Eagleman 70.3 Results 2011

Eagleman 70.3 Results 2011

The Eagleman 70.3 Results 2011 showcased some great pro performances.

In the men’s pro division John Kenny led the way out of the first transition with a great swim of 24:55, but only 2 minutes separated the top ten male pros as they headed out on the bike course.

TJ Tollakson had the bike lead by at the 20-mile mark and John Kenny was back in third place.

Tollakson just kept pulling away and this race was virtually decided on the bike course as nobody could stay with him. He went into the run with a lead of over 4 minutes and nobody was able to catch him.

He takes the win in the Eagleman 70.3 Results 2011 and takes back the title he first won in 2007.

 Eagleman 70.3 Results 2011

Ironman 70.3 Eagleman official WTC logo.

Richie Cunningham is sensational in taking second place and is within 3 minutes of TJ.


Tj Tollakson.................3:54:39
Richie Cunningham............3:57:43
Stanislav Krylov.............3:58:13
Matty Reed...................3:59:40
James Bowstead...............4:00:27

In the pro women’s race Amanda Stevens of Colorado Springs had the best swim time with a 26:05 and led the way out off transition 1.

It was Tenille Hoogland with a fast transition who let the way out of transition 2 with a 3 minute lead over Samantha Warriner and about 4 minutes over Mirinda Carfrae.

At the 20-mile mark of the bike Tenille Hoogland was still holding onto the lead. she still had it at the 40-mile mark.

In the back of her mind she was probably trying to put about as much distance between herself and Mirinda Carfrae who has a devastating run.

Out of the second transition Tenille Hoogland was holding a lead of about two and a half minutes over Samantha Warriner and four minutes over Mirinda Carfrae.

You just know that a four minute lead going into the run would most likely not be enough of a lead to hold off Mirinda who would most certainly have one of her late charges.

At the first turn you can already see how the pro womans race will be turning out as Mirinda has pulled within 70 seconds of the run leader Tenille Hoogland.

Mirinda destroys the field in the second half of the run and wins by over 5 minutes and proves she is full value for her world Ironman Championship.


Mirinda Carfrae.............4:15:31
Tyler Stewart...............4:21:28
Samantha Warriner...........4:23:02
Tenille Hoogland............4:23:38
Amanda Stevens..............4:23:56

It was another hot race at the Eagleman and under the circumstances these are great finishing times.

There might be rain, cold, mountains, and wind that challenge triathletes, but ultimately I believe it is extreme heat that is often the most devastating.

Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2003 is a great example. The heat at it’s peak hovered just over 100 degrees and the drop-out rate was 20%. That is astronomically high considering the average is about 4%.

Visit Ironman.com for complete results.

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