Often people say “I wish someone would believe in me” and there’s no doubt it’s a huge boost if someone in their life does.

The main thing I’ve discovered since creating Ironstruck for triathletes is just how close so many people are to taking that one step toward changing their lives. People in North America, people in Asia, people in Europe.

People everywhere.

There is no particular gender, age, or station in life that one can find that is a common thread to all the individuals who feel this need to grow, to become more, and to reach new heights they never before thought possible.

For a long time they believed these accomplishments seemed to be for others to realize, but not for them.

believe in me

Self-belief is greater than any obstacle

The world is full of people who sense they are at a cross-roads in their existence but are in need of just a little encouragement in order to go in a new direction.

It’s unfortunate, but many people will live their whole lives with unrealized dreams. They will seemingly do all the right things. They will go to school, work, buy a home, and most likely get married and have children.

On the outside they will put up a good front of apparent success and material wealth and happiness, but inside there is often a yearning for something more. Something that makes them feel truly alive.

Something that makes their spirit glow and perhaps for the first time, enable them to realize the power of just “being.” The power of embracing life without the constant ego-driven need to have more and want more of all the things in life that have the least value.

I believe the reason the Ironman is taking the world by storm is because it has opened a window of opportunity for many people to realize their full potential and journey into a world full of possibilities.

A world of ordinary people who do extraordinary things that far surpass an athletic event. There is no doubt in my mind that the Ironman is a stepping-stone to revitalizing one’s life.

Each of us often are faced with situations and opportunities in this life where we can play a pivotal role in changing someones life.

Something you say, or write, or do, might be all it takes to “light the fire” and set someone, somewhere on the path to an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Often we have unique opportunities in the course of our lives to either inspire people to greatness or to do the exact opposite and destroy their dreams by diminishing their self-esteem. Or possibly we just take the middle ground and do neither.

believe in me

Believe in yourself

So many of us don’t live in the moment. We think far too much. We think of what might be or what was, but seldom do we think of what “is.”

Seldom do we realize the importance of what’s taking place right in front of us. We are so out of tune with our sense of just “being.”

Do you think there is someone “out there” that needs you to believe in them? You bet there is. It’s just that we don’t live in the moment–in the present-, and the opportunity to make a difference is often fleeting and we let it pass by because our focus is somewhere else. We almost hear them say “believe in me” and yet we don’t take any action.

If Ironstruck inspires you to reach new heights and becoming more then you ever thought possible, you in turn will pay it forward and inspire others through your actions.

You will will pay it forward by motivating and inspiring others to become more, just as you did.

If someone you cared about said to you “I want to do the Ironman Triathlon, do you believe in me?” What would your answer be? What you say next might have a big impact on the direction their life takes.


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