andrew	04:04:01
    Van Lierde, Frederik	04:04:01
    Delsaut, Trevor 	04:07:25
    Close, Greg      	04:08:19
    Curbeau, Matthew	04:12:17
    Holmes, Sam      	04:13:57
    Evoe, Patrick    	04:17:12
    Chase, Nicholas	        04:18:33
    Fecik, Jonathan   	04:21:41
    Degham, Toumy    	04:24:02
    Bradley, Scott   	04:25:34
    Doree, Guillaume	04:29:00


    Baugher, Liz
    Collonge, Jeanne
    Corbin, Linsey
    Deckers, Tine
    Donat, Camille
    Fischer, Danielle
    Franzese, Samone
    Harari, Lotty
    Haskins, Sarah
    Jastrebsky, Rachel
    Javens, Amy
    Jimenez, Ana
    Luse, Nickie
    McCracken, Amelia
    Mendez, Natasha
    Rios La Luz, Militza
    Robertson, Jodie
    Wassner, Laurel
    Wendorff, Amanda
    Williamson, Kelly

    [bctt tweet=”Sarah Haskins just fails to defend her 2015 title-finishes 2nd. Via IronStruck”]

    Tine Deckers was solid in all three disciplines, but really took over the race on the bike course with her split of 2:15:59. No other female pro was able to break the 2:20 mark.

    Deckers had a great race and very deserving of top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

    Sarah Haskins raced well but fell just short of defending the title she won in 2015.

    Linsey Corbin edged out Jodie Robertson for the final spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.


    Deckers, Tine    	04:20:34
    Haskins, Sarah   	04:22:16
    Corbin, Linsey   	04:23:34
    Robertson, Jodie	04:24:40
    Jastrebsky, Rachel	04:36:07
    Wendorff, Amanda	04:36:53
    Collonge, Jeanne	04:37:59
    Wassner, Laurel  	04:39:59
    Fischer, Danielle	04:42:31
    McCracken, Amelia	04:49:00
    Baugher, Liz     	04:54:36
    Jimenez, Ana    	05:02:10
    Luse, Nickie     	05:03:11

    Top age-group finishers in the Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico results 2016.

    FEMALE 18-24

    Wood Niella, Nicole	05:04:57
    Leaton, Laura    	05:44:17
    Buede, Adelle   	05:52:37
    Bertone, Cristina	05:57:31
    Yu, Jennifer    	06:15:54

    MALE 18-24

    Santana, Xavier 	04:13:36
    Helmick, Tyler   	05:05:53
    Fernandez, Alejandro	05:28:28
    Leclerc, Jeslie   	05:44:09
    Yohe, Taylor	        05:56:50

    FEMALE 25-29

    Anderson, Jessica	05:31:41
    Horan, Katie     	05:40:53
    Rehman, Naveen    	05:54:28
    Boivin, Liz	        05:54:42
    Laboy, Gabriela   	05:58:02

    MALE 25-29

    Omar Velez, Edgardo	04:16:12
    McKeon, Patrick 	04:17:49
    Gilden, Jacob    	04:28:56
    Moreno, Yorlliry	04:35:45
    Baldwin, John    	04:48:56

    FEMALE 30-34

    Mata, Cristina   	04:52:31
    Duerrschmid, Lara	05:06:01
    Freeman, Hannah 	05:11:52
    Soto Irizarry, Cynthia	05:12:21
    Mendez Isern, Liliani	05:19:55

    MALE 30-34

    Garita, John    	04:24:59
    Austin-Young, Kiley	04:36:50
    Choi, Chris      	04:43:37
    Alicea, Imael           04:44:32
    Velez, David    	04:47:34

    FEMALE 35-39

    Kratz, Emily        	04:46:56
    Kotarak, Bridget	05:23:40
    Folkmann, Beth    	05:36:58
    Aued, Lysa      	05:39:44
    Martinez, Maria Jose	05:40:15

