Boston Marathon results 2014

Over 35,000 runners were on hand Monday April 21 in hopes of being part of the Boston Marathon results 2014 in the highly-anticipated running of the 118th edition of this great event.

Going into the race it promised to be perfect runners weather with clear skies and temperatures on the cooler side.

The official count for the 188th running of the Boston Marathon is 35,755 total entries.

The top favorites to take it all for the men included last years winner Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, Dennis Kimetto of Kenya, and Micah Kogo also of Kenya.

Three Kenyan women were ranked as the most likely to take top spot. Last years winner Rita Jeptoo, Jemima Jelagat Sumgong, and Sharon Cherop.
Boston marathon results 2014
Shalanne Flanagan of the United States was also in the mix for a top placing on the strength of her 2013 fourth place finish.

She trained in part in Kenya for the 2014 Boston Marathon and perhaps she felt that if you want to run like a Kenyan, you should train like one.


The elite men were together in a tightly-grouped pack as they crossed over the 5k mark. Their time was 14:35.

They covered the first mile in 4:49.

By mile five the field was beginning to spread out and it was Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, and Abdi Abdirahman leading the way.
Boston Marathon results 2014
At mile seven it was the American Keflezighi alone in the lead and he was still holding down the lead at the as the elite men approached the ten mile mark.

At the 15k course marker the official run time to that point was 45:46.

At the 12-mile mark Keflezighi shared the lead with Josphat Boit and their half-way split was a blistering 1:04:20 and they were creating a gap over the rest of the field.

It was soon after when Keflezighi surged to the front and took a 15 second lead, but there was still seven miles to run. After Boit, the rest of the field was a minute back of the leader.

He took the lead up Heart Break Hill and still had it with 7k to go as he entered Brookline.

Meb Keflezighi has a lead of 12 seconds over Wilson Chebet of Kenya at mile 24 and if he can hold on he is on course to be the first American winner of Boston since 1983.

Meb Keflezighi hangs on and is the first American to win Boston since 1983.


Keflezighi, Meb (USA)	02:08:37
Chebet, Wilson (KEN)	02:08:48
Shafar, Vitaliy (UKR)	02:09:37
Geneti, Markos (ETH)	02:09:50
Kimurer, Joel (KEN)	02:11:03
Arciniaga, Nicholas(USA)02:11:47
Eggleston, Jeffrey (USA)02:11:57
Lonyangata, Paul (KEN)	02:12:34
Annani, Adil (MAR)	02:12:43
Boit, Josphat (USA)	02:12:52
Leon, Craig (USA)	02:14:28
Morgan, Mike (USA)	02:14:40
Sakai, Koichi (JPN)	02:14:56
April, Lusapho (RSA)	02:14:59

The elite women were also running an extremely quick pace.

At the six mile mark at the Farmington Check-point Shalanne Flanagan was in the mix at the front of the pack for the elite women. She was leading the way along with Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia.

By the eight mile mark Tatiana Petrova Arkhipoa of Russia at the front briefly leading a pack of 11 elite women.

Then the lead field was down to nine just a mile later with Flanagan back in front and by the halfway mark she was still holding the lead at a record pace of 1:09.25.

It was about here you would wonder that if in her determination to win the race she was over-extending herself with half the race still to go, but at 18 miles she was still in front leading a pack of 7 women.

However it was Rita Jeptoo of Kenya taking over the lead in the late stages of the run and she decimated the field when she ran mile 24 at a 4:48 pace. Wow!

The fastest mile run by anyone all day.

There was no catching Jeptoo and she is the elite woman Boston Marathon champion for 2014!

Her time is a personal best 2:18:57.

American Shalane Flanagan also runs a personal best time and is sixth.


Jeptoo, Rita (KEN)	        02:18:57
Deba, Buzunesh (ETH)	        02:19:59
Dibaba, Mare (ETH)	        02:20:35
Sumgong, Jemima Jelagat (KEN)	02:20:41
Melkamu, Meselech (ETH)         02:21:28
Duliba, Aleksandra (BLR)	02:21:29
Flanagan, Shalane (USA)	        02:22:02
Cherop, Sharon (KEN)	        02:23:00
Ongori, Philes (KEN)	        02:23:22
Linden, Desiree (USA)	        02:23:54
Oljira, Belaynesh (ETH)	        02:24:21
Esayias, Yeshi (ETH)	        02:27:40
Petrova Arkhipova,Tatiana(RUS)  02:30:29
Marchant, Lanni (CAN)	        02:30:34
Nelson, Adriana (USA)	        02:31:15

Van Dyk of South Africa takes the male wheelchair title for the 2014 Boston Marathon and Tatyana McFadden (USA) leads the way for the women and wins for the second time in a row.

