Ironman Diet and Coconut Oil

An Ironman diet and coconut oil are a pretty good fit.

A source of high quality fat is every bit as important as complex carbohydrates to endurance athletes.

Over the years I’ve always been on the look-out for a diet or diet supplement that would enhance my training and improve my race times.

It was almost by chance that I happened upon coconut oil and its use as a diet supplement. I was searching the internet one day and came across an article on the subject. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

I’ve always believed that I had no business writing about any diet unless I had tried it myself. To my way of thinking that’s the only way to pass on relevant, honest information to readers. As a result I’ve tried a variety of different diets and supplements over the years and coconut oil is one of them.

To be quite honest, I was just blown away by the results I experienced when I incorporated coconut oil into my training diet.

First a bit of science I was able to uncover about coconut oil.
ironman triathlon and coconut oil
Coconut oil is comprised of fatty acids called medium chain triglycerides or MCT’S. In nature, coconut oil has the largest concentration of these MCT’S outside of human breast milk. Vegetable oils, on the other hand, are made up primarily of long chain fatty acids or LCT’S.

For quite some time now scientific literature has claimed that LCT’S tend to produce fat in the body, while MCT’S promote what is called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis increases the body’s metabolism, producing energy.

This has been common knowledge in the animal feed business for years. It you feed animals vegetable oil, they gain weight and produce more fatty meat. If you feed them coconut oil, they will be very lean.

Tests on rats published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” concluded that MCT rats gained 15% less weight than rats fed LCT’S. The conclusion:

MCT diets result in decreased body fat related to increased metabolic rate and thermogenesis.

Similar tests were conducted on humans at Vanderbilt University in 1989 with the same basic results.

Regardless of scientific study result, I prefer to try these things on my own and see the results first hand.

Over twenty years of competition and numerous diets, the LEAST I ever weighed was 150-151 pounds. This was my competition weight. If I were to weigh myself on any given race morning, my weight would be in this range, give or take a pound. That all changed when I included coconut oil in my diet.

I weighed myself on the first day of the diet as I always did when I tried something new, and wouldn’t step on a scale again for one month. I live by this rule when trying something different in my diet. My start weight was as usual, 151 lbs.

I added 5 tablespoons of coconut oil per day to my meals. Usually when you buy coconut oil it will be solidified. I just leave mine at room temperature and in few days the whole container is liquefied. I don’t store it in the fridge because it will solidify again. If it’s solid, its easy enough to melt down into liquid form if you’re in a hurry.

I added it to my oatmeal in the morning, to my pasta and pasta sauce, and used it in smoothies. I always use olive oil in my salads and started adding 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to every salad. It’s an amazingly versatile product. You can easily come up with your own cooking uses for it.

When you use it in food its not an unpleasant taste and most of the time you won’t even know its there. Combine it with your food anyway you like, but aim for at least 5 tablespoons a day and stick with it. Like any diet, there’s really not much point even starting unless you’re committed to it.

Well, I did this for exactly one month. Then I stepped back on the scale. WOW! 143 pounds!

I was 7 pounds lower than I had been over the past 20 years! I couldn’t believe it. It should be noted that for the month I used coconut oil, I was in full Ironman training. Any diet you ever try should be done in conjunction with a fitness regimen. So I believe this is an ideal addition to any Ironman’s diet. Or ANY athlete’s diet for that matter.

A few things I noticed:

Along with losing weight, my energy level increased.

Even though I lost around 7 pounds, I seemed to have the same amount of over-all strength. This is crucial to an athlete. What makes some athletes so amazing is their strength to weight ratio. In other words, you can be a 120 pound woman, but be very strong for that weight. Take it a step further and imagine the consequences if you become 110 lbs and don’t lose any strength and have increased energy.

Imagine yourself running a marathon carrying a 10 pound bag of potatoes on your back. Now imagine running the same marathon without the bag of potatoes and more energy.

I truly believe that an Ironman diet and coconut oil are very compatible and can have a profound effect on training and racing results.

Visit my IronStruck Book Store and have a look at the books that can guide you and inspire you as you begin your own triathlon journey. Good luck on becoming an Ironman!

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Ironman Canada results 2017

Female pros highlight of Ironman Canada results 2017.

This year’s race marks the end of a five-year contract.

It’s hard to believe how fast the years have gone by since the Ironman last took place in Penticton.

The contract with the WTC to continue staging the race was extended for three more years.

Andy Potts was the winner of Ironman Canada 2016.

He would not be defending his title as the 2017 edition of the race featured female pros only. The women would be racing for 2000 pro points and $40,000 in prize money.

