Have You Been Ironstruck?


I’m excited  to introduce my new state-of-the-art website that has been carefully and thoughtfully configured to provide a resource for triathletes of all levels of ability.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to help my visitors realize their goals and dreams and in the process become more than they ever thought possible.

Everyone is welcome including the beginner triathlete who needs inspiration and guidance to get started in this amazing sport, those taking on the Ironman challenge for the first time,  or experienced age-groupers attempting to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman.

Ironstruck is rooted in a 34-year career in endurance sports and a 27-year Ironman journey that began in Kona in 1984. The training and racing tips and suggestions you will find on the Ironstruck website were compiled through years of trial and error on the Ironman Highway.

There is no question too trivial and my mandate is maintain an open line of communication and respond to email inquiries in a timely manner should you have a concern or question regarding your training or an upcoming event.

The Ironman Triathlon trail I have traveled for a quarter of a century has been a long and winding one. When I was first introduced to the sport of triathlon, there was only really Hawaii to consider if one wanted to jump headfirst into this amazing new challenge that was being whispered about–and I mean whispered.

ironStruck.com-Ray Fauteux Kona finish 1984

Finish line……..Ironman Hawaii 1984

People would be talking about this crazy event in Kona called the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in hushed voices. It was hard to believe that people really existed who could swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, and follow it all with a full marathon and still be seen on camera “smiling” shortly after the race.

I was mesmerized by the Ironman when I first saw it on ABC Wide World of Sports back in 1982. Sure, I couldn’t swim a stroke, but I just knew I wanted to cross that finish line, and two years later in 1984 I did. I went on to enter 14 Ironman races and finished 11 of them.

I had all sorts of experiences.

I always learned from them and was always so moved by the amazing people I came across over the years. Regardless of what destiny had in store for me in each individual Ironman I entered, it was always a rewarding experience in many ways.

I want to share that experience with you, and have created this website to bring together a great community of triathletes.

I sincerely hope IronStruck plays a part in helping you the the best you can be!

IronStruck Ray…..