Triathlete in transition

My book Triathlete In Transition is an inspirational and common sense guide for those new too triathlon.

There’s a reason why triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. It has captured the imagination of so many because it’s a sport that has changed the lives of ordinary people all over the world.

It does not require you to have the perfect athletic body or to be a highly skilled swimmer, biker, or runner.

As a matter of fact, there are many people who catch the triathlon bug but can’t swim a stroke. Perhaps they haven’t run or biked for years, yet still take up the challenge of triathlon.

triathlete in transition book

Triathlete In Transition. The perfect book for the beginner triathlete.

In the process they learn new skills, improve fitness levels, make new friends, and attain an improved level of over-all health and well-being.

Every single year the senior age-group categories in Ironman Triathlons continue to grow.

Many people are beginning to realize that just because they reach 55 or 65 they do not have to stop being active and perhaps even competitive.

The focus of Triathlete In Transition is to guide and inspire new triathletes as they begin their triathlon journey.

Much like my two “Ironstruck” books, Triathlete In Transition is not just another triathlon training book. Yes it will guide you as you work your way toward your first triathlon. It will also inspire and motivate you to become more than you ever thought possible.

Regardless of your fitness level or athletic ability as you start on your amazing journey. TRIATHLETE IN TRANSITION has the potential to help change the course of your life forever.

In order to cover as many important components of your preparation as possible, I have invited along seven guest writers to share their wisdom and knowledge with you.

The guest experts include…

STEVE KING–The voice of Ironman Canada


TERRY LAUGHIN–The creator of the TOTAL IMMERSION swim concept

as the featured contributors to TRIATHLETE IN TRANSITION.

We share in a common goal of doing all we can to make your triathlon journey a rewarding and exciting experience.

For more information on being a more successful triathlete or Ironman be sure to have a look at the books I have written. These books have helped many triathletes around the world realize their Ironman and triathlon dreams and goals.

You can visit my ironstruck book store and find the perfect book for you. Excellent for the new or experienced triathlete doing their very first try a tri triathlon or the Ironman.

Here are some testimonials from people who have read my books.

Welcome To Ironstruck

Thanks for dropping by and welcome to IronStruck

Each time we go into a new year the sport of Triathlon picks up more and more speed and continues to take the world by storm.

Each year new races are born.

With every passing race, more observers become “Ironstruck.” More people move from the sidewalk of life as a spectator and onto the road as a participant.

Ironstruck is about the philosophy that each of us—-that every single person in the world—–regardless of station in life, is capable of so much more.

If only someone can spark the flickering flame within by believing in us and giving us that one final nudge that ignites the fire of hope, passion, and the dreams that many have, but have never allowed themselves to live.

Ironstruck the website has grown from two or three visitors a week seven years ago to almost five thousand every month with visitors dropping by from over 115 countries around the world.

welcome to ironstruck

There’s nothing quite like Ironman race morning.

Ironstruck is about more than a sport or a race. It is about truly living, and growing, and for the first time perhaps realizing what you are truly capable of on so many levels. If only you take that leap of faith and someone hears you when you say believe in me.

Well, someone does and always will. Visit Ironstruck when you are down. Realize perhaps for the first time, that it is YOUR life to live, and ultimately it is up to you to decide the course it takes.

Not your husband, wife, children, parents, boss, or friend……..YOU. The nucleus of your support will no doubt come from all the people closest to you, but ultimately it’s up to you to embrace the challenge of the Iron Gods.
Come and show us what you are made of…

You only get one shot at this thing called life. By doing what truly will make you happy, everyone in your circle and everyone you touch will eventually benefit from your transformation.

Every single morning when you wake up, you have the option to begin to change your life from what it was when you went to sleep the night before.

Overweight? So what? 60 years old? So? Hate your Job? Always tired and depressed? Always looking at others and wishing you could be like them? Just plain not happy with your life situation? Your relationships, your fitness, your outlook on life, your future.


Change it.

Take that first step.

Take that first power walk around the block. Then two blocks–then three. Then run for 5 minutes…..or 10. Try YOGA…….streeeetch gently and reach for the stars….
Awaken. Feel the power within!

