John Collins one of the creators of the Hawaii Ironman made sure everyone in the world at least had a chance go to Kona and be part of the Hawaii Ironman.

Most likely if you’re visiting “Ironstruck” you are considering your first Ironman or else you are very early in your Ironman career.

If you are planning your first Ironman, there’s no reason you should not take a shot at Hawaii.

Whatever location you choose for your first attempt, regardless if its South Africa, Florida, Canada or any other venue, the distance is still going to be the same.

So why not try for Hawaii? There is so much Ironman history in Kona and so many great triathletes have crossed that finish line over the years.

Why not try and go to Kona and experience crossing that very same finish line for yourself?

The first time you cross the Ironman finish line will be etched into your memory forever. It will be a moment that will most likely change your life in many different ways.

go to Kona

Wouldn’t you love to be finishing the Ironman swim here?

If you were to somehow manage to make that first race Kona, it would truly be magical.

I’ve heard it said and I believe it—-that entry into the Hawaii Ironman is the most sought after of any sport anywhere in the world.

So, why don’t you try for it…You don’t even have to qualify.

Most likely only about 1600-1800 triathletes will get to take part in Ironman Hawaii in any given year year. 200 lucky entries will be chosen by lottery. This was the wish of John Collins, one of the Ironman founders, who always wanted to leave room for the common(actually in my view, very special)”Ironstruck” of the world.

At one time, of those 200 entries that were drawn 150 were from the U.S.A. and 50 were from the rest of the world. In recent years that has been changed and all 200 entries are for anyone in the world.

The results been in for the 2011 draw for some time now and if you entered and won, I hope you have started to set up your training program.

If you didn’t win, don’t despair. Just enter the lottery again next year and you still might go to Kona. The Hawaii Ironman will be around for a long time so no need to give up.

Visit Ironman.com for more lottery information.


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