A try-a-tri is the perfect distance for a beginner triathlon This is especially true for those who want to find out how the sport works in a non-competitive atmosphere.

You don’t have to be a super-athlete with a lean, toned body. Everyone, regardless of athletic ability or knowledge of swimming, biking, or running is welcome. You don’t need high-end equipment and a tricked-out triathlon bike. That mountain bike in the garage will do just fine.

There will always be time to upgrade once you decide how you feel about the sport.

Maybe you’ve done a little running and like most adults learned how to ride a bike when you were a kid, but you really are not all that comfortable with the swimming part.

beginner triathlon

Start out with a tri-a-tri and progress to longer races from there.

This is quite common in triathlon and the good news is that there are opportunities to be part of triathlon events that are tailored just for those who are looking for a beginner triathlon.


Many towns and cities across North America are making the Try-A-Tri Triathlon a great way for new triathletes to be introduced to the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world.

Try-A-Tri events may go by different names in different parts of the world but they are generally non-competitive in nature and are geared for fun.

It’s a way for people new to the sport to find out how everything works and to share the experience with others who are also just starting out.

By it’s nature a triathlon can be complex because it involves three disciplines and two different transitions. The beauty of the sport is that no matter what the distance, the format stays the same.

In other words, the transitions in Try-A-Tri are the same as transitions in longer events so it’s good practice. You still have to get out of the water, get on your bike, and then off the bike and onto the run course regardless of the actual race distance.


Unlike most triathlons, there’s not a standard distance for a Try-A-Tri triathlon. Organizers set the distance for the race when it’s first created, but what they all have in common is that the distances are not too demanding.

The swim is almost always very short and normally takes place in a pool as opposed to the open water.

A usual swim distance for this beginner event is normally around 200 meters in a 25-meter pool. So if you are really new to swimming you can always stop at the end of the pool before beginning the next length.

beginner triathlon

Most try-a-tri triathlons feature a short, relaxed pool swim and is ideal for new triathletes.

As with most triathlons, the bike will be the longest event and it would most likely be around 10km and sometimes even shorter.

The run is also very short and is normally in the neighborhood of 2.5km-3km in distance. If you have not done much running you can always stop and walk if you like.

Most people new to triathlons run as much as they feel comfortable with and walk the rest of the course. As with all triathlons regardless of distance, there are no rules against walking.


There is a really good chance that once you try your beginner triathlon you will become hooked on the sport and will want to take it to the next level.

When you’re in your very first race, pay special attention to the little things.

Maybe your goggles leaked and you will decide you will need a better fitting pair.

Perhaps you didn’t drink enough in the days leading up to the race and felt a bit dehydrated.

Or possibly you drank too much just before the race and felt uncomfortable in the swim.

You might find that you ate too much for breakfast and next time you can make adjustments and plan your race-morning meal a little differently.

Make note of the things you might want to bring along for your next race that you may not have thought of for your first one.

For instance, maybe you will decide that you should have had a towel at the swim to bike transition, or perhaps it was very hot and next time you will bring along some sun-block for the bike and run.

Maybe you had your bike set in a big gear and had problems getting it going.

You might decide that for next time it would be better to leave your bike in the easiest gear before the race starts.

This is all part of the learning curve when you’re new to the sport, and the Try-A-Tri is a perfect beginner triathlon because you can learn so much from it.

Once you’ve taken part in your first few triathlons take advantage of what you learned from the experience and make adjustments for the next time out.

If all goes well and you want to take the next step, there are many other race distances to choose from.

The natural progression after the Try-a-Tri would be a Sprint Distance Triathlon, an Olympic Distance Triathlon, a 70.3 Ironman, and then the Ironman Triathlon.

You may feel you just don’t have it in you to take that first step and you will always be a spectator in life, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith and you might be surprised at just how much hidden talent you possess.

You have just as much right as anyone to be part of triathlon, the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world.

Challenge yourself and go for it and it just might change your life for the better, forever.

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