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-39

Jeptoo, Rita (KEN)	        02:18:57
Deba, Buzunesh (ETH)    	02:19:59
Dibaba, Mare (ETH)	        02:20:35
Sumgong, Jemima Jelagat (KEN)	02:20:41
Melkamu, Meselech (ETH)   	02:21:28
Duliba, Aleksandra (BLR)	02:21:29
Flanagan, Shalane (USA) 	02:22:02
Cherop, Sharon (KEN)	        02:23:00
Ongori, Philes (KEN)    	02:23:22
Linden, Desiree (USA)   	02:23:54
Oljira, Belaynesh (ETH)  	02:24:21
Esayias, Yeshi (ETH)	        02:27:40
Petrova Arkhipova, Tatiana(RUS)	02:30:29
Marchant, Lanni (CAN)   	02:30:34
Nelson, Adriana (USA)    	02:31:15
Apareci dada Silva,Adriana (BRA)02:31:18
Kilel, Caroline (KEN)   	02:32:04
Burla, Serena (USA)	        02:32:27
Thomas, Wendy (USA)	        02:32:49
Erb, Esther (USA)	        02:33:15

MALE 18-39

Chebet, Wilson (KEN)	        02:08:48
Chepkwony, Frankline (KEN)	02:08:50
Shafar, Vitaliy (UKR)    	02:09:37
Geneti, Markos (ETH)	        02:09:50
Kimurer, Joel (KEN)      	02:11:03
Arciniaga, Nicholas (USA)	02:11:47
Eggleston, Jeffrey (USA)	02:11:57
Lonyangata, Paul (KEN)  	02:12:34
Annani, Adil (MAR)      	02:12:43
Boit, Josphat (USA)      	02:12:52
Leon, Craig (USA)       	02:14:28
Morgan, Mike (USA)      	02:14:40
Sakai, Koichi (JPN)      	02:14:56
April, Lusapho (RSA)     	02:14:59
Abdirahman, Abdi (USA)  	02:16:06
Kogo, Micah (KEN)	        02:17:12
Gotcher, Brett (USA)	        02:17:16
Macpherson, Scott (USA) 	02:17:46
Hall, Ryan (USA)	        02:17:50

FEMALE 40-44

Simon, Lidia (ROU)      	02:36:47
Olaru, Nuta (USA)       	02:37:29
Boulet, Magdalena (USA)  	02:41:36
Piers, Sheri (USA)       	02:42:40
Glasson, Rachel (AUS)   	02:47:57
Barry, Kristin (USA)    	02:51:23
Starosciak, Kaye (USA)   	02:52:37
Soloway, Kristen (USA)  	02:55:52
Switt, Angela (CAN)      	03:00:43
DauratThompsonCecileFRA)        02:58:31
Frey, Laura (USA)       	03:01:05
Loeffler, Kim (USA)     	03:01:14
Brown, Shana (USA)      	03:02:53
Jesson, Maree (GBR)     	03:03:03
Suter, Jodi (USA)       	03:10:44
Leon, Aurora (MEX)      	03:05:58
Buratto, Lori (USA)     	03:08:28
Cottrell, Anne (USA)     	03:09:32
Smith, Dawn (USA)       	03:11:05
Bonzi, Maria (ARG)       	03:09:32

