Become an Ironman: You are tougher than you think

Were you ever a spectator at an Ironman Triathlon and watched in awe as middle-aged men and women who really didn’t have ripped, super-lean athletic bodies crossed the finish line of one of the most challenging endurance races in the world?

Did you think to yourself “How did they do that? They don’t even look like athletes. I wish I could do something like that.”

In most cases, people who think like that are quite capable of accomplishing the same feat.

So why not you?

Become an Ironman: You are tougher than you think.

Most of us have all the same tools as they do but perhaps you just don’t realize it yet.

Perhaps life has been slipping by so fast that you think it’s too late to make a change. It might seem impossible because for so long you have ignored your health and over-all physical well-being.

Perhaps your diet is less than healthy, you over-indulge in the less than savory excesses of life, or seldom do anything that takes you even remotely away from your sedentary lifestyle.

For all your ability at accumulating material wealth, achieving social status, and being successful in so many aspects of your life, there are many, many times that you feel incomplete, that something has been left undone.

Something you must do before your life is over.

There is an almost primitive whispered challenge coming from deep within your consciousness trying to call you to action.

become an ironman-you are tougher than you think

There is a finish line within your reach.


The Ironman is a vehicle that is capable of taking you to a place you never thought you would ever reach. It is a catalyst for vivifying the physical, mental, and emotional strength you never knew you possessed.

Your Ironman does not have to be a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile marathon.

It might be that very first time you stand on the scale with pride and see that you have lost ten pounds, it might be the day you butt out the last cigarette you will ever smoke in your life, or the first time you walk a mile, run a 5k race, or reach the finish line of your first marathon.

True victory should be gauged by having the courage to turn your life around for the better and taking that first step toward making the most of the remarkable ability you have within if only you give yourself a chance.

It might seem that the hardest step will be that last one that gets you across the finish line, but really it is taking that very first step that begins your journey that can test you the most.

That first step is also the most rewarding.


Over millions of years mankind evolved into the physical form we have today. Perhaps evolution has come to a grinding halt because we are as good as we will ever be.

We are the result of all our ancestors dating back to the earliest caveman.

Call it evolution, call it a higher power, call it anything you like, but we have been created to thrive and survive and the human body is indeed a miracle of creation.

Yet so many of us seem intent on laying waste to this gift and abusing our bodies in as many ways as possible.

No matter how many high-tech toys or shiny cars or big houses we might own we are really not much different than the caveman who was genetically engineered to survive. They had the strength and courage to run when hunting for prey and the survival instinct to run or stand and fight when they were the prey.

We all have the very same hunter, gatherer instincts of our distant relatives but that talent often goes unused and abused until it’s too late and life reaches an end.

It should be no surprise when a 50-something, out-of-shape, disillusioned office worker with little self-confidence decides enough is enough and one day crosses the Ironman finish line and in the process changes their whole sense of being.

The ability was always there. It was always in their genes. Our bodies were made for always moving forward, for action, and for testing limits.

We are not geared for sitting at a desk until we die.

We thrive when we are in motion. We are truly alive when we make the most of the gifts we have had bestowed on us by countless generations of our ancestors.

So the next time you witness a middle-aged seemingly nonathletic triathlete crossing the Ironman finish line keep in mind that they are doing exactly what they have been genetically engineered to do.

They are moving forward, they are utilizing every muscle and fiber in their body, their heart is working like the super-charged engine it was meant to be, they are laying emotions bare that have for too long been sequestered in a silent, dark place.

Most of all their spirit sings because when all is said and done they have honored all those who lived and died over the eons to give us this opportunity to become more than we ever though possible.

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