    MALE 35-39

    Redmond, Joseph  	04:31:26
    Rickman, Nathan  	04:38:15
    Jones, Jason     	04:46:05
    Mendez, Javier    	04:50:05
    Lopez, Jorge    	04:52:28

    FEMALE 40-44

    Simpson, Sharley	05:17:37
    Olsen, Alessandra	05:23:07
    Acaron, Fabiola   	05:29:07
    San Miguel, Ayesha	05:44:10
    Schwalm, Carmen   	05:51:05

    MALE 40-44

    Dehoust, Brady   	04:29:26
    Davidson, Jason   	04:43:58
    Marshall, Michael	04:48:19
    Rexach, Agustin Tintin	04:48:32
    Cox, Adrian     	04:55:31

    FEMALE 45-49

    Jennifer         	05:13:17
    Freeman, Maggie  	05:32:14
    Owens, Tracy    	05:41:10
    Whipple, Gina    	05:45:40
    Kralovanec, Jill	05:55:17

    MALE 45-49

    Day, Stephen     	04:31:09
    McCormack, Walter	04:32:41
    Katelnikoff, Trevor	04:45:06
    Guerra, Silvio   	04:49:26
    Marinoni Vargas,Alberto	04:51:14

    FEMALE 50-54

    Bennett, Paula    	05:14:10
    Jackson, Anne     	06:01:45
    Monin, Lucy      	06:20:36
    Schmitz, Kathy    	06:21:27
    McCluer, Megan    	06:22:37

    MALE 50-54

    Lomba, Carlos     	04:42:12
    Robert, Benoit    	04:50:16
    Crino, John      	04:55:35
    Villane, Michael	04:58:51
    Blackmore, Paul   	05:02:39

    FEMALE 55-59

    Fuentes, Crissy 	05:51:27
    Calvel, Anne-Christine	06:01:13
    Simmons, Alison 	06:02:44
    Price, Maria     	06:04:47
    Miller, Mandy    	06:14:31

    MALE 55-59

    Bensaid, Stephane	05:02:01
    Batista, Wilbert Golden	05:15:20
    Wisot, Jeff      	05:18:27
    Reed, Stephen     	05:25:17
    O'Brien, John    	05:25:54

    FEMALE 60-64

    Villarreal, Ramona	07:32:13

    MALE 60-64

    Nichols, Wayne    	05:20:33
    Schnatter, Rob    	05:59:37
    Coleman-Davis, Jose	06:23:59
    Wood, Ryan	        06:30:34
    Johnson, James   	06:52:04

    FEMALE 65-69

    Dejesus, Sue             6:24:42

    MALE 65-69

    Troy, William    	05:48:46
    Clerc, Philippe   	06:18:35
    Lombard, Antoine	06:29:46
    Sierra, Alvaro   	06:41:57
    McCormick, Steve	06:53:36
    Akin, Jerry     	07:08:34

    MALE 70-74

    Moreno, Ruben     	06:00:01
    Roberts, Sandy	        06:55:56

    MALE 75-79

    Ramirez, Jose	        07:45:47

    MALE 80+

    Temple, Hunter          7:03:02

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    Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016

    Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016 feature thirty qualifying spots.

    The top age-group finishers in the race will have the opportunity to win a qualifying slot into the Ironman 70.3 World Championship scheduled for the Sunshine Coast in the Fall of 2016.

    The race begins in the Santa Lucia River with a 1.2-mile swim. The 56-mile bike course is expected to result in some fast times and will be followed by a two-loop 13.1-mile run.

    Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016  -official Ironman 70.3 Monterrey WTC logo

    official Ironman Monterrey 70.3 WTC logo

    A very talented field of pros were on hand to answer the starting gun of this inaugural WTC event. There are great expectations that this will become a favorite Ironman destination.