MALE 40-44

Steidl, Ulrich (USA)    	02:19:48
Shabunin, Viacheslav (RUS)	02:20:43
Wardian, Michael (USA)   	02:23:32
Tenorio, Franklin (ECU)  	02:27:00
Achmuller, Hermann (ITA)	02:28:59
Kuhlmann, Patrick (USA) 	02:31:31
Duca, Francesco (ITA)   	02:33:04
Pearson, Neil (GBR)     	02:35:12
Hartshorn, Chris (NZL)  	02:35:14
Turner, Jeff (USA)	        02:35:39
Dal Pastro, Juan Jose (ARG)	02:35:29
Ritchie, Tom (USA)	        02:35:44
Yamanaka, Yuji (JPN)    	02:35:43
Ryf, Jason (USA)        	02:35:40
Stewart, Simon (GBR)     	02:36:35
Smart, Larry (USA)	        02:36:48
La Gerche, Andre (AUS)   	02:37:28
Kustec, Gregor (SLO)     	02:37:27
Hernandez, Hector (USA)  	02:37:33
Orloff, Conrad (USA)     	02:38:02

FEMALE 45-49

Bentley, Lisa (CAN)     	02:47:47
Robson, Denise (CAN)    	02:53:16
Wiltse, Paula (CAN)     	02:53:26
Schmidt, Heidi (USA)     	02:55:37
Rossi, Kristi (USA)	        03:02:37
Weeden, Josephine (USA)  	03:07:36
Allred, Mischelle (USA) 	03:05:40
Redden, Kimberly (CAN)  	03:08:42
Nichols, Katherine (USA)	03:08:29
Campbell, Cathi (USA)   	03:10:31
Veneziano, Lisa (USA)    	03:12:18
Bennett, Laura (USA)	        03:10:03
Peterson, Kimberly (USA)	03:12:54
Huff, Jill (USA)	        03:09:26
Currie, Sandra (GBR)     	03:15:44
Ipino, Michela (ITA)     	03:14:52
Kosugi, Yuko (JPN)      	03:10:56
Chille, Michelle (USA)  	03:15:42
Stebbins, Mary (USA)     	03:20:40
Empey, Susan (USA)       	03:13:39

MALE 45-49

Lokken, Tracy (USA)     	02:24:39
Hammer, Peter (USA)     	02:33:08
Decker, Byrne (USA)	        02:33:44
Ma, Liangwu (CHN)       	02:34:06
Lee, Kam (USA)          	02:37:29
List, Daniel (USA)	        02:37:57
Garnier, Louis-Philippe (CAN)	02:38:58
Shadley, Jeffrey (USA)   	02:39:27
Slusarek, Pierre (CAN)   	02:39:33
Noonan, Joe (USA)	        02:40:18
Boyce, Albert (USA)      	02:41:25
Landry, Robert (USA)     	02:41:52
Picklesimer, Gregory (USA)	02:43:05
Brons, Hans (NED)	        02:43:02
Bugbee, Al (USA)        	02:43:36
Vinson, Tim (USA)        	02:43:47
Rigo, Andrea (ITA)       	02:43:46
Levy, Wayne (USA)       	02:43:56
Carollo, Kevin (USA)     	02:44:55

FEMALE 50-54

Loken, Susan (USA)       	02:56:17
Hitchings, Jenny (USA)  	03:02:14
Currier, Mary-Lynn (USA)	03:01:05
Shemyakina, Elena (USA)	        03:05:14
Bakoulis, Gordon (USA)  	03:11:59
Valencia, Dolores (USA)  	03:12:50
Caron, Evelyn (USA)     	03:17:20
Stanislav, Grace (USA)  	03:11:27
Harvey, Suzi (GBR)      	03:16:42
Struyk, Pamela (USA)    	03:18:05
Conant, Cindy (USA)      	03:12:59
Lundy, Jane (USA)       	03:16:57
Andrew Piel, Judy (CAN) 	03:19:08
Prescott, Margie (USA)  	03:15:14
Castner, Kimberly (USA) 	03:19:15
Augert, Claudette (CAN) 	03:24:22
Foley, Linda (USA)	        03:18:59
Woodhouse, Roxanne (USA)	03:23:53
Marbury, Margaret (USA)  	03:20:57
Bourne, Trish (USA)	        03:19:49

