Ironman Cozumel results 2017

A strong continent of male and female pro athletes highlighted Ironman Cozumel results 2017


Kienle Sebastian
Denis Chevrot
Schmid Stefan   
Weiss MIchael 
Daerr Justin       
Delsaut Trevor   
Shoemaker Jarrod  
Arroyo Victor          
Carillo Avila Alan    
Gonzalez Miranda Oliver      
Lyatskiy Andrey 
Moreno Molins Albert   
Poole Michael 
Villalta Eduard  
Botelho Raymond

Jarrod Shoemaker was fastest of all in the swim for the pro men with his excellent time of 39:17. Ivan Rana was second in 39:19 and Denis Chevrot third in 40:30.

Sebastian Kienle asserted himself early on in the 112-mile bike. At the 35 mile mark he had a lead of over four minutes on second place Stefan Schmid. Denis Chevrot was hanging tough in third another ten seconds back.


4:10:49......Sebastian Kienle          
4:12:45......Michael Weiss             
4:25:32......Stefan Schmid             
4:26:34......Denis Chevrot             
4:27:43......Justin Daerr         

There was no catching Sebastian Kienle in this race. He earned top spot in the Ironman Cozumel results 2017 with a course record time of 7:48:11.


7:48:11...........Sebastian Kienle     
7:53:27...........Michael Weiss        
7:58:39...........Ivan Rana            
7:59:44...........Stefan Schmid        
8:07:10...........Trevor Delsaut       
8:12:23...........Samuel Huerzeler     
8:18:15...........Victor Arroyo        
8:19:28...........Justin Daerr         
8:21:14...........Alan Carillo Avila   
8:30:52...........Andrey Lyatskiy       

Canadian entries Rachel McBride and Kirsty Jahn were representing Canada in the race.

Aicia Kaye and Lisa Roberts were possible contenders for the podium for the USA as the race got underway.


Beranek Anja  
Donavan Jessie   
Kaye Alicia  
Huse Sue  
Jahn Kirsty 
Roberts Lisa     
Tajsich Sonja    
McBride Rachel   
Alvarez Palmilla 
Basso Anne  
Bugdol Ewa    
Corker Steph    
Goffredo Kendra 
Hammond Christine  
Paulson Ashley  
Valentine Nicole   

Alicia Kaye was the first pro female to officially finish the swim. This was close, much like the pro men. Rachel McBride was just four seconds behind her and Christine Hammond was third, three minutes off the pace.

Rachel McBride of Canada was amazing on the bike course and had a lead of over seven minutes on Anja Beranek as the run got underway.

Kirsty Jahn, also of Canada, was in third place 17:31 off the pace of the leader.

McBride looked good for the first half of the run and then faded.

Always tough Anja Beranek took over the lead with Canada’s Kirsty Jahn right behind her. Lisa Roberts of the USA had also moved into contention and was just 1:55 behind the leader.

Lisa Roberts continued on with a stunning performance in the marathon and claimed the victory in Ironman Cozumel 2017 with a time of 8:54:00.

Kristy Jahn was full value for her second place finish. Sonja Taksich claimed the third spot on the podium. After a great first 30km of the run Anaja Beranek was overtaken and settled for fourth place. Sue Huse of Canada finished in fifth spot.

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Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship results 2017

Western Sydney hosts Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship results 2017

This race featured the first ever Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific championship hosted in Australia.

The race began with a 1.9km swim in Penrith Lakes. It was followed by a 90km bike and a very flat and fast 21km run.

It was a who’s who of Australian male pros in the race. The big question was if someone could step up and prevent an Aussie sweep of the podium.


Ambrose, Paul
Appleton, Sam
Betten, Sam
Caird, Allister
Cochrane, Simon
Currie, Braden
Davy, James
Deak, Zsombor
Douglas, Sam
Gambles, Joe
Kerin, Lachlan
Moldan, Johannes
Montgomery, Jake
Munro, Casey
Raelert, Michael
Rea, Tim
Reed, Tim
Reithmeier, Alex
Royle, Aaron
Waddington, Ryan
Wilson, Dan

As is usually the case in a high caliber 70.3 race, there was a large group of male pros finishing the swim in tight quarters. Four of them led by Aaron Royle of Australia came in under the 24 minute mark.

