Coconut oil benefits for triathletes

Weight loss and increased endurance main coconut oil benefits for triathletes

There are not that many foods in the world that are given super-food status.

In the past decade especially the many benefits of coconut oil have been discovered by North Americans and surely coconut oil deserves to be included on the list of super-foods.

Many Asian countries around the world unlocked the secret many, many years ago and have enjoyed the benefits of coconut oil for generations.

As a rule Asians have a longer life expectancy and obesity in general is almost non-existent in many Asian countries. Consuming coconut oil on a regular basis gives them amazing skin tone and lustrous hair as well as better overall health than the average North American.

In North America you can buy coconut oil shampoo and conditioner now and many high-end suntan lotions contain coconut oil. -coconut oil benefits for triathletes

Coconut is a staple food and drink in many Asian countries.

You can also find coconut oil more readily on super-market shelves so obviously it’s quickly gaining acceptance in North American retail circles.

The main coconut oil benefits for triathletes

The key component in coconut oil is Lauric Acid. As a matter of fact pure coconut oil contains close to fifty percent lauric acid.

Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid that has remarkable qualities and next to mother’s milk coconut oil is the most abundant source of lauric acid in the world.

One tablespoon of coconut oil contains about 7 grams of Lauric Acid and three to five tablespoons a day can have a dramatic affect on many different levels.

It immediately goes to work as an antiviral that destroys bacteria and viruses and most people who consume coconut oil on a regular basis experience less sickness. In part his explains why babies who are breast fed suffer from fewer infections because of the high concentration of Lauric Acid in mother’s milk.

The most important thing to triathletes is the ability Lauric Acid has to speed up ones metabolism. In simple terms, Lauric Acid found in coconut oil is a quality fat that burns fat.

This is especially true if a person is physically active and that’s what makes it coconut oil benefits for triathletes a no-brainer.

Burn fat and increase energy and endurance

Many people who are inspired to take on the challenge of triathlon for the first are not slim and ripped physical specimens.

That’s the beauty of the sport. It gives all people of all levels of athletic ability the opportunity to better themselves and realize their full potential.

Coconut oil would be a great addition to your triathlon diet and will not only help burn excess fat, it will also increase overall fitness and endurance and as a triathlete that’s exactly what you should be striving for.

How to use coconut oil in your diet

As mentioned, consuming three to five tablespoons a day would reap the most benefits.

–You can use it as a replacement for butter or margarine in any of your cooking or baking.

–You can put it in your blender smoothies.

–You can put it in your pasta sauce or pasta.

–You can add it to your oatmeal.

–You can fry your eggs in it.

The uses in the kitchen are pretty much endless and only limited by your imagination. It’s really pretty easy to consume 3-5 tablespoons a day.

As a matter of fact it’s not bad tasting at all and like many people do, you can take it straight up by the tablespoon if you want.

To realize the optimum coconut oil benefits for triathletes it’s important to find a high quality coconut oil as this will ensure you get optimum benefits. The highest quality is organic, cold-pressed, and extra-virgin. The best can be very expensive but the results make it well worth it.


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