    [bctt tweet=”Top field of pros battle for bragging rights in inaugural Ironman Monterrey.via Ironstruck”]


    Acevedo, Rodrigo
    Beals, Cody
    Carrillo Avila, Alan
    Chrabot, Matt
    Collington, Kevin Matthew
    Cunningham, Richie
    Don, Tim
    Eeckman, Alistair
    Fernandez, Ernesto
    Garza, Arturo
    Hancock, Tim
    Hayes, Stuart
    Hoffman, Ben
    Ibarra, Vinicio
    McDonald, Chris
    Scott, Drew
    Serrano, Francisco
    Sudrie, Sylvain
    Tejada, Raul
    Wade, Robert
    Wurtele, Trevor

    As the swimmers began exiting the water there were about a dozen pro men within one minute of each other as they entered the swim/bike transition.

    The first out of the water was Matt Chrabot. He led Sylvain Sundrie by four seconds and Matthew Kevin Collington by 15 seconds.

    However it was Trevor Wurtele of Canada at the front of the pack as they neared the 65k mark. He had plenty of company as Sylvain Sudrie, Ben Hoffman, and Matt Chrabot led a group of seven riders who were all within 15 seconds of the leader.

    At this point it promised to be a pretty exciting run and very close finish. Interesting to note that husband and wife Trevor and Heather Wurtele both posted the fastest bike times.

    [bctt tweet=”Heather+Trevor Wurtele post fastest bike splits in Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico.Via IronStruck”]

    Tim Don is slowly edging away from the pack in the late stages of the run. Very close race for the top three places in the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016.

    Tim Don crosses the line first in the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Monterrey and takes top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016. His winning time was 3:42:53.

    It was a very close race for all three podium spots in the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016. Trevor Wurtele just missed accomplishing something very rarely seen in an Ironman event. He finished second just one minute off the winners pace and his wife Heather won for the women.

    A husband and wife winning for the pro female and male categories is something you don’t see very often. Husband and wife Peter Reed and Lori Bowden of Canada were both winners of Ironman Hawaii 2000.


    Don, Tim        	03:42:53
    Wurtele, Trevor 	03:43:53
    Chrabot, Matt    	03:44:37
    Sudrie, Sylvain   	03:44:50
    Hoffman, Ben            03:46:23
    Collington,KevinMatthew	03:47:48
    Beals, Cody     	03:48:49
    Cunningham, Richie	03:49:27
    Serrano, Francisco	03:49:31
    Tejada, Raul    	03:50:38
    Scott, Drew      	03:51:10
    Garza, Arturo     	03:55:59
    Hayes, Stuart     	03:56:39
    Ibarra, Vinicio	        03:58:04
    McDonald, Chris   	03:58:13
    Wade, Robert      	04:00:06
    Carrillo Avila, Alan	04:08:16
    Eeckman, Alistair	04:10:36
    Hancock, Tim	        04:11:47
    Fernandez, Ernesto	04:40:26


    Alvarez, Palmira
    Carfrae, Mirinda
    Castro Noqueria, Saleta
    Kristick, Corrie
    Lidbury, Emma-Kate
    Lyles, Liz
    Pallant, Emma
    Pedersen, Camilla
    Piampiano, Sarah
    Sanjana, Frankie
    Schaerer, Celine
    Spitler, Erin
    Thibodeau, Karen
    Wurtele, Heather

    Four pro women led the way in the swim with Corrie Kristick first it a time of 24.51. Celine Schaerer, Camilla Persen, and Karen Thibodeau were all within ten seconds of the leader.

    Heather Wurtele of Canada continues to display the same brilliant racing that personified her 2015 season. At the halfway point of the bike she was in front and building a lead on second place
    Camilla Pedersen.

    [bctt tweet=”Heather and Trevor Wurtele just miss winning both pro divisions in Ironman 70.3 Monterrey.Via IronStruck”]

    It seems there will be no catching Heather Wurtele as she continues to pull away at the field. At about the 11k mark her lead was up to four minutes on second place Camilla Pedersen.

