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A healthy diet plan including some insight into the benefits of water, coffee, eggs, coconut oil and more.

A healthy diet plan is determined by many factors and not just how many calories one eats. The quality of the calories and level of fitness also play a big role.

The days are long gone when people should spend time counting the calories they are eating as the main way to lose weight.


A diet plan seems to make more sense and is more lasting if a regular fitness plan is included right along with making better food choices.

A perfect example of a fitness plan that many people have been drawn too over the past few decades especially is running burns calories.

healthy diet plan

Take up running. You just might like it.

Running is a great choice because you can start out by walking and slowly progress to running as fitness improves. Many people who start out with plans of dieting to lose weight combined with running actually end up becoming accomplished runners. They like the way running makes them feel and at the same time don’t want to gain the weight back that they worked so hard to lose.

Some people get so excited about their new-found fitness and endurance that they might even look into becoming a triathlete. They could end up entering a a Try-A-Tri or sprint triathlon and in the process learn lots of new skills.

This happens all the time. Once people realize how much they are capable of and how fit they feel and look they want to do even more, and that’s a good thing.


Don’t under-estimate the value of some foods and drinks we take for granted.

For instance a healthy diet should include sufficient amounts of water because there are many benefits of drinking water that people are not aware of. The roll water can play in our over-all health should not be under-estimated.

However there is a danger in getting carried away with drinking water and more is not necessarily better. That old rule of thumb of drinking eight glasses of water a day really doesn’t make any sense.

It’s sort of a blanket statement and not everyone needs to drink that much. There’s a lot of water in the food we eat and that’s where diet can sometimes dictate how much water you really need to drink.

For instance, most vegetables are 75%-80% water and if you eat lots of vegetables(especially greens)on a regular basis it will most likely decrease the amount of water you need to drink and that eight glasses might become four or five.

Some people sweat all the time and some don’t and the ones that do will need to take on more water to replace what they’ve lost.

healthy diet plan -bike water bottles

bike water bottles

However there is a healthy balance and it is possible to drink too much water. Water is a perfect example of something that is essential, but more is not necessarily better.

There is a danger–especially in endurance events–of flushing too many essential nutrients out of your system by over-hydrating. I believe the medical name for it is “hyponatremia” if you care to do some research on the subject.


Have you every tried olive oil in your diet? What a great addition to a healthy diet plan.

Olive oil is a far healthier choice than pretty well any other oil on the market except for perhaps one. There are too many olive oil benefits to mention in a few sentences. But it should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen.

The same can be said for coconut oil. Not only is it great tasting, the health benefits are amazing.

It’s the first oil I ever tried that actually helped me lose weight. It has a quality that seems to speed up the body metabolism and that in turn makes it a fat that actually helps burn fat.

healthy diet plan -fresh coconut

Coconut oil may be the next super food

I was using about 6 tablespoons a day in my cooking and smoothies etc. Although I has fit and trained and competed in the Ironman at 150 pounds on average I lost a further 5 pounds when I added coconut oil to my daily diet.

Five pounds can make a difference in endurance races like the marathon or the Ironman Triathlon and I began having better race results.


If ever a food has gotten a bad rap, it’s eggs. Finally however people are figuring out that eggs can be part of a healthy diet plan.

The biggest problem has been that people never truly understood eggs. They just read that there is a lot of fat in those yolks, so they must be bad. That theory has been proven false over the past few years and benefits of egg nutrition is finally being accepted.

Like pretty much every thing else, eggs should be eaten in moderation, but there are few foods that are a better source of protein.

Coffee if another much-maligned nutritional source of energy and can also be included as part of a healthy diet plan. Athlete coffee drinkersfigured this out a long time ago and have used it to enhance athletic performance for years.

healthy diet plan

Only on occasion--treat yourself

If coffee increases your endurance and energy levels, than it only stands to reason that it will enable you to exercise longer and burn calories in the process.


We could all use a holiday diet plan in order to avoid taking a step backward.

It’s fine to have a well thought out diet, but it’s important to maintain it over the holiday season as well. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a turkey dinner. It means simply making some better choices. Personally I don’t care for diets that seem to exclude all the foods most people really enjoy.

My theory used to be that is I was on a very strict, healthy training diet for 95% of the time I could afford to treat myself 5% of the time


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