Biking Exercise


The biking exercise benefits are one of the best perks you get from taking up the sport of triathlon.

Being “bike-fit” has the potential to provide superior fitness and is great for the health of your heart if biking is done on a regular basis.

Riding a bike provides protection against many forms or ill health such as high blood pressure, diabetes, various forms of heart disease and obesity.

The key is to enjoy biking and not constantly be at the stage where you are virtually out of breath. Struggling for breath often indicates that you are not training within your aerobic “fat-burning” zone and are stressing your cardiovascular system and in the process using up your glycogen stores.

Regardless if you are a casual biker, a beginner triathlete, or an Ironman, biking within your aerobic capability is the best path to achieving optimum benefit from biking and in the process increase your fitness and endurance level.

A twenty minute bike ride to and from work might not seem like much, but over the course of a year it would most likely burn off the equivalent of 12-14 pounds of fat if you factor in how many calories per hour biking burns off.

So it’s easy to see why taking up triathlon is such a great choice and how beneficial it can be for your overall health and fitness.

Just imagine the positive impact biking has on the people who are involved in triathlon well into their 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s.

Whether a senior is biking on an exercise bike, a wind-trainer, or out on the highway, the strength and co-ordination required makes them more subtle and stronger and reduces the chances of injury from falls. Falls that might normally result in fractured hips that never seem to heal and get better.

When you think about it, cycling is an exercise that can be taken up by the majority of the population regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.

That’s one of the reasons why triathlon is one of the fastest growing “mainstream” sports in the world.

You can be a six-year-old “kid of steel” triathlete or a 70-year-old Ironman and enjoy the benefits that come with regular exercising that come with swimming, biking, or running.

Even if you choose to exercise in the comfort of your own home and avoid the rain or heat, you can still get the benefits of biking exercise in your living room in front of the television.

I remember one year in particular when I did about 97% of my bike training for Ironman Coeur d’Alene in my living room. I actually had a two movie work-out. Depending on the length of the movies that particular biking exercise workout was somewhere between 4 or 5 hours.

Come to think of it, my bike time that year was only about 15 minutes different from all the years I cycled hundreds of miles out on the highway.


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