Four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

For many people, crossing the Ironman Triathlon finish line is the greatest accomplishment of their lives and here are the four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey.


There is nothing quite like that very first Ironman triathlon finisher T-shirt. It’s unique to the race you were part of and is something that has to be earned.

Just reach the Ironman finish line before the 17th hour strikes and you will be handed your T-shirt when you cross the line.

three best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

I wore this one dozens of times because it was the first. Kona 1984

No matter how many times you cross the Ironman finish line, it’s usually the first Ironman finisher t-shirt you earn that gets worn the most.

The problem with wearing your finisher t-shirt too often is that eventually it just wears out.

Often I wish I had worn my very first finisher shirt a little less so it would be in better shape, but 28 years and many washings later have most definitely taken it’s toll.

Just the same, although the shirt is faded, the memories do remain just as vivid as the morning after the race.


When they hand you your finisher t-shirt at the Ironman finish line they will hand you a finisher medal as well.

Medals are great, but not really something that you are likely to wear in the days after the race.

three best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

Ironman finisher medals are great for framing.

However, Ironman Triathlon finisher medals are perfect for framing.

They are a great conversation piece and every time you look at it, memories of that very special day are sure to come flooding back.

Ironman medals are also unique to your event and come in many different designs, but all include the Ironman M-dot and that is what makes it so special regardless of where in the world you take on the Ironman challenge.

The message is loud and clear….

You are an Ironman! You have accomplished something that can never be taken away from you.


Pictures freeze an instant in time. A single image can speak volumes.

Elation, joy, accomplishment, fatigue, pride, relief, and euphoria are often all reflected in that one image that depicts you crossing the Ironman finish line.

No matter how many years pass, your Ironman finish line picture will encapsulate that magic moment when you realized that you could finally stop moving, that against all odds you had conquered the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile marathon and earned the right to be called an Ironman.

Best of all, every time you look at your finisher picture you are reminded of how you felt that very instant.

Your finisher picture is a great companion to your finisher medal and often people will frame them and display them together.


The M-dot tattoo is perhaps the best way of all to immortalize your Ironman accomplishment.

It is remarkable how inventive people are when it comes to creating a very unique Ironman tattoo.

Four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

Ironman dragon tattoo.

Four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

Great tattoo!

Four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

Nice combination.

Four best ways to remember your Ironman Triathlon journey

I went for something more plain, but special to me, and unique in it’s own way.

Although the message is the same regardless of the design, the tattoo is created around the M-dot and can very quietly or very loudly proclaim your Ironman journey. Everyone has a different personality and there is nothing like a tattoo to define who you really are and what is important in your life.

The favorite places for an Ironman tattoo are the ankle and the arm, however they can also appear on backs, necks, stomachs, and many other interesting locations on the body.

Personally I never thought I would ever get a tattoo of any kind(because of my introverted nature)but on the 25th anniversary of my very first Ironman I relented and had a finisher tattoo put on my upper arm. It is the only tattoo of any kind I ever plan on getting.

I didn’t have it done so much for other people to see.

I had it done to remind myself just how much is possible if we never give up on ourselves and in those times when things are not going so great, seeing that tattoo reflected in the mirror always has a way of making things better.

It is a constant reminder to never give in to negative forces and that dedication and self-belief are powerful tools and can make even the most impossible dream possible.


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