A Generation of Triathletes


In many ways today’s adults seem to be a lost generation, yet there are those who are becoming part of a generation of triathletes and changing the way we look at growing old.

Being caught in between the fast food craze, high technology, and the fitness boom leaves many people unsure of which direction to take their lives.

While we sit and ponder what we should do, or while we tell ourselves it will wait for another day, the years rocket past.

Doesn’t it make sense to look after ourselves in the event we live a very long life?

By embracing fitness you will be in a better position to enjoy the golden years as opposed to having poor health and having to rely on others to look after us.

Perhaps this says it best….

“If I had known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” – Eubie Blake, at 100 years old.

a generation of triathletes

It seems that there is an entire lost generation that is caught in a perfect storm of uncertainty as their lives appear to be passing by at break-neck speed.

Yet there seems to be this inescapable feeling lurking in some private corner of their psyche that much has gone undone regardless how successful their lives seem to have been.

Now here is this opportunity called triathlon that has become the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world as it has captured the imagination of people from every corner of the earth and from all walks of life. Suddenly a generation of triathletes is born.

You might wonder if the time is right for you to take the leap into this fascinating new world called triathlon.


Often there will be moments of clarity when you know it is the right time but always seem to find a reason to put it off for now.

How do I fit it into my work schedule? What about my social life? What about my family? Would it be selfish of me to spend this time on myself and not with my family?

The funny thing is, there is not one aspect of your life that will not actually benefit from you choosing a fitter, healthier lifestyle. In effect, it might just be the most loving, selfish thing you can do for those who are closest to you.

Maybe it’s time to be part of the spontaneous generation and not the lost generation.

The fact that you are about to explore new boundaries and improve yourself on so many levels will help ensure you have the best chance at a long and healthy life. What better gift could you give to people who care about you and need you?

For years now big companies have been encouraging their employees to live healthier lives. Some companies have their own fitness facilities or offer employees reduced-rate fitness club memberships.

In the last few decades they have figured out that a healthy, confident employee is less likely to miss work and will be more efficient at their job.

Everybody wins…


To take it a step further, improving your fitness level and overall health will improve pretty well every aspect of your life. Becoming part of a generation of triathletes may just be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Your teenage kids might be in momentary shock to see mom hitting the road on her spiffy new bike.

“Hey!” Where are you going” they shout at you. “You’re supposed to be part of the lost generation!

They will wonder what’s going on when dad heads out the door for a run before breakfast, but chances are they will be among your biggest supporters when he crosses the finish line of a triathlon one day in the future.

Deep down you will know if it’s the right time for you or not to become part of this growing trend.


As clear as day I can remember picking up my wife and first child as I brought them home from the hospital just days after my son was born.

I drove at about 10 mph because I was afraid that 6lb. 8oz. package might break or something. Now when I meet him and his new wife for coffee I’m suddenly looking across at a forty-something, 190 pound man.

“Where did you take my baby boy and what did you do with him?”

Holy crap!

Just remember, time marches on and in the blink of an eye you will find that years have been swallowed up and they are never coming back.

Now is the time to build amazing new memories that will sustain you for the rest of your life and break away from the lost generation quicksand that so many people appear to be stuck in. Instead become part of a generation of triathletes that has the courage to test their limits.


It’s so true when you think about it.

We have a certain amount of time to make our mark in this world.

The inevitability of death gives us good reason for our time on this world to be full of accomplishment that will inspire the generation that follows us, like our children for example.

If you put it off too long you will simply run out of time. We have only a limited amount of time to realize dreams we once thought impossible and to soar with the eagles.

Most of us never come close to using the full scope of the abilities we have been gifted with and that’s one of the reasons we seem to be a lost generation in many ways.

Every single day we have the opportunity to take our lives in a new direction and it’s very true that “today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

Far too often we look outwardly for the reasons why our lives are not as fulfilling as we feel they should be, but ultimately what we do with our remaining time on this earth is up to us and nobody else.

It’s quite remarkable when you think about it.

A pair of running shoes, a shiny bike and an improved swim stroke has the power to change your life for the better, forever.

Yet, it has very little to do with sports or becoming an athlete, but everything to do with breaking down barriers and realizing just how amazing you truly are once you give yourself a chance.

Go ahead, give it your best and you will find that it’s a lot more fun being part of a generation of triathletes than being one of the “lost” generation.


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