Don’t give up and you will feel the transformation as your mind, body, and spirit embrace your new lease on life. Your new beginning.

One day you will walk that 10 km course for charity. One day you may run it. You may tackle a marathon. You may do an Ironman. You may find that job you truly want, start the business you dream of and the life you really want to lead. YOU will control your destiny.

DOING is the key and not necessarily how fast or how far.

What really counts is that you are beginning—perhaps for the first time—to realize how truly special and amazing you are. What extraordinary gifts we have all been blessed with.

The incredible life-force we have within.

So if you are reading this, welcome to Ironstruck.

Don’t feel for a second that you have to be an Ironman to be here. However, if it is in your heart to cross the Ironman finish line one day, you have certainly come to the right place.

welcome to Ironstruck

There’s a finish line waiting for you somewhere out there

You have also come to the right place if you need a little inspiration just to take that first step that will open the door to a new beginning for you. Regardless of where that door leads. Regardless of what wonders and accomplishments it will give birth to.

Remember that you can always email me from my contact page on this site. From the very inception of “Ironstruck” I made it the cornerstone of this site that I would answer every single email I ever receive from a visitor.

To this day I have done that. And that is also free……..So whatever is on your mind, I will do the best I can to help. There is no such thing as a dumb question to me.

I wish you and all the best of luck and hope that in some small way Ironstruck will enlighten you and help you realize that the future is not written in stone.

Perhaps for the very first time you will be moved to seize the power within and become the new, improved you that has always been there just waiting to be discovered.

So welcome to Ironstruck. I hope you enjoy your visit. If it strikes a chord with you tell your friends or better yet, put a link on your website.

Ironstruck Ray

Avoid Ironman Triathlon Burnout

Avoid Ironman Triathlon burnout by harnessing your enthusiasm.

Triathlon is in a class all it’s own when it comes to a sport that can quickly become an addiction for the adrenaline junkies of the world. It’s crucially important to control the desire to over-train if you want to avoid ironman triathlon burnout.

Once a person experiences the remarkable high of crossing the Ironman finish line the sensation quickly gets in the blood and it’s only natural to want to re-live the experience over and over again.
Triathletes at triathlon swim start
There’s not a thing wrong with that but with all the Ironman races springing up all over the world it’s become fashionable to enter 3 or 4(or perhaps more)Ironman races a year.

There are three very good reasons why this might not be the best strategy.


I have always maintained that striving to reach the Ironman finish line is one of the best selfish things you can do for all those who care about you.

In many cases people become fitter and more confident about their abilities on many levels than they ever have in their entire lives. Chances are you will increase your odds of living a longer, healthier life. You might also end up being more fun to be around once Ironman success makes you feel better about yourself.

However there is a law of diminishing returns that comes with over-doing it.

If the training for yet another Ironman becomes the focal point of your life than career, social life, and family can suffer because of it.


Many triathletes have a goal of making it to the World Championships in Kona one day. It certainly is a worthy goal, but it’s getting more and more difficult to quality as competition for the few spots available gets stiffer with each new season.

The sport is growing so fast that now there are tens of thousands of people trying for one of 1500 or so available spots.

By entering several Ironman races a year triathletes could very easily be diluting their best effort. It might make more sense to have one all-out effort as opposed to racing several times a year.


If a triathletes year becomes a constant cycle of training and racing it’s often just a matter of time before they end up injured.

Mary Beth Ellis won three Ironman races in a row

It’s a pretty big gamble because there are some injuries that just never seem to go away and they could hound you for the rest of your career. Or perhaps they will ease off and then simply re-appear as soon as you increase your training.

Look no further than what has happened since the Pro Ranking Points system began. With the new system the only way pros can make it to Kona in the Fall for the World Championships is by earning enough qualifying points over the course of the season.

More and more pros are getting injured before they get to Kona because of the physical stress and often those who do make it are burned out from trying to qualify and simply don’t race their best. It’s difficult to avoid Ironman Triathlon burnout when you are constantly pushing your body.