The race was kicked off with a two-loop 2.4-mile swim.

Rachel McBride gave the Canadian pro women a jump start with a very fast swim time of 51.21. Rachel Joyce was about 1:30 behind her in second place and Karen Thibodeau was another minute back in third place.


51:21.............Rachel McBride 
53:48.............Rachel Joyce 
53:50.............Karen Thibodeau 
55:21.............Jessica Smith 
55:22.............Leslie Dimichele Miller 

Mcbride continued to push the pace on the bike course and at the 90K mark was ahead of second place Linsey Corbin of the USA by eight minutes.

She carried her lead over into transition two, but Linsey Corbin had closed the gap by a minute. She was seven minutes back. Jen Annett of Canada had an excellent bike leg and entered the bike/run transition in third place.

From the start of the run Mcbride began to lose time to Corbin. By the 8k mark the lead was cut to four minutes. Annett had closed to within 6:30 of the lead.

It seemed that the three podium spots were decided early on as fourth place Rachel Joyce was over 21 minutes off the pace early on in the run.

At the 17k mark of the run Corbin ran Mcbride down and took over the lead. She would never relinquish it and went on to cross the finish line first in the Ironman Canada results 2017.


9:17:12................Linsey Corbin 
9:24:55................Jen Annett 
9:27:15................Rachel McBride
9:43:34................Rachel Joyce
9:46:07................Fawn Whiting
9:51:28................Danielle Mack
9:53:35................Leslie Dimichele Miller
10:03:52...............Alyssa Godesky
10:06:48...............Christine Fletcher
10:08:50...............Mackenzie Madison
10:15:23...............Kyra Wiens
10:20:04...............Steph Corker
11:15:42...............Carrie McCoy

I would’ve had these results up sooner but have been away on a swing through Southern B.C. promoting my newest book. I went as far as Penticton. It was pretty nostalgic doing a book signing during the Saturday Fair on Main Street.

Eight times I ran down Main Street to the finish line of Ironman Penticton. Talk about echoes of the past.

Age-group results can be found on the link below.

These results originated on Be sure to visit them for complete race results and info on upcoming WTC events.

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Ironman Lake Placid results 2017

Male pros featured in Ironman Lake Placid results 2017.

It’s another sold out field of pros and age-group athletes taking place in Ironman Lake Placid, the longest running Ironman event in Continental North America. They are second only to Ironman Hawaii as the longest running USA Ironman.

The USA fields a very strong pro male team but they will be hard-pressed to sweep the podium with Canadian Brent McMahon and New Zealander Bryan Rhodes in the Race.

There is a total of $40,000 in prize money and 2000 pro points up for grabs for the top finishers.


Potts Andy
Tollakson  TJ
McMahon Brent   
Ambrose Paul
Rhodes Bryan    
Bradley Scott
Capparell James
Cavelier Sacha  
Clarke Timothy   
Clarke Daniel   
Close Gregory   
Cooper Scott
Daerr Justin    
Dominguez Ivan
Fecik  Jonathan  
Holderbaum Chad
Laughery Colin
Lubinski Jim
Maclean Doug    
Pozzetta Lucas   
Russell Tim
Shanks Matthew 

James Chapparell was first out of the water for the pro men with his time of 50 minutes flat. TJ Tollakson was just five seconds behind, followed by Andy Potts who was just ten seconds off the lead. Bryan Rhodes and Brent McMahon were also in the lead back just 12 seconds back.

At the second bike split clocking TJ Tollakson was in the lead. Andy Potts and Brent McMahon were just seconds behind him. The rest of the field had some work to do in order to catch the leaders.

Brent McMahon of Canada posted a bike split of 4:35:26 and carried his lead over onto the 26.2-mile marathon course. Andy Potts was in second, and TJ Tollakson was in third early on in the run.

McMahon began to pull away from the rest of the field and according to all course reports, was looking unstoppable. TJ Tollakson disappeared from the top three around the ten mile mark. Heading into the last half of the Andy Potts was over 10 minutes back in second place.

Justin Daerr was third, but he was around 27 minutes behind the leader. The biggest battle in this race would be for third place as three pros were in the mix behind the two leaders.

Brent McMahon of Canada was a man on fire today as he pulls away from the rest of the field and takes top honors in Ironman Lake Placid results 2017 with a winning time of 8:13:56. Andy Potts finished in second place and Justin Daerr was third in the Ironman Lake Placid results 2017.

