Coconut oil recipes included in your meal plans are most likely the best alternatives to adding a quality fat and get the most out of your everyday diet.

The secret to coconut oil and using it in recipes is not to look all over the place for coconut oil recipes. A better way is to take the recipes you already know and love and incorporate coconut oil into them.

Coconut oil recipes  -fresh coconut

Coconut oil may be the next super food

I did this for years as a dedicated endurance athlete and it was remarkable how coconut oil increased my energy levels, and endurance. It even helped me become leaner than I had ever been.


This is most likely one of the best ways to get the most out of coconut oil recipes that usually call for another source of fat like butter or margarine.

For instance if you are baking something and it calls for butter or margarine in the recipe, then replace it with coconut oil. By doing this you have automatically added a much better fat to the recipe.

You have added a fat that is low in calories and because of the composition of coconut oil it will speed up your body metabolism and help you lose weight and not gain it.

In other words, coconut oil has the remarkable ability to act as a fat that will help you lose weight.


Many people will fry their eggs in butter or margarine. Coconut oil is a much wiser and healthier alternative. It tastes great and doesn’t burn as easily as butter or margarine.


The possibilities available for adding coconut oil to your everyday meals is pretty much limited only by your imagination.

I put it in my oatmeal in the morning or add some to my omelet or scrambled eggs.

When I cook pasta, coconut oil goes into my pasta sauce along with some extra virgin olive oil. In my mind these are two of the healthiest oils available on the market today.

Coconut oil recipes

extra virgin coconut oil

Once my pasta is cooked, drained and rinsed with hot water, I return it to the pot and put it back on the burner at a low heat. I drizzle in a few tablespoons of coconut oil and pasta sauce and stir it into the pasta before topping with the remaining sauce and serving.

Italians who really know their pasta will do this same thing except they will add butter and a few tablespoons of pasta sauce. You will simply be choosing a far healthier option when you replace the butter with coconut oil.

As an athlete I loved to make smoothies a part of my everyday diet. Coconut oil is a great additive to whatever type of smoothie you happen to enjoy.

For a whole new taste sensation, try mashed potatoes with coconut oil instead of butter. You might be surprised at just how good it tastes. At the same time putting a fat into your body that is full of healthful benefits.

Remember, if your recipe calls for butter or margarine, try replacing it with coconut oil and seeing how it works out.

To get the most out of coconut oil use as the goal should be to consume five or six tablespoons a day in whatever manner works best for you. Most of all, be sure to incorporate a regular fitness regimen into you life.

This is one of the main reasons why coconut oil recipes works so well for athletes who want to perform at a high level.

They’re already on a regular fitness program and just have to make a switch to coconut oil as a great choice for a healthy fat.


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