A case in point: Pro triathlete Mary Beth Ellis won 3 Ironman Triathlons in about 6 weeks near the end of the 2011 season in order to qualify for Kona. However she had a disappointing race in Hawaii because she had nothing left in the tank.

The Ironman is going to be around for a long time and taking a year or two away from it might be the smartest thing a triathlete could possibly do.

It does not mean losing your fitness, it just means doing something else that is less demanding on your time and your body. It might help to enter some Olympic distance triathlons, run some 10k races, or make a marathon your big race of the year.

Letting your body fully recover and re-connecting with the important people in your life is important. There’s a very good chance you’ll come back stronger than ever to make a run at a spot in Hawaii. At the same time you will avoid ironman triathlon burnout.

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Beginner Triathlete


Top tips for Ironman Triathlon success

Read on for how to get your hands on some top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Do you have one of those book readers that are all the rage these days?

If you are new to the Ironman or perhaps want a better result than you experienced in your last Ironman, you might want to consider spending $3.99 on an E-book that will lead you through the top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Some people manage to talk themselves out of taking on the Ironman challenge because they convince themselves that it’s simply beyond them…..a bridge too far.

You’d be surprised just how much you are capable of if you have a little positive direction…or better yet, a game-plan for earning the title of Ironman that will be yours forever.

The Ironman Triathlon is easily the toughest event in the world for mainstream athletes and it’s just waiting to be challenged by someone just like you so hopefully you will have a look a my book that features many top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Are you facing doubts that this is indeed a dream far beyond you and there are too many obstacles to overcome in order to reach the finish line of the Ironman?

Whoever said it would be easy to be an Ironman? If it was easy what would the sense of accomplishment be?

The Ironman Triathlon- making an impossible journey possible

Learn how to conquer the Ironman 2.4-mile swim fear and anxiety

The biggest gift the Ironman Triathlon can give you is to take you somewhere you have never been, to test you physically, emotionally, and mentally on levels far beyond you have ever been tested in your life.

And succeed.

And in the doing, amaze even yourself with the host of abilities and strengths, both inner and outer, that you never knew you possessed until that moment you committed yourself to your Ironman journey.

A lot of people find triathlon books too long, too technical, or too boring or that they miss answering the questions the reader truly wants answered.

I have written a compact book that is brief and to the point and it discusses the greatest doubts, fears and obstacles an Ironman novice almost always has to deal with and how to overcome them. The book might be compact but is loaded with top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

I discuss fear of the open water swim, worries about how expensive it is to become an Ironman and why it does not have to be that way, tips on how to prepare for such a daunting race, and what sort of diet works best.

Ironman Triathlon -making an impossible journey possible

A $3.99 book that will change the way you view the Ironman and guide you to the Ironman finish line.

It is designed in a way to answer the important questions that need answering. Any one of which could be instrumental in propelling you to the finish line of one of the greatest endurance races in the world.

Here are some Book Testimonials from people who have bought my books and used them to reach their triathlon goals.


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If you enjoy my introduction to the Ironman and how to be successful at reaching the finish line and want to begin or perhaps refine your Ironman journey, I have also written several full length triathlon books that have helped novice triathletes all over the world realize their Ironman dreams and goals.

You can visit my ironstruck book store and find the perfect book for the new or experienced triathlete doing their very first try a tri triathlon or the Ironman.

Read what others have to say about my books.

IronStruck testimonials

Detailed info on my books…

Ironstruck Book info

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2015 Kona Lottery Winners

Are you one of the lucky 2015 Kona Lottery Winners?

The results are in and here are the 2015 Kona Lottery winners.

You’re in for quite a ride if you are lucky enough to win a spot and have a chance to follow the trail blazed by so many great Ironman Triathletes over the years.

If you tried and didn’t make it, I wouldn’t give up. I know people who have tried for 15 years and still keep trying. You just never know……..

