Healthy Coconut Oil


Introducing healthy coconut oil into everyday diet is a great way of improving heart health. It would also greatly reduce obesity issues among North Americans.

Coconut oil could well be the next super-food as it tastes great, promotes weight loss, and is a great addition to any athletes diet.


Every athlete should be sure to include healthy fats in their training diet and coconut oil is a great choice.

Coconut oil has the ability to speed up the metabolism and as a result burns excess fat.

It’s especially helpful when people are active and consuming high quality complex carbohydrates. In turn these carbohydrates are burned in the clean burning fire that’s created by the quality fat in coconut oil.

Healthy Coconut Oil -extra virgin coconut oil

extra virgin coconut oil

This is the chemical reaction that provides energy. I used coconut oil while training for the Ironman Triathlon and seemed to recover faster from training and racing. It was reflected in my positive race results.

During training I would add five or six tablespoons a day into my diet. It was very easy to do.

You can add coconut oil to oatmeal, pasta, smoothies, and it can be used in place of less healthy margarine or poor qualify fats in baking or frying foods.


It’s a well-know fact that healthy coconut oil has the ability to heal wounds. Once coconut oil is applied to a wound or infection it provides a natural chemical protective barrier against dirt, virus, and bacteria.

This in turn promotes the healing of the wound. Coconut oil will also work well on bruises as it has the ability to repair tissue damages.


For many years Asian countries have been well aware of the ability of coconut oil to prevent premature aging. This is mainly because of it’s anti-oxidant capabilities.

It’s really pretty amazing how versatile and healthy coconut oil is. There are few foods in the world you can eat, put in your hair, or massage into your skin.

There is no doubt that coconut oil plays a big role in providing many cultures with amazingly smooth skin, long, lustrous hair and lean, fit bodies.

Healthy Coconut Oil -fresh coconut

fresh coconut


Health research done on Pacific Islanders and many Asian populations who’s diets are naturally very high in coconut oil has shown unexpectedly low rates of heart disease.

In countries where regular coconut oil use is combined with a healthy diet much life expectancy is enhanced. We are all products of our environment. Diet is perhaps one of the greatest examples of how what we eat in certain regions of the world can impact on our lives.

That doesn’t mean we have to fall into the trap and eat like everyone around us because it seems like the thing to do. It’s all about making the right choices that are best for your health and well-being.

If the North American food choices are so great than why is obesity running rampant?

This is especially true with kids who often start out in life with the odds against them as far as healthy eating.

Healthy Coconut Oil -burger king whopper

A Burger King Whopper

Until they are old enough to make their own decisions kids have to eat what they are fed by the adults in their lives.

Lower consumption of saturated fats would have a positive impact on the epidemic of child obesity and type-2 diabetes that. It would do so much for their health and well being if those saturated fats were replaced with healthy coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Obesity in North America would be greatly reduced if people chose to combine healthy fat choices with a regimen of regular exercise. Fat is just as essential as carbohydrates and protein. Choosing a quality fat like healthy coconut oil is the key to a well-balanced diet.


How to choose coconut oil.

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