    Heather Wurtele would not be caught and crosses the line first for the pro women in the Ironman 70.3 Monterrey results 2016.


    Wurtele, Heather	04:08:12
    Pedersen, Camilla	04:12:04
    Carfrae, Mirinda	04:15:11
    Piampiano, Sarah	04:17:24
    Lyles, Liz      	04:19:58
    Pallant, Emma     	04:25:49
    Schaerer, Celine	04:27:09
    Lidbury, Emma-Kate	04:27:15
    Thibodeau, Karen	04:28:04
    Castro Noqueria, Saleta	04:29:38
    Spitler, Erin    	04:30:18
    Sanjana, Frankie	04:39:58
    Kristick, Corrie	04:41:35
    Alvarez, Palmira	04:49:20

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    Ironman New Zealand Results 2016

    Ironman New Zealand Results 2016


    Cameron Brown of New Zealand and Meridith Kessler of the United States top Ironman New Zealand Results 2016 with winning time of 8:07:58 and 8:56:08 respectively.

    They both defended the titles they won in Ironman New Zealand 2015.

    Both the male and female pro fields provided some stiff competition.

    The race for first place for the pro men ended up in a very close finish with just three minutes separating the top three finishers.

    Cameron Brown was not the fastest in any of the three disciplines but he was strong in all three. He was a good two minutes back of the first pack of swimmers who completed the swim. He was also seven minutes slower on the bike than fellow New Zealander Dougal Allan who posted a sizzling bike split of 4:22:13.

    ironman new zealand results 2016

    Official WTC Ironman New Zealand Logo

    However it was the second fastest run split of the day that enabled Brown to win the race by just over two minutes. Joe Skipper was in a tight race for second place but managed to fend off Callum Millward.


    BROWN, Cameron	   00:48:37	04:29:13	02:44:54	08:07:58
    SKIPPER, Joe	   00:53:11	04:25:11	02:45:51	08:09:37
    MILLWARD, Callum   00:46:49	04:31:13	02:48:01	08:10:57
    HANSON, Matt	   00:51:34	04:34:42	02:41:20	08:12:30
    RUSSELL, Matthew   00:56:23	04:28:28	02:45:10	08:15:25
    BOZZONE, Terenzo   00:46:46	04:31:27	02:56:55	08:19:53
    ALLAN, Dougal	   00:56:26	04:22:13	03:00:43	08:24:27
    VIENNOT, Cyril	   00:48:38	04:26:50	03:06:38	08:27:36
    COCHRANE, Simon	   00:48:32	04:32:28	03:02:08	08:28:13
    BOWSTEAD, Mark	   00:46:36	04:31:30	03:06:15	08:29:38
    CRAWFORD, Guy	   00:46:43	04:31:22	03:20:08	08:43:28
    COSTES, Antony	   00:46:40	04:33:42	03:19:27	08:44:40
    TOHARA, Kaito	   00:49:54	04:51:56	02:56:57	08:45:24
    FETTELL, Clayton   00:46:40	04:40:26	03:16:11	08:48:15
    SANSON, Chris	   00:56:22	04:48:42	03:02:26	08:53:38
    BILLEAU, Simon	   00:00:00	04:38:54	03:15:02	08:54:14
    JENKINS, Darren	   01:02:44	05:01:10	02:54:12	09:05:06
    OH, Young Hwan	   00:59:18	04:56:46	03:07:20	09:09:43
    CLARK, Samuel	   00:56:19	04:56:23	03:28:01	09:27:41
    WILLIAMS, Brad	   00:53:12	04:47:47	03:45:38	09:32:59
    RANDALL, Matt	   00:57:51	05:00:03	03:45:18	09:49:37

    It was a far different race for the pro women as Meredith Kessler took the early lead with a 47:49 swim time and never looked back. She took top spot on the podium in the Ironman New Zealand Results 2016.

