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Do Real Ironman Triathletes shave their legs?

For many an Ironman triathlete shaving their legs for the Ironman is not just a tradition, it’s a ritual and in many ways a “right of passage.”

It is a sign that one has truly arrived on the Ironman Triathlon scene. “If my legs are smooth, stand […]

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Push yourself too hard and Ironman over training syndrome could end your career.

It would probably be not far off the mark to state that a good majority of endurance athletes suffer from obsessive/compulsive behavior of varying degrees.

Instead of succumbing to drug or alcohol addiction they channel their obsessiveness into endurance sports. I […]

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Welcome To Ironstruck

On February 21, 2017 By

Thanks for dropping by and welcome to IronStruck

Each time we go into a new year the sport of Triathlon picks up more and more speed and continues to take the world by storm.

Each year new races are born.

With every passing race, more observers become “Ironstruck.” More people move from the sidewalk […]

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Avoid Ironman Triathlon burnout by harnessing your enthusiasm.

Triathlon is in a class all it’s own when it comes to a sport that can quickly become an addiction for the adrenaline junkies of the world. It’s crucially important to control the desire to over-train if you want to avoid ironman triathlon burnout.


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Read on for how to get your hands on some top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Do you have one of those book readers that are all the rage these days?

If you are new to the Ironman or perhaps want a better result than you experienced in your last Ironman, you might want […]

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2015 Kona Lottery Winners

On March 17, 2015 By

Are you one of the lucky 2015 Kona Lottery Winners?

The results are in and here are the 2015 Kona Lottery winners.

You’re in for quite a ride if you are lucky enough to win a spot and have a chance to follow the trail blazed by so many great Ironman Triathletes over the […]

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There are many benefits from triathlon beyond the finish line.

There are many people who are on the outside looking in at the sport of triathlon wishing they could be part of it.

They may think they don’t have what it takes because they are too unfit, they are middle-aged, lack self-confidence, or maybe all […]

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In Memory of John Forzani

On October 31, 2014 By

I realize that many of the visitors I get to may not know who John Forzani is because I get visitors from all over the world but there are also many of you who will know of him or perhaps have met him.

On Thursday October 30, 2014 John passed away at the young […]

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Ironman Hawaii 2014 Images

On October 12, 2014 By

I hope you enjoy these Ironman Hawaii 2014 images.

I couldn’t fit them all onto my Ironman Hawaii 2014 World Champion results page so I decided to build a specific post for all the images so everyone can have a look at them and enjoy them.

These copyright […]

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World’s best pro and age-group athletes featured in Ironman Hawaii 2014 World Championship results

When you look at the star-studded list of pro triathletes who qualified to race in Kona on Saturday October 11, 2014 picking the winner seemed like a daunting task.

Half the battle for the pros seems to be getting to […]

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