Here are your 2015 Legacy Winners…

Jim Adams Altona NY US Gary Aitkenhead Naremburn NSW AU Chris Auth Portland OR US Bob Beede Arcata CA US Mike Behler Santa Rosa CA US Steven Bertling Karratha WA AU Stan Beutler Santa Clara UT US David Biondo Mernda VIC AU Casey Boren Boise ID US Christophe Broering Ashburn VA US Marc Brooks Scottsdale AZ US Eduardo Cardenas Tucson AZ US Dave Catt Fullarton SA AU Keith Couvillion Metairie LA US James Dalton Kings Langley GB Eric Davidson San Diego CA US Matthew Dawes London GB Peter Dubbeld St.Petersburg FL US Kevin Duffy Lockleys SA AU Parker Edmiston Scottsboro AL US Christian Espinosa Fairview Hts. IL US Rafael Garcia Round Rock TX US Stephen Glowrey Flynn ACT AU Shay Goodell Tigard OR US Seth Graham Del Mar CA US Paul Hackett FranklinLakes NJ US Lee Harkleroad Lake Bluff IL US Damon Henry Bellevue WA US Steve Hodges Boise ID US Sandy Holt Tallahassee FL US Roger Hospedales Markham ON CA Joseph Jaffe Geneva NY US Cameron James Mount Ommaney QLD AU Billy Dean Johnson Scottsdale AZ US Phillip Jones Dallas TX US Michael Kenney Woodland HillsCA US Dennis Killian Darien IL US Philip Koh Singapore SG Michael Lantz Las Vegas NV US Annette Lee Brisbane QLD AU Jan Lepic Sleepy Hollow NY US Jim Linck Dallas TX US David Lock Mona Vale NSW AU Bernard Maillet Chestermere AB CA Vincent Mancini Philadelphia PA US Jerry Marcus New York NY US Bruce Martin-Wright Madison WI US Ricky May Tokyo JP Craig McCombe Cleveland QLD AU Chris McKelvey Carbondale CO US Jason McKinnon Kineton Warwickshire GB Scott McLallen Lorton VA US Jeff McNaughton Manly Vale NSW AU Kristin McQueen Naperville IL US Andrew Mcwhorter Mill Valley CA US Wayne Metcalfe Pomona QLD AU Cheryl Miller Phoenix AZ US Kelly Moore Ephrata WA US Julian Murphy Chicago IL US Bernd Paczarkowski Wächtersbach DE DE William T.Parks III South Haven MI US Deb Peach Wellington NZ Richard Peck Sterling VA US Malcolm Pitt Mudgee NSW AU Michael Pluimer Breezy Point MN US Bob Price Scarborough ON CA Cathie Price Scarborough ON CA Eladio Quintero Panama PA PA Tom Ramthun Peachtree CityGA US Patrick Rioton Serres St Marie France FR Geoff Sage Las Vegas NV US Darrell Sanderson Devon AB CA Mark Sanderson Colorado Springs CO US Christopher Segler San Francisco CA US Peter Seldon Norman Park QLD AU Carolyn Shea Weymouth MA US Bryan Sheldon St.Catharines ON CA David Shinsky Walnut Creek CA US Hans Siemelink Houston TX US Rob Simms Cohasset MA US Andrew Singer Champaign IL US Alexander Slocum Bow NH US Bernard Smith Gympie QLD AU Mike Smith SatelliteBeach FL US Stuart Staples Bicester GB Sam Stewart Darley VIC AU Fernando Toigo Brasilia BR Simon Toon Saskatoon SK CA Danny Walton Perkinston MS US Jim Welch Madison WI US Barrett Wells Concord NH US Cornelius Wermann Schwerin DE DE Darrin White Morayfield QLD AU Thomas Wideman Hamilton MI US Nigel Willerton Sugar Land TX US Brad Williams Kent WA US Jamie Williams Kiama Downs NSW AU Dan Wilson Upper Black EddyPA US David Zaran Riverview MI US Paul Zetocha Albuquerque NM US

(What are the odds if they are husband and wife or brother and sister? Very Cool!)

****Bob Price Scarborough ON CA ****Cathie Price Scarborough ON CA

Here are your 2015 Physically Challenged Lottery Winners….

Damon Andres Villanova PA US Jason Gunter Ft. Myers FL US Steve Hermanson Sutter Creek CA US Makoto Matsumoto Aichi Iwakura Iwakura JP Hector Picard Ft. Lauderdale FL US

Here are your 2015 Ironman World Championship Lottery Winners….