    Kessler was strong on the bike and her run clocking of 3:06:03 was second fastest of the day. It was enough to give her the victory by nine minutes over second place Lucy Gossage.

    Carrie Lester took the final spot on the podium in the Ironman New Zealand results 2016


    KESSLER, Meredith  00:47:49	04:56:40	03:06:03	08:56:08
    GOSSAGE, Lucy	   00:55:45	04:51:39	03:12:10	09:05:08
    LESTER, Carrie	   00:52:14	05:01:22	03:08:13	09:07:19
    SIDDALL, Laura	   00:55:38	04:53:11	03:14:53	09:09:08
    STEVENS, Amanda	   00:50:44	05:05:38	03:10:29	09:12:50
    BREMER, Michelle   00:55:32	05:00:10	03:14:14	09:15:43
    HUFE, Mareen	   00:59:26	04:55:28	03:15:52	09:16:53
    CRAWFORD, Gina	   00:50:47	05:12:42	03:22:30	09:32:51
    HAMMOND, Candice   01:01:59	05:13:44	03:14:37	09:35:36
    MURRAY, Vanessa	   00:52:17	05:16:43	03:24:08	09:39:16
    BURKE, Melanie	   00:59:29	05:15:47	03:27:35	09:49:12
    JURJEVIC, Marina   01:04:14	05:16:46	03:39:08	10:07:31
    MORRISON, Tracy	   00:59:21	05:41:33	03:29:47	10:16:37
    HALLETT, Kristy	   00:59:58	05:29:32	03:42:56	10:19:37
    COCHRANE, Larisa   00:55:48	05:19:08	04:28:49	10:50:16
    MARTINEAU,Caroline 01:02:04	06:06:17	04:48:59	12:10:49

    Top age-group finishers in the Ironman New Zealand Results 2016.

    FEMALE 18-24

    NGAREWA, Waitohu 	11:13:54
    HARESNAPE, Billie-Lee	12:01:53
    TREWREN, Georgia	12:08:10
    SIKKING, Sjaan   	13:45:37
    TAYLOR, Victoria	14:56:53

    MALE 18-24

    GEDDES, Alec    	09:51:07
    HIRAYA, Shun    	10:13:31
    LEGGET, Peter    	10:48:26
    ANDO, Noriyuki    	11:33:37
    BOATMAN, Thomas  	12:02:46

    FEMALE 25-29

    KRAAL, India    	09:54:25
    CHOO, Ling Er    	10:18:12
    BRAMLEY, Kate    	10:37:21
    DAVIES, Rosie    	10:49:35
    MCCORMICK, Nicola	10:50:40

    MALE 25-29

    SHEARER, Nathan  	08:47:18
    GREEN, Lachlan   	08:59:24
    COLLINS, Damien  	09:06:58
    SCHOEMAN, Jason  	09:23:56
    ISHIBASHI, Takeshi	09:49:36

    FEMALE 30-34

    SIMPSON, Diana   	10:05:46
    RYLAND, Sierra   	10:18:00
    LUCAS, Amanda   	10:35:11
    MILNER-OLSEN, Ngarama	10:39:15
    WALTON, Claire   	10:42:17

    MALE 30-34

    CLARK, Matthew   	08:53:06
    WEICK, Brett     	09:08:06
    WILSON, Adam	        09:14:10
    HARRISON, Josh	        09:29:48
    ROBERTS, Dane    	09:31:41

    FEMALE 35-39

    GASKIN, Natalie	        10:01:45
    ROBERTSON, Nicole	10:16:41
    FEAR, Phoebe     	10:21:52
    GUOZDEN, Agustina	10:22:25
    WARREN, Kate            10:25:13

    MALE 35-39

    ARMSTRONG, Hayden	08:49:04
    FOGARTY, Quentin	09:06:43
    EDEN, Jed       	09:18:29
    LITTLER, Bevan    	09:18:45
    OWEN, Jarrod    	09:20:07