The new results algorithm does not allow for the top finishers in each age-category as a group. In other words you can find your individual results through the link below, but you won’t know how you fared within your age-group. Unless of course you know everyone in your age-category and look them up individually. As a rule I would have posted the top 10 or 15 male and female in each category on this results page, but unfortunately there is no way of doing it.

These results originated on Be sure to visit them for complete race results and info on upcoming WTC events.

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Ironman 70.3 Calgary results 2017

New course featured for Ironman 70.3 Calgary results 2017.

The new Calgary Ironman 70.3 course features a single transition area in the Community of Auburn Bay.

The one-loop 1.9km swim will take place in Auburn Bay Lake. It’s followed by a 90km bike through the surrounding ranch country and finishes with a 21.1k out and back run.

Five hundred pro points and $15,000 in price money were up for grabs for the top pro finishers.

Age-group athletes who finished at the top of their age categories had the opportunity to claim one of 30 qualifying slots for the 2018 Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Stephen Kilshaw went into the race as Canada’s best hope to break into what will most likely be a USA and Australian domination of the podium. Josh Amberger and Christian Kemp of Australia came into the race with the credentials to be standing on top of the podium once the dust settled.


Amberger Josh 
Kilshaw Stephen  
Baird Christopher 
Kemp Christian  
Shearon Jonathan  
Spiller Dusty  
Lacombe David  
Cook James   
Portmann Kevin  
Rea Tim   
Roche Kieran  
Wilyman Shawn   
Pohl Jason   
Lieto Matt  

Josh Amberger of Australia was fastest out of the water with his swim time of 21:27. Christian Kemp was just over a minute behind at 22:39. Kieran Roche, also of Australia was third in 22:42.


21:27.............Josh Amberger 
22:39.............Christian Kemp 
22:42.............Kieran Roche 
23:53.............Tim Rea 
24:40.............James Cook 
25:07.............Jonathan Shearon 
26:01.............Christopher Baird 
26:04.............David Lacombe 
26:07.............Kevin Portmann 
26:43.............Jason Pohl              

Australian Josh Amberger dominated this race. He won it wire to wire and when he crossed the finish line first in the Ironman 70.3 Calgary results 2017 the margin of victory was almost ten minutes. His winning time was 3:35:07.

Kieran Roche, also of Australia, claimed second place, and Jonathon Shearon of the USA rounded out the podium.


3:35:07.............Josh Amberger
3:44:56.............Kieran Roche 
3:45:59.............Jonathan Shearon 
3:46:46.............Christopher Baird 
3:52:02.............David Lacombe 
3:52:54.............Kevin Portmann 
3:53:02.............Jason Pohl 
3:53:23.............Tim Rea 
3:59:59.............James Cook 
4:02:09.............Dusty Spiller 

It’s one of those exceptional WTC events that has drawn as many female pros as male pros. You don’t see that very often.

USA pros Heather Jackson, Jenny Fletcher, Dede Griesbauer, and Jennifer Spieldenner always bring their “A” game on race day.


Spieldenner Jennifer  
Jackson Heather  
Smith Lesley  
Huse Sue  
Jahn Kirsty   
Brown Christen  
Hill Alycia  
Griesbauer Dede 
Green Erin  
Walker Nicole 
Fletcher Jenny
Fletcher Christine 
Goffredo Kendra 
Thoes Svenja   

As expected, it was the USA women off to a fast start with Jennifer Spieldenner leading the way with her swim split of 23:45. Christen Brown was almost two minutes back in 25:39, and Jenny Fletcher third just five seconds behind Brown.


22:45..............Jennifer Spieldenner 
24:39..............Christen Brown 
24:44..............Jenny Fletcher 
24:46..............Svenja Thoes 
25:47..............Heather Jackson 
25:53..............Erin Green 
28:36..............Nicole Walker
29:19..............Sue Huse 
31:34..............Kendra Goffredo

Heather Jackson was the class of the field. She took the lead on the 90km bike course and was ahead by 4:15 when she started the run. Jennifer Spieldenner was hanging on in second place. By the 15k mark of the run Jackson had a lead of over five minutes on her nearest pursuer.

Heather Jackson crosses the line first in a time of 3:58:20 and claims the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Calgary results 2017. Jennifer Spieldenner was second and Svenja Thoes rounded out the podium.


3:57:20.............Heather Jackson 
4:03:57.............Jennifer Spieldenner 
4:05:02.............Svenja Thoes 
4:07:35.............Sue Huse 
4:10:37.............Christen Brown 
4:12:45.............Erin Green 
4:24:00.............Nicole Walker 
4:27:34.............Jenny Fletcher 
4:35:07.............Kendra Goffredo  

The new results algorithm does not allow for the top finishers in each age-category as a group. In other words you can find your individual results through the link below, but you won’t know how you fared within your age-group. Unless of course you know everyone in your age-category and look them up individually. As a rule I would have posted the top 15 male and female in each category on this results page, but unfortunately there is no way of doing it.

