Coconut oil weight loss


Coconut oil weight loss is an added benefit you can enjoy by incorporating coconut oil as part of your everyday diet.

The livestock industry has known for years that if you want to fatten livestock you feed it corn oil or canola oil. However if you want to make livestock leaner you feed it coconut oil.

The concept is no different for people and it’s just a matter of consumers becoming more educated about the value of coconut oil.

The ability of coconut oil to aid in weight loss has been suppressed for years by canola growers to protect the huge market they have for their product.

However people are becoming more educated about the benefits of coconut oil when it comes to a healthy, tasty alternative to losing weight. Coconut oil weight loss is a reality.


By including 5 or 6 tablespoons of coconut oil in every-day cooking and adopting a regimen of regular fitness it’s possible to lose weight. It can also increase endurance and over-all fitness.
Coconut oil weight loss
There are many ways to use coconut oil and it’s easily incorporated into many recipes and smoothies.

If one prefers to have the unique taste of coconut oil shine through it’s a better option to choose the more expensive virgin coconut oils.

The coconut oils that are available in larger quantities for a lesser price will have the same effect as far as weight loss but may not have the same flavor.

Most North Americans get set in their ways when it comes to meal-time and are not always anxious to deviate from the diets and food choices they have grown up with.

Maybe it’s time to realize that possibly we don’t have the best eating habits in the world and it’s time to make some changes.


We can follow the lead of many other countries who tend to have a longer life expectancy than we do. Much of this is contributed to the differing diets around the world. If you take a look at most Asian diets their staple food items are rice, fish, and vegetables and in many parts of the world, coconut oil.

It is the coconut oil weight loss that is often the trigger that promotes exceptional cardiovascular health among many Asian countries.

Coconut oil weight loss

Coconut oil adds luster to hair

Our North American diets of fast food, processed food, and weekend barbecued beef and pork pale in comparison to the healthy diet choices of much of the rest of the world.

It’s no secret that many Asian countries have populations that have healthy skin, glowing hair, lean bodies, and a history of longevity that goes back for generations. It is due in no small part to the benefits they derive from the regular use of coconut oil in their diet.

If you were to watch a video of the downtown hustle and bustle of any large Japanese or Chinese city you would be hard-pressed to point out just a dozen over-weight people.

If you watch the same video of any downtown North American city you would be hard-pressed to find a dozen people who do not have a weight problem.

There is definitely room for a lot of room for improvement in out diets in this part of the world. Keeping a high quality coconut oil in your kitchen at all times is a great start.


Athletes in particular are starting to discover the benefits of coconut oil weight loss and how it can improve athletic performance and recovery.

It is so easy to add coconut oil into your recipes and favorite food choices. Simply replace butter and margarine with coconut oil in most of your baking and everyday meals.

Coconut oil adds a great new taste to your meals and can result in a healthier heart and the experience of coconut oil weight loss at the same time.

Coconut oil weight loss

Athletes can benefit from coconut

Coconut oil for health and weight loss is always more effective if it is used along with a regular exercise program. That’s what makes it such a great choice for athletes who already have regular fitness dialed into the equation.

From my own experience coconut oil appears to speed the metabolism process. That probably explains why I reached the lowest weight of my adult life. I included five or six tablespoons in my diet on a daily basis during triathlon training season.

It seemed that no matter what diet I was on or hard or long my swim, bike, or run work-outs were, I never went below 150 pounds. With coconut oil I went as low as 143 pounds. That was a pretty big difference.

It might not seem like all that much but it was the lightest I had been in a 30 year career. What it meant was that I could run a marathon with 6 or 7 pounds less to carry over the marathon distance.

If you have tried everything in order to become trimmer or fitter consider the benefits of coconut oil weight loss.

You really don’t have a thing to lose because coconut oil is not only versatile and easy to use, it also tastes sensational.

Read what the New York Times had to say about coconut oil.

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