    FEMALE 40-44

    ARTHUR, Megan    	10:25:00
    HAMMOND, Serena   	10:27:27
    HARVEY, Meagan   	10:44:18
    SOUTHGATE, Margo	11:08:22
    DILLON, Julie-Ann	11:10:50

    MALE 40-44

    ECCLESTON, Steve	09:02:04
    STURLA, Eduardo  	09:04:47
    HANSON, Campbell	09:14:33
    GREEN, Matthew   	09:18:16
    LARSSON, Benjamin	09:25:01

    FEMALE 45-49

    COLLIER, Viv      	11:23:32
    DAVEY, Louise    	11:25:55
    BATTAGLIA, Deborah	11:57:18
    PAYNTER, Janine  	12:12:16
    SHAW, Donna     	12:13:37

    MALE 45-49

    MCKINNON, Bevan   	08:48:47
    TUCK, Peter      	09:26:27
    DEAN, Steve      	09:37:36
    SELUKOV, Arnaud	        09:38:14
    DEERY, Hamish    	09:41:11

    FEMALE 50-54

    PERRETT, Aimee   	11:15:22
    REDMOND, Lisa    	11:38:41
    CORBETT, Louise 	11:48:31
    COLE, Jane       	11:58:55
    WICKHAM, Liz    	12:05:50

    MALE 50-54

    HILL, Rob        	09:38:40
    ANDREWS, Robbie  	09:48:19
    FLOOD, John	        09:53:24
    MUROYA, Koji	        10:08:18
    HILL, Paul       	10:12:30

    FEMALE 55-59

    WHITE, Janie     	11:19:42
    JOHNSON, Sharon  	11:52:24
    MCMASTER, Sue	        12:20:41
    TALBOT, Daryl    	12:23:31
    DIK, Jan        	13:12:43

    MALE 55-59

    WELCH, Kyle      	10:20:08
    IMAI, Kunihiro    	10:22:38
    AURIAC, John     	10:41:21
    MACDONALD, Graeme	10:42:11
    RICHARDS, Peter  	11:03:09

    FEMALE 60-64

    CARSON, Barb      	12:07:09
    CLARK, Deborah    	12:16:07
    TAYLOR, Judith   	12:47:49
    KOWALEWSKI, Dianne	14:08:50
    EASTCOTT, Ann    	14:34:14

    MALE 60-64

    MADSEN, Niels    	10:04:33
    STORY, Cor	        11:00:48
    HANLEY, Philip	        11:31:26
    MOSSENSON, Ian   	11:38:23
    BOWSKILL, Paul   	11:53:35

    FEMALE 65-69

    ROLSTON, Shirley	14:44:18
    WILSON, Beryl    	15:01:53
    LEE, Jane        	15:19:21
    LANUKE, Maureen  	16:23:14

    MALE 65-69

    ALLEMANN, Robert	11:49:27
    ARRASATE, Juan    	12:35:53
    SCOTT, Brian     	12:48:58
    GRAHAM, Geoffrey	12:56:01
    MEYERS, Max     	13:13:50

    FEMALE 70-74

    REITHMEIER, Dieter	13:30:22
    CRAWFORD, Bob    	13:59:49
    SCHMID, Manfred	        15:12:43
    ELBOURN, Peter   	15:59:58
    RAMSAY, Mike            16:51:55

    MALE 70-74

    REITHMEIER, Dieter	13:30:22
    CRAWFORD, Bob    	13:59:49
    SCHMID, Manfred   	15:12:43
    ELBOURN, Peter   	15:59:58
    RAMSAY, Mike    	16:51:55

    MALE 80+

    INADA, Hiromu    	15:36:45
    FLEMING, Neil    	16:52:08

    MORE RACE RESULTS from Ironstruck.

    Visit for complete Ironman New Zealand 2016 race results.