These results originated on Be sure to visit them for complete race results and info on upcoming WTC events.

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Ironman France results 2017

Nice welcomes pro and age-group athletes to race for their spot in Ironman France results 2017

Ironman France takes place in Nice, one of the top Ironman venues in the world. The two-loop, 3.8km swim takes place in the Mediterranean Sea. The 180km bike features a challenging but scenic ride through the surrounding mountains. The four-lap 42k marathon will guarantee strong spectator support for all the athletes.

The winner of Ironman France 2016 were Victor Del Corral and Tine Deckers. They had winning times of 8:30:00 and 9:22:04 respectively. Victor Del Corral was on hand to defend his title, but a new female pro champion would be crowned as Tine Deckers did not return for the 2017 edition of the race.

Victor Del Corral would be up against some very seasoned pros including Frederick Van Lierde, Victor Zyemtsev, and Denis Chevrot just to name a few of the pro men capable of reaching the podium on their best effort.


DEGASPERI Alessandro
WURF Cameron
JEANNIN Guillaume
GARCIA Frédéric
MIKA Tomas
MULET Sébastien

Denis Chevrot led the way out of the water with a swim split of 49:06. Etienne Diemunsch was just 10 seconds behind in second, and Frederik Van Lierde was third a in 49:21.

Frederik Van Lierde of Belgium took the lead on the bike course and never looked back he went on to win the race in a time of 8:31:31. Alessandro Degasperi of Italy was second 4:47 back of the winner and Denis Chevrot of France rounded out the podium in the Ironman France results 2017 with his clocking of 8:39:42.


VAN LIERDE, Frederik    00:49:21 04:39:00 02:57:19 08:31:31
DEGASPERI, Alessandro   00:53:22 04:53:40 02:43:38 08:36:18
CHEVROT, Denis   	00:49:06 04:57:38 02:47:44 08:39:42
LLANOS, Eneko   	00:50:44 04:48:00 02:56:21 08:40:54
DEL CORRAL, Victor	00:58:20 04:57:13 02:52:11 08:53:37
GUILLOUX, Arnaud        00:53:33 04:57:20 03:15:01 09:12:12
MONCHY, Wouter          00:51:10 05:24:08 03:08:54 09:29:51
LIMOUSIN, Frédéric      00:53:32 05:15:06 03:28:19 09:43:02
MIKA, Tomas             00:53:24 05:18:58 03:33:42 09:52:37
POCHON, Cyril           00:57:06 05:38:48 03:50:44 10:34:48
DJOUAD-GUIBERT, Alain   01:16:00 05:28:40 03:49:01 10:40:50

Emma Bilham would be attempting to move up to the top step of the podium as she finished second in 2016, just less than six minutes behind the eventual winner Tine Deckers.

As the gun sounded to begin the swim it looked like five of the female pro starters would be capable of winning it all on their best effort. Bilham would have to fight top pros Annabel Luxford, Lisa Roberts, and Kate Comber in order to be standing on the top of the podium at the end of the day.


DONAT Camille

For the pro women Annabel Luxford of Australia finished the swim just one second ahead of Camille Donat of France with her swim time of 52:19. Carrie Lester, also of Australia, was third with a time of 55:32.

Lester Carrie surged into the lead on the bike course and began the run with an advantage of 2:26 over second place Annabel Luxford. Johanna Daumas was well off the pace almost 18 minutes back and the two Australians had made it a two-woman race for the top of the podium.

Carrie Lester went on to claim top spot on the podium for the Ironman France results 2017. Her winning time was 9:27:53. Annabel Luxford was second in 9:38:31, and Nicole Valentine of the USA was third in 10:21:53.


LESTER, Carrie          00:55:32 05:19:12 03:06:14 09:27:53
LUXFORD, Annabel        00:52:19 05:24:50 03:14:21 09:38:31
VALENTINE, Nicole       01:01:57 05:59:49 03:13:51 10:21:53
DONAT, Camille          00:52:20 05:49:18 03:40:40 10:29:22
JARVIS, Sarah           01:01:54 05:54:15 03:34:1010:37:56
MAURY, Elise            01:13:26 05:50:13 03:46:06 10:59:06

These results originated on Be sure to visit them for complete race results and info on upcoming WTC events.

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