MALE 50-54

Bennett, Mark (CAN)     	02:34:55
Fernandez, Douglas (USA)	02:34:51
Mickle, Iain (USA)      	02:39:00
Cipriano, Robert (USA)   	02:41:27
Ebiner, Matt (USA)	        02:41:38
Warriner, Lawrence (CAN)	02:43:03
Reeder, Mark (USA)      	02:43:07
Nagasaka, Masahiko (JPN)	02:43:09
Dorval, Guy (CAN)       	02:44:11
Shelton-Smith, Kevin (GBR)	02:45:09
Hay, Dan (USA)          	02:45:03
Barres, Spyros (USA)    	02:45:02
Kelly, Patrick (CAN)    	02:45:49
Peters, David (USA)	        02:45:39
Sneddon, Scott (USA)    	02:46:39
Spitz, Chris (USA)      	02:46:51
Coughlin, Mark (USA)	        02:48:38
Schuler, Tim (USA)      	02:49:24
Keno, Brian (USA)	        02:51:04
Sheftic, Chris (USA)	        02:50:49

FEMALE 55-59

Samuelson, Joan (USA    )	02:52:15
Kennedy, Christine (USA)	02:57:44
Vos, Sharon (USA)	        03:18:52
Corsaro, Nancy (USA)    	03:18:16
Dearmon, Merry (USA)    	03:17:08
Fitzpatrick, Diana (USA)	03:20:52
Longacre, Teri (USA)    	03:19:33
Clark, Jacqueline (USA) 	03:23:55
Briskie, Nancy (USA)    	03:24:25
Moras, Beth (USA)       	03:24:02
Loughran, Deedee (GBR)  	03:26:53
Croan, Carrie (USA)     	03:27:26
Wolney, Janet (CAN)     	03:25:09
Harbert, Susan (USA)	        03:28:23
Hart, Ellen (USA)       	03:30:37
Randall, Marla (USA)     	03:33:25
Mason, Maggie (USA)      	03:31:20
Schantz-Hagelberg, Enid (USA)	03:33:20
Duschl, Rita Elisabeth (SUI)	03:33:53
Tervort, Sydney (USA)    	03:36:48

MALE 55-59

Tighe, Martin (GBR)      	02:41:49
Walters, Dave (USA)      	02:43:52
Ketterle, Wolfgang (GER)  	02:44:47
Loftus, John (USA)      	02:45:35
Huyer, Paul (CAN)       	02:51:38
Larkin, Stanley (CAN)   	02:51:24
O'Higgins, Brian (CAN)   	02:52:49
Larson, Norm (USA)      	02:53:06
Fitzgerald, Kevin (USA)   	02:54:05
Mcnevin, Jim (USA) 	        02:56:42
» Ruben, Alan (USA)	        02:56:42
Atwater, Beau (USA)	        02:57:09
Crochiere, Paul (USA)    	02:59:28
Theoto, Joao (BRA)      	02:58:34
Campbell, Stewart (CAN) 	03:00:16
Kalnay, Boyd (CAN)      	02:59:29
Marino, Robert (USA)     	03:01:54
Schafer, Robert (USA)    	02:58:16
Beeson, Michael (USA)    	03:00:31
Allen, Gary (USA)       	02:58:41

FEMALE 60-64

Druhan, Charlene (CAN)   	03:33:55
Yanni, Amy (USA)        	03:44:42
Grenon, Helene (CAN)     	03:37:20
Wasielewski, Grace (USA)	03:48:11
Clark, Debbie (USA)      	03:48:40
Hutchins, Mary Ellen (USA)	03:48:38
Smith, Nancy (USA)	        03:44:18
Jones, Marina (USA)     	03:46:10
Grondin, Terese (USA)   	03:46:50
Durante, Karen (USA)    	03:49:42
Herzik-Ralph, Marcia (USA)	03:52:25
St Clare, Robin (USA)   	03:51:33
Freedman, Barbara (CAN)  	03:55:34
Christo, Therese (USA)	        03:52:28
Parrish, Linda (USA)    	03:50:45
Kesterson, Janice (USA)  	04:03:18
Carvalho, Raimunda (BRA)	03:52:07
Wispelwey, Beverly (USA)	03:59:52
Mohebbi, Megan (USA)	        03:56:39
Farnell, Dee Anna (USA )	03:57:57
Holtom, Deborah (CAN)   	04:00:23
Decarli, Debbie (USA)   	04:01:11
Cummings, Jill (USA)    	04:03:12
Berg, Kristi (USA)      	04:03:01
Lazar, Eileen (USA)     	04:06:28

