The burger king nutrition chart has several options that are healthy food choices for those who are conscious of the amount of fat and overall calories they are consuming.

I get many emails from triathletes who really hate to give up on their fast food. In most cases, it’s because they have hectic schedules and it’s easier to hit the corner Burger King if they
are short on time.

Usually they ask me what some of the best food choice might be “if” they do stop by a Burger King.

burger king nutrition chart

fast food nutrition chart

Most of the fast food outlets in North America have become very aware that people are becoming far more health conscious and most have taken steps to offer some healthy choices to their patrons.

Of course there are still the old favorites that should be ordered on the very rare occasion only as they are heavily loaded down with calories.

To make matters worse, a majority of those calories are fat calories.

Here are some examples of food choices from the Burger King nutrition chart that might be chosen for those special occasions.


480 calories and of the 160 grams, there are 23 grams of fat.


Wow! 680 calories on the Burger King nutrition chart with 40 grams of fat.

burger king nutrition chart

A Burger King Whopper


If you pick one of these then it should be your only meal of the day because you are looking at 980 calories and 64 grams of those are fat.

Here are some far healthier choices if you are preparing for that Ironman in a few months time and want to avoid any more fat than necessary.


Yes I know, it’s a salad and that’s why it’s a nutritional star on the Burger King Nutrition chart.

Only 90 calories in a 184g serving. Compare that with 980 calories in a double whopper with cheese. You could eat ten of these salads and still not reach the 980 calories of a double cheese whopper.


Of the 380 calories in this Burger King choice there are only 9 grams of fat, so it’s a far better choice than a whopper and still serves as a pretty reasonable lunch.

All in all, it’s a Kenyan running star who may have said it best. Of course the Kenyans are some of the best distance runners in the world and pay close attention to their training diet.

For this particular Kenyan training out of the United States his words of wisdom were, “I treat myself to the American fast food once a month and I don’t think that would hurt anyone. Sometimes you have to treat yourself but if it’s something you have all the time, it’s not a treat anymore”.

If you do, be sure to check out the burger king nutrition chart so you know what you are eating.


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