Finding gifts for triathletes isn’t that hard. Just the fact that triathlon involves three disciplines makes shopping for the triathlete in your life an easier and more enjoyable experience.

With three disciplines to train for there is a pretty long list of gifts that a triathlete would really appreciate and make use of.


There are many things you can buy for a triathlete as far as bike accessories.

Water bottles, bike computers, a good foot pump, compact tool kits, a bike rack for their car, and even sports drinks or gels they might prefer for those long training rides are just a few examples of biking gifts.

gifts for triathletes   -triathlon bike computer

Triathlon bike computer

If all else fails, a gift certificate from a well recognized bike store would make a great gift.


Running shoes for a triathlete are not the best idea unless you know the exact size. Most runners like to walk around in them when they buy the. Also, all running shoes are not created equal. A size 9 in one brand might not be the same as a size nine in another.

However that does not mean there are not other great choices as far as running gifts for triathletes.

A runner can never have enough good quality running socks. Also high on the list is sunglasses, gloves and hats for winter running, and fuel belts.
Water bottles, bike computers, a good foot pump, compact tool kits, a bike rack for their car, and even sports drinks or gels they might prefer for those long training rides are just a few examples of biking gifts.
 -newton running shoes
Fuel belts are great because they are provide a very sensible way for runners to carry water on those long run days.

The best ones seem to be the fuel belts that have six small bottles attached. The belt fits around the waist and because the water is distributed evenly in these smaller containers it is far more comfortable than having a large water bottle to carry.

Normally these six small bottles will contain the equivalent of just over a large water bottle.


Swimsuits and goggles are best bought by the wearer but there are quite a few swimming accessories that would make perfect gifts for triathletes.

Some swimmers like to train with pull-buoys, hand-paddles, and kick-boards and all these items are normally readily available at any reputable triathlon store.

If your know where your triathlete swims, a pool pass would make a great gift. If they are just learning how to swim you might consider buying some coaching sessions for them.

Swimmers also need a good towel, shampoo for chlorine, and a really good sports bag to put everything in.


I have written three books for triathletes and have had great reviews from them, especially from those new to the sport or perhaps taking on their first Ironman.

I don’t write training books, but rather a common sense and easy to read book on how to reach the finish line and just how to deal with what will happen during the triathlon journey.

My first two books, Ironstruck…the Ironman Triathlon Journey and Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Triathlon Questions and Answers are perfect for anyone with thoughts of taking on the Ironman Triathlon one day.

Here is the link to my ironstruck book store.

The following emails were received by fans of Ironstruck who discovered that the Ironstruck book was much more than another training book, but rather a book of motivation, Inspiration, and commonsense tips that were just what they needed.

I wrote this Ironstruck book in such a way that you just don’t read it once and forget about it. As you will read from some of the emails I received, Ironstruck will be your guide for your entire journey and many people have read it over, and over, and over because it “lifts them up” when they need it most.

**** “I wrote to you sometime last year, when I was debating whether or not to use a mountain bike for my first attempt at Ironman. You wrote a both sensible and encouraging reply.

In the end, I opted to purchase a road bike. I’ve forwarded you the story of how my race went, but most of all I wanted to say thanks again for your book Ironstruck, which I read and re-read a bunch of times, and which was by far my favorite of all of the half dozen or so I read during the course of my training.”

All the best,

**** “Totally enjoyed the Ironstruck book,it is definitely one of the better books on the market,and I totally agree in the swim concept of relaxing and of also taking your time in transition.

I’m certain that everyone who reads your book feels as I do, but most people do not take or find the time to express themselves. This is where I excel.

What I love most about your book is that it spoke to ME. It was not geared for IRONMAN finishers. It was for people like me that are on the fence of whether or not we could actually attain such an enormous feat. It’s for the majority of us… It’s for the people that are looking for something to change their life in so many ways on so many levels.

Your book is a blessing and my Bible. I read it constantly. It
already looks like it has been around for decades… It’s bent;
dog-eared to death; written in all over; highlighted; and has a few food stains in it as I was always eating or snacking while reading it… I love my “Ironstruck” book, and I plan to promote it amongst my friends; Tri club; and anyone who wants to become IRONSTRUCK!!!”

Much gratitude and respect. Jill.

**** “I spoke to you several weeks ago. I bought your book and it was a
tremendous helper. You were also kind enough to give me some personal advice and coaching. I am proud to say that I AM AN IRONMAN!!! I did it!

Thanks a lot! For the last 18 miles (which in lake placid are all uphill)I kept repeating what you said,”I can do this” I did it man! Thanks for everything! I crossed the finish line at 15 hrs and 55min! Not the best time, but I could care less, I AM AN IRONMAN!!!! Thanks For everything, You really helped me and your book was invaluable!”

**** “I’m sure you get thousands of emails…especially after publishing your ironstruck book but I wanted to email you and thank you for all the great advise I got from your website, from your emails (that you answered so promptly) and from your book. I just completed my first ironman CDA on June 24th.

It was every bit the experience you talked about in your book…from the excitement of just making it to the “big day” to the pain, suffering and triumph of the swim, bike and run to the euphoric feeling of hearing that announcer say “YOU ARE AN IRON MAN!”

It truly is something I will never forget. Although I didn’t break any speed records I completed the ironman in 14 hours and 35 minutes which was a lot faster than I anticipated I would finish. I attribute that to heeding some very well given advice :)Thanks so much for your amazing book.”

Once again, here is the link to my ironstruck book store.


The perfect swim technique for triathletes

Whether one is new to triathlon or has dreams of taking on the Ironman Triathlon, the swim is often one of the biggest concerns for many people.

For learning how to pace oneself and relax in the triathlon swim “Total Immersion” is most likely one of the best swimming concepts available for triathletes.

Buying a “Total Immersion” swim tape or book as one of the gifts for triathletes in your life will greatly improve their swim technique.

TOTAL IMMERSION is offering all ironstruck visitors a 10% discount on Books, DVD’s, and all other TI teaching tools.

Simply click on this link to the store page and type ironstruck(all small case)into the shopping cart coupon box and you receive your 10% discount automatically.

Being properly prepared is a major key to enable triathletes to get the most enjoyment and success out of their triathlon training and racing.

When you buy them well thought-out gifts for triathletes you are helping them achieve their triathlon dreams.

Ironstruck home page.

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