A bicycle indoor training stand or “wind-trainer” is a perfect alternative if you want to do your biking indoors.

Sometimes it’s just not possible for some people to find the time for outside biking and they have to find other alternatives. for many the answer is a bicycle indoor training stand. Another more popular name is a wind-trainer.

This method of biking is much different than having an exercise bike in your house.

bicycle indoor training stand

A wind-trainer

With an exercise bike, you do not really have the option of taking it outside for a ride into the country. It will forever be a piece of fitness “furniture” in your home.


A bicycle wind-trainer on the other hand is made to hold your own personal “road or triathlon bike” and anytime you like, you can detach it and take your bike outside for a ride once you find the time.

There are many benefits that come with attaching your favorite bike to a stand and doing your biking indoors.

–First of all, if you decide to make use of a bicycle indoor training stand you never have to worry about bad weather, barking and biting dogs, flat tires, or where on earth you will find a bathroom when nature calls.

–Maybe your favorite movie or sporting event is going to be on television and you just don’t want to miss it and yet you still want to get that bike work-out in. No problem….just park your bike in front of the television and pedal away.

You won’t have to deal with automobile traffic whizzing by you. In some parts of the world that’s a big issue when it’s difficult to find safe place to ride a bike.

–A bicycle indoor training stand or “wind-trainer” will also help you improve your conditioning and get accustomed to the feel of your bike for the times you do take it outside for a ride. Although your balance may be a bit rusty from being on a wind-trainer, it will all come back very quickly.

–If for some reason you happen to be short of time, you don’t have to worry about all the preparation required to go for an outdoor bike-ride. All you have to do is get on your bike and start pedaling.

–You may have kids you have to look after and with a bike indoor training stand you can pedal to your heart’s content and get on and off your bike whenever you want if you have to tend to the kids.

bicycle indoor training stand

Bike Train at Home

In the event you decide to do some interval training, a bicycle indoor training stand is the ideal piece of equipment.

Unlike doing intervals on your bike out on a highway with undulating roads and head-winds, each interval on a wind-trainer can be carefully controlled and monitored so they are exact as far as effort.

So in other words, if your goal is to do two minutes fairly hard with a three minute rest interval, your intervals will no differ as they would on a highway where a head-wind or steep uphill can slow your down and a tail-wind or downhill can make you go faster. Intervals seem to work best if they are all done with the same intensity.

–There is also another very important advantage to a bicycle indoor training stand and the ability to train inside that many triathletes do not take advantage of. It is the perfect way to incorporate “transition training” into your schedule.

A 45-60 minute workout on the bike followed by a quick change into your running shoes and a run of about the same amount of time is an excellent way to prepare yourself for what to expect during that same transition on race day.

Often much of the transition effect is lost if you are biking outside and are not able to begin your run for quite some time once you return home with your bike. The closer you can keep the time between the bike and run the more it will help you get used to the effects of the transition.

Most bike shops sell a variety of wind-trainers and there is sure to be one to fit your needs. They are not nearly as expensive as exercise bikes and give you the flexibility to bike inside or out whenever you like.

If you happen to live in a part of the world with cold, snowy winters, you can almost be guaranteed that wind-trainers can be purchased much cheaper in the Spring than in the Fall because in the Spring and Summer more people will choose to bike outside.


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