Chiropractic Treatments and Triathletes-the competitive edge


Chiropractic techniques can be an amazing asset and help athletes perform at the highest level. Chiropractic adjustments are especially beneficial to triathletes as they swim, bike, and run.

For years chiropractor technique was seldom given the credit deserved when it came to improving athletic performance. Now however, its not uncommon at all to see chiropractors treating world class athletes of almost every sport.

Several years ago I decided to try sports chiropractic adjustments because I was developing problem areas from my Ironman Triathlon training.

The most bothersome was a constantly sore neck from all the swimming I was doing. Also, I had upper back and shoulder pain from cycling in the profile position.



After making inquiries, I soon had the name of a sports chiropractic doctor who specialized in treating a wide range of athletes.

The chiropractic techniques he used were designed for athletes and it was obvious from his wall decorations that athletes took full advantage of his expertise.

I remember sitting in his waiting room on the day of my first appointment and seeing autographed pictures on his wall. Pro hockey players, bobsled teams and professional dancers had all been treated by him. It looked like I was in the right place.

After just one treatment I had relief from my neck pain and my next swim was a lot more enjoyable.

From what the doctor told me, my spine was out of alignment and he recommended a course of treatment that would keep everything well-adjusted during the Ironman training season.

Note: Most chiropractors will suggest you come in 4 or 5 times a week. Mine did as well, but only for the first 2 weeks so he could get the adjustments from his chiropractic technique to “hold”.

It’s not really financially feasible or necessary to have that many appointments week after week. After 2 weeks my sports chiropractor set up a schedule of twice a week visits for adjustments. It was perfect.

You seldom have to wait and the adjustments themselves only take 10 or 15 minutes. I found the treatments quite affordable as well.

Where I live the provincial health plan pays part of the cost and the patient pays the rest.(about $20 per visit). It was one of the best training decisions I ever made and the $160 a month was money well spent.



From that point on, I was a patient until this particular sports chiropractor retired. He used to say he was giving me a competitive edge and I believed him.

I had my best Ironman Triathlon result ever the first year Chiropractic adjustments became part of my training program. It was one of the highlights of my Ironman career when the doctor asked me to autograph a finish line picture for him.

Many athletes benefit from chiropractic treatment

From then on it was on the wall between the Olympic bobsled team and the pro hockey player.

I highly recommend you include chiropractic treatment as part of your training program for your first Ironman Triathlon or any sport you might be involved in. At the very least, try a few adjustments and see what they do for you.

It always best to try and find a sports chiropractor who specializes in working with athletes in order to give you a competitive edge in whatever sport you are involved in.

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