MALE 60-64

Rupel, Patrick (USA)    	03:03:51
Fitzgerald, Don (USA)   	03:04:00
Schmieder, Hubert (GER)	        03:05:02
Jones, Bruce (USA)      	03:08:26
Arujo, Jonas (BRA)       	03:10:38
Hammervold, Jerry (USA)  	03:08:29
Locke, Charles (USA)    	03:14:37
Camenzind, Peter (SUI)	        03:07:45
De La Motte, Robert (AUS)	03:06:53
Warner, William (USA)    	03:10:04
Kelley, Vinnie (USA)     	03:13:14
Goldammer, Klaus (GER)   	03:10:44
Follin, Steve (USA)     	03:10:25
Daley, Michael (USA)     	03:15:50
Seide, Steve (USA)      	03:12:32
Sheridan, Michael (GBR) 	03:15:09
Pemberton, Alan (USA)    	03:16:53
Traynor, Ted (CAN)      	03:15:00
Zupanc, John (USA)       	03:15:09
Skea, Kenneth (CAN)      	03:17:28

FEMALE 65-69

Vucich, Blondie (USA)   	03:38:38
Rollins, Nancy (USA)    	03:50:11
Rice, Jeannie (USA)     	03:53:04
Smith, Jean (USA)	        03:55:11
Seidlova, Eva (SVK)     	03:58:30
Franks, Alice (USA)      	04:08:56
Dudar, Patricia (CAN)    	04:09:53
Hampton, Joy (JPN)      	04:11:59
Jung, Joann (USA)       	04:15:01
Mandiola Ep.Thareau,Claire (FRA)04:12:35
Jamieson, Lynn (USA)     	04:26:13
Tanaka, Chihiro (JPN)    	04:19:45
Gad, Lydia (DEN)        	04:22:32
Tirimacco, Margaret (USA)	04:23:29
Peterson, Piper (USA)    	04:23:26
Munter, Mary (USA)      	04:24:49
Clarkson, Linda (USA)    	04:27:40
Weix, Kathleen (USA)    	04:31:08
Neustrand, Joanne (USA)  	04:26:34
Kirsling, Kathy (USA)   	04:27:54
Goossens-Winter, Roswitha (USA)	04:36:43
Daker, Jan (USA)         	04:32:05
McCarthy, Nancy (USA)    	04:33:03
Goss, Jan (USA)  	        04:34:24
Spence, Lynne (CAN)      	04:36:13

MALE 65-69

Naumanen, Urpo (FIN)    	03:07:10
Kanamura, Shizuo (JPN)   	03:08:33
Dykes, Gene (USA)	        03:09:30
McCluskey, Terry (USA)  	03:13:26
Clews, William (CAN)    	03:22:58
Wolfe, Christopher (USA)	03:18:50
Harvey, Dan (USA)       	03:23:29
Rummel, Robert (USA)    	03:22:59
Bates, Allan (USA)       	03:25:17
Toulouse, Jim (USA)      	03:25:52
Laptev, Yuri (RUS)      	03:28:28
Wieringa, Albert (NED)  	03:34:11
Greene, Michael (IRL)   	03:32:14
Chirico, Maurizio (ITA)  	03:31:49
Anderson, Christopher (CAN)	03:39:58
Jenk, John (USA)        	03:34:05
Yonce, Jb (USA)  	        03:37:17
Lichnovsky, Larry (USA)  	03:35:48
Barkoski, Victor (USA)   	03:40:28
Williams, Stephen (USA) 	03:36:47
Deshaies, Serge (CAN)   	03:41:07
Schmidt, Eugene (USA)   	03:38:19
Iwasa, Yasuo (JPN)      	03:42:18
McJunkin, Dave (USA)    	03:37:30
Baswell, Paul (USA)      	03:39:29

FEMALE 70-74

Marmoreo, Jean (CAN)    	04:02:47
Taksa Webb, Judith (USA)	04:23:42
Rigney, Hansi (USA)     	04:28:38
Saito, Ryoko (JPN)	        04:46:33
Loncto, Mary Ellen (USA)	04:51:48
Tattersall, Theresa (USA)	05:01:36
Brain, Susan (USA)      	05:01:40
Hall, Joann (USA)       	05:09:53
Spradlin, Hiroko (USA)   	05:12:52
Petit, Libby (USA)      	05:15:13
Hamilton, Millie (PAR)  	05:20:22
Medeiros, Anne (USA)    	05:27:29
Schlenker, Marlo Yvonne (GER)	05:29:59
Brinkman, Mary Jo (USA)  	05:28:32
Colman, Jane (USA)      	05:30:51
Miller, Joan (USA)       	05:44:26

