exercise bike pros and cons

Here are some exercise bike pros and cons that you might find of interest

Many people wonder if an exercise bike just as good as your bicycle indoor training stand when it comes to triathlon training? For many years, all the rage was to have an exercise bike parked in your home.

More often then not, these expensive pieces of equipment would go mostly unused and eventually be nothing more than dust collectors. Triathlon has had such an impact on the sporting world when it comes to the average person. Many of these costly fitness machines are being brought out of hibernation and oiled up.

exercise bike pros and cons

One model of an exercise bike

Every year more and more people are bitten by the triathlon bug and are anxious to get into shape and brush up on their biking skills. Is an exercise bike just a good a way of learning how to bike as a real bike that’s attached to a wind-trainer?

Actually, it’s not even close. Most of the out-dated stationary bikes have you sitting straight up on the bicycle seat and this in not the most efficient position for riding a real bike. This is not the optimum biking position for a triathlete.

exercise bike pros and cons

A wind-trainer

It’s important to get used to the different positioning of your hands and body that come with riding an actual road bike. Whether you have a road bike with the traditional “drop” handle-bars or a triathlon bike, both will have you in a far different body position than your fitness bike will.

It’s important that your body becomes accustomed to being in the more aerodynamic positions that a road and triathlon bike equipped with aero-bars will put you in. Although a stationary bike can help people get fitter, it’s not necessarily the best option for aspiring triathletes.

The best course of action is to buy a bicycle indoor training stand(wind-trainer)and attach a real road bike to it. There is no comparison between a bike that will never have the rubber meet the road and a real bike that will see you through your triathlon. This is the most important thing to remember in these exercise bike pros and cons.



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