Dan Wilson, Sam Appleton, and Sam Betten, all of Australia were the other three.

Joe Gambles was fastest of all on the bike course with his split of 2:02:57. It put him in contention for a podium spot as the run got underway.

However it was Dan Wilson who was strongest of all in the run with his time of 1:12:06. It was good enough to earn him top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship results 2017.

He crossed the line over minute in front of Second place Tim Reed. Braden Currie of New Zealand was the one to break up the Australian podium sweep with his third place finish.


Wilson, Dan      	00:23:52 02:04:23 01:12:06 03:42:12
Reed, Tim       	00:24:38 02:03:14 01:13:40 03:43:34
Currie, Braden    	00:24:48 02:03:04 01:13:40 03:43:37
Appleton, Sam     	00:23:54 02:04:11 01:14:53 03:44:50
Gambles, Joe      	00:24:56 02:02:57 01:16:37 03:46:26
Royle, Aaron      	00:23:13 02:04:43 01:17:10 03:47:12
Betten, Sam       	00:23:58 02:03:46 01:18:47 03:48:45
Raelert, Michael 	00:24:49 02:03:11 01:20:22 03:50:26
Montgomery, Jake 	00:24:30 02:03:30 01:24:18 03:54:25
Munro, Casey     	00:24:33 02:10:26 01:19:52 03:56:58
Reithmeier, Alex 	00:25:28 02:12:22 01:17:13 03:57:08
Kerin, Lachlan     	00:26:23 02:08:22 01:20:18 03:57:24
Ambrose, Paul     	00:26:26 02:08:25 01:22:06 03:59:10
Cochrane, Simon 	00:25:29 02:09:38 01:22:42 04:00:12
Rea, Tim            	00:26:24 02:11:25 01:19:49 04:00:18
Davy, James      	00:24:50 02:09:13 01:25:11 04:02:56
Waddington, Ryan 	00:27:45 02:18:22 01:15:42 04:03:58
Deak, Zsombor     	00:31:13 02:26:07 01:25:23 04:24:54

It was a very competitive field of pro women answering the starting gun. Liz Blatchford and Melissa Hauschildt were just a couple of potential favorites to land a spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship results 2017.


Blatchford, Liz
Brandon, Lauren
Brown, Christen
Chapman, Shannon
Chura, Haley
Clarke, Rebecca
Cross, Christine
Dennis, Laura
Eberhardt, Anna
Hauschildt, Melissa
Meo, Pip
Sheedy-Ryan, Felicity
Watkinson, Amelia 

Lauren Brandon had another one of her incredibly fast swim splits with a time of 24:44. The only other pro woman under 24 minutes was Haley Chura of the USA with another excellent time of 24:49.

Much as expected, it was Melissa Hauschildt taking command on the bike course. Her time of 2:15:37 gave her the lead heading into the run.

Her run split of 1:19:03 was also fastest of the day and it earned her the victory by over a minute on felicity Sheedy-Ryan who finished in second, four minutes in front of Amelia Watkinson of New Zealand.

Once again, it was New Zealand preventing an Aussie sweep of the podium.


Hauschildt, Melissa 	00:29:51 02:15:37 01:19:03 04:07:06
Sheedy-Ryan, Felicity 	00:27:07 02:20:16 01:19:07 04:08:31
Watkinson, Amelia 	00:27:04 02:18:53 01:24:47 04:12:53
Chura, Haley      	00:24:49 02:23:46 01:25:00 04:16:07
Blatchford, Liz 	00:27:03 02:24:27 01:24:28 04:18:14
Dennis, Laura     	00:27:10 02:26:55 01:24:56 04:21:06
Brandon, Lauren 	00:24:44 02:19:27 01:36:55 04:23:31
Cross, Christine 	00:30:29 02:27:34 01:24:26 04:25:04
Brown, Christen 	00:28:07 02:25:41 01:28:59 04:25:17
Clarke, Rebecca 	00:24:55 02:28:51 01:33:17 04:30:00
Eberhardt, Anna 	00:35:49 02:26:06 01:27:26 04:31:38
Meo, Pip         	00:35:45 02:39:57 01:32:24 04:50:14
Chapman, Shannon 	00:35:50 02:38:39 01:37:30 04:54:52

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