Kim Archbold Laie HI US Luis Arosemena Surrey GB Udo Baetz Steinach DE George Banks London GB Barry Baskin Lafayette CA US Dan Billingsley Springfield IL US Michael Birch Waxhaw NC US Paul Bland The Gap QLD AU Giulio Bortolani Vignola Italia IT Bryan Bowles Rehoboth Beach DE US Pat Brighton St. Petersburg FL US Vicente Brocchetto New York NY US Schneider Christian Ploemeur FR FR Robert Clarkson Godalming Surrey GB Bruno Collato Fortaleza BR Wendy Cota Spearfish SD US Richard Crater Agoura Hills CA US Laurent Culembourg Friendswood TX US Bryan Dail Milan OH US Paul Dauber Englewood NJ US Jonathan Dees Oakdale PA US Eduardo Della Maggiora Santiago CL CL Stefan Dietrich Diez DE Matthias Elwart Seevetal DE Ted Etheridge Grand Rapids MI US Peter Fleming Auckland NZ NZ Aaron Gallagher Bonner ACT AU Julie Gennarino Orlando FL US Ash Ghandehari Corona Del Mar CA US Hartmut Gogol Rockenberg Deutschland DE Michael Halper San Francisco CA US Linda Hayes Reno NV US Mike Hazelton Encinitas CA US Doug Herr Lancaster PA US Clayton Hogan Valencia CA US Thomas Hulick Pasadena CA US John Hunnicutt Glen Allen VA US Dwight Ingram Mauldin SC US Billy James West New York NJ US Dave Johnson Los Angeles CA US Steve Kotal Santa Fe TX US John Krumins London GB Michael Lane Hilton Head Island SC US Sam Lapena Cavite Cavite PH Karlheinz Lauber Nabburg DE Vincent Le Lannic Bouguenais FR Carlos Lema New York NY US Scott Levine Dallas TX US Bartley Loftin Huntsville AL US Allen Lucas Terre Haute IN US Holger Marcus Düsseldorf DE Craig Marifke Franklin WI US Douglas Masterson Houston TX US John McEntire Spokane WA US Heath Meyer San Diego CA US Chris Montanaro Liverpool NY US Marlon Morales Novato CA US Michael Murray Redwood City CA US Takashi Nakamura Machida-City Tokyo JP José Novaes Sao Paulo BR William Olson Howell MI US Giacomo Panizzolo Stra Italia IT Neil Perez Harvest AL US Jeremy Peruski Beijing MI CN Kevin Petty Radcliff KY US Jon Pillow Atlanta GA US Jarrett Quinn Venice FL US Gabriela Rendekova London GB Howard Roth Porter Ranch CA US Todd Sazenski Georgetown TX US Brad Scholtz Vermilion OH US Jeffrey Schuh Saint John IN US Yook Pei Shee Oslo NO Dean Siedlecki Ellicott City MD US Alfeo Sinogaya SG SG Jelena Skopinceva Nutley NJ US Greg Slater Perth WA AU Howard Smith Wellington NZ NZ Jeffrey Sowash Bolivar MO US Renee Spencer Gretna NE US Andrew Spiridigloizzi Utica NY US Chris Stallard Wahroonga NSW AU Beth Stargardt Montgomery AL US Paul Stephens Santa Cruz CA US Jennifer Tait Oxford GB Duncan Tebb North Curl NSW AU Alex Thumlert New York NY US Celin Tompkins Chula Vista CA US Jason Tuffs Encinitas CA US Jonathan Tyler Austin TX US Haldane Van Horen Durban North ZA Ivan Veloso Lima PE Nicola Walker Largs GB Megan Webber Wodonga VIC AU Phillip Weightman Burleigh Waters QLD AU Mark Williams Phoenix AZ US Todd Wilson Fenton MI US Robert Winterhoff Straubenhardt BW DE Melissa Yates Tucson AZ US Humberto Zepeda Miami FL US


These Lottery draw results originated on