Calories burned biking


Calories burned biking can reach high levels much quicker than most physical activities, because you are actually propelling a machine. Of course there are variables like terrain and weather conditions.

When you are biking you are actually the power source for propelling a machine. There are lots of of variables to consider when trying to come up with a reasonably accurate number of calories burned during biking or any other physical activity or sport for that matter.

If you look at the basic figures, an average-sized man will normally burn about 15 calories a minute just sitting still. A woman will burn a little less or say about 12 calories.

It seems that the younger we are, the better our ability to burn calories and that partially explains why many people gain weight as they grow older.

When we are younger we might be capable of ingesting around 3500 calories and burning it off in the course of the day and maintain an average weight.

Biking burns calories and can wear you out.

However, as we age that figure may drop to 2000-2500 calories per day. So regardless of how we are burning calories, it would make sense to eat a little less as we get older.

Over the many years that I trained month after month for Ironman Canada Triathlons I believe that the amount of calories burned during a bike training session were far greater than the calories burned swimming or running.

All I have to go on is how much I had to eat on those long bike rides to keep from having an energy bonk.

It’s not something that was ever a problem on a three hour run, but it sure seemed that it always was in the bike, so it makes sense that the calories burned biking were probably higher amounts than any of the other training I did at the time.

I’m sure it would be in the ballpark to say that the average amount of calories that a person burns biking would be around the 600-700 calories per hour mark.

I believe you would darn near have to run at a race pace of 10-6 minute miles or 10MPH “for one hour” in order to burn that many calories running.


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