Benefits of Running


The benefits of running come in many forms. Questions like “what is my ideal weight”, will soon be answered as you become fitter.

There is no guarantee any amount of exercise will result in a super-slim body as everyone’s body type, bone structure and genetic make-up is different.

That certainly does not mean you cannot be super-fit, extraordinarily healthy and a great athlete. Even in the Ironman they have a “Clydesdale Class” for those people who carry more weight.

I believe it’s 160 lbs. and over for women and 225 lbs. and over for men(or very close to those figures).

Take up running. You just might like it.

So being “bigger” certainly does not necessarily indicate that a person is out of shape and cannot be “athletic”.


For starters you will begin to “burn calories running” at a much higher rate then you ever would just sitting at home and being inactive.

If you stay with it, the weight will definitely begin to come off. However the benefits of running are much more than the cosmetic ones.

If you are over-weight and begin to lose your breath as soon as you exert yourself your body has to work harder in order to help you perform whatever physical activity you are doing that’s taking your breath away.

It can be as simple as lifting something heavy or walking up a flight of stairs.

Chances are your major arteries are constricted because of fat build-up and because of that, your heart has to work harder to pump blood to the areas of your body that are being physically stressed.

As you begin to run on a regular basis and hopefully adopt a healthy diet at the same time, your arteries will become unclogged and your heart will become far more efficient and will have to work far less to pump blood to where it is needed.

Your lungs will also become stronger and you will no longer be struggling for breathe every single time you stress your body physically.

As a matter of fact you could well find yourself running in a marathon one day or becoming a triathlete.

Many people have made the transition from over-weight and out of shape to finding their ideal weight for their height and in process become athletes in their own right.


Other benefits of running include the emotional ones as well. If a person is out of shape and not happy with the way they look and feel and they often suffer from low self-esteem.

However once they begin to make progress and become happier with “who they are” self-esteem can sky-rocket and effect every area of a person’s life in a positive way.

The secret to achieving the optimum benefits from running is to “ease” into the sport and don’t push your body too hard in the beginning.

It will rebel and often an injury is the result and some people give up on running before they’ve given it a fair chance because they are injured. Running smart is the best way to prevent running injuries.

If all you can do is walk at first then that’s what you should do. In a few weeks start to walk faster, and a few weeks after that begin to run slowly a bit at a time.

In a matter of months you will begin to see results and sooner than you think you will be going for 45 minute runs on a regular basis.

Most of the time it’s simply a matter of believing in yourself or perhaps being inspired to make a change in your life that is the catalyst for becoming fitter and healthier than you’ve ever been before.


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