MALE 70-74

Ouweleen, John (USA)    	03:28:13
Garcia, Joseph (CAN)    	03:31:47
Van Dell, Don (USA)     	03:33:45
Seamon, Walter (USA)    	03:45:49
Peck, Willard (USA)     	03:45:32
Enomoto, Hideo (JPN)    	03:49:32
Novak, Viliam (SVK)     	03:54:11
Noonan, Joe (USA)       	03:49:09
Craighead, Ed (USA)      	03:52:10
Zucker, Zeke (USA)      	03:56:18
Kutzner, Richard (USA)   	04:01:11
Carter, John (USA)      	04:06:40
Maultsby, John (USA)      	04:04:06
Jones, Lewis (USA)       	04:04:14
Zawada, John (CAN)       	04:00:38
Miyatake, Shozo (JPN)    	04:04:01
Larose, Jean (CAN)      	04:03:01
Hill, James (USA)       	04:02:07
Gagnon, Jacques (CAN)    	04:14:27
Richardson, Ken (CAN)    	04:02:51
Varella, Antonio (BRA)   	04:10:13
Owens, Don (USA)        	04:12:04
Gormley, Robert (USA)    	04:13:44
Takigawa, Bunichi (JPN)  	04:14:24
Jennings, Tom (USA)     	04:14:51

FEMALE 75-79

Borrett, Liz (CAN)      	04:29:13
Nakano, Yoko (JPN)      	05:06:07
Blush, Shirley (USA)     	05:06:06

MALE 75-79

Taivassalo, Keijo (CAN)  	03:40:52
Ichida, Susumu (JPN)     	03:46:32
Cerminaro, Anthony (USA)      	03:57:53
Pain, Malcolm (CAN)     	04:04:40
Miller, Gerald (CAN)    	04:17:29
Kasamatsu, Takuji (USA) 	04:15:29
Katashiba, Toshinobu (JPN)	04:13:33
Cowley, Tom (USA)	        04:19:23
Tanaka, Hidefumi (JPN)   	04:19:44
Shimojo, Michiharu (JPN)	04:28:56
Anderson, William (USA)  	04:33:46
Kelly, Frank (CAN)      	04:28:59
Mcdougald, Ronald (USA)  	04:33:44
Huyffer, Paul (USA)     	04:49:16
Smith, Christopher (USA)	04:52:13
Phay, Robert (USA)	        04:52:47
Bobeldijk, Volkert (CAN)	04:54:02
Thamhain, Hans (USA)    	04:56:16
Kuhlmey, Juergen (GER)   	04:59:37
Jones, Theodore (USA)   	05:06:52
Steele, Richard (CAN)   	05:12:32
Vansant, Carl (USA)     	05:19:47
Kim, Gye Whan (KOR)     	05:26:10
Short, Philo (USA)      	05:26:29
Gillis, Samuel (USA)      	05:33:04
Roake, Samuel (USA)      	05:39:37
Tsuchiya, Koji (JPN)    	05:36:02
Holliday, Bob (USA)     	05:41:17
Oliver, Daniel (USA)    	05:48:09
Bostrom, Fred (USA)     	05:51:32
Widnall, William (USA)   	05:49:57
Adamson, Thomas (USA)   	05:55:07
Cadrette, Kermit (USA)   	05:57:36
Waterlow, Rodney (CAN)   	06:12:07
Park, Mike (USA)        	06:16:10


» Beiers, Katherine (USA)	05:49:08 Wow! Great job!

MALE 80+

Excellent race be these three inspiring runners!

Wilson, Harold (USA)     	04:03:36
Green, Jimmy (USA)      	05:36:28
Marrin, Thomas (USA)     	05:48:16

Be sure to visit the Boston website for full BOSTON MARATHON RESULTS

A great day of racing by everyone…..


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