Calories burned running


Calories burned running and other running health benefits are possible, but depend on your level of commitment.

It’s not as simple as throwing a number out there and saying “this is how many calories burned running per hour”. Yet you read it all the time and it makes no sense to me.

It makes no sense because the calories you lose when you run can depend on a host of factors.

The temperature, your body weight when you begin running, your diet, how fast you run, and how often you run all play a significant part in the calories burned running, so really, there is no set “reliable” figure.

Instead of looking at it that way, why not resist the temptation to get number-bound and just begin a running program for yourself that eases you into the sport over a long period of time.

There is no “quick-fix” to losing weight that is sustainable. You will be further ahead to set aside three days a week to run with rest days in between and begin gradually by “walking”, “walking faster”, jogging slowly, and then eventually running faster.

Group running is great if you all run the same speed

Ease yourself into shape and give your body time to adjust to these new demands you are making on it. Start out with 20 minute run-walk sessions three times a week. Walk for five minutes, run for two minutes and repeat.

Test your limits. Walk less and run more if it feels okay, but never over-stress your body. It will tell you when it’s too much too soon.

Over time as you improve there are several options open to you to begin to challenge yourself more. All of them will eventually lead you to more calories burned running.

The more you do, the more calories you will be burning and the better you will eventually feel.

Power walking is a good starting point for many.

You can run for more days per week. Make it four days with running and three rest days, or if it’s really going well, five days of running with two rest days. Just make sure to always include rest days so your body can re-build and recover.

–You can shorten the periods you are walking and increase the periods you are running.

–You can run faster.

–You can make your workouts longer and run further. Your aim should be to reach a minimum of three workouts of at least 45 minutes or more three times per week and then progress from there.

That’s exactly how I started out and at the peak of my amateur running career it was not unusual to go for four runs.

The above suggestions are all options for increasing your work-load and a guaranteed way to realize indeed that calories burned running is a real possibility.

If you are serious about doing this, consistent with your work-outs, and willing to take the necessary time to let your body adjust, you “will” see results.

In time you will be happy with the calories lost running and realize health benefits from running that come along with losing calories and becoming fitter in general.


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