A high protein diet plan might not be the best choice for a triathlon diet if you want the best possible results from your racing and training.

As with pretty much everything on my Ironstruck website, I try and have at least a little first hand experience with what I am writing about.

To me this is the only way to give good sound advice to those who are seeking information on pretty much any topic. This is especially important when it comes to athlete nutrition.


I have tried a high protein diet plan myself and I must say that I had disastrous results.

Keep in mind that I was in serious competitions at the time and wanted to do my best, so the results I had might be different from someone who has a sedentary lifestyle and is working out very little. At least very little as far at aerobic type activity.

 high protein diet plan  -female weight lifter with blue top

Serious weight-lifters may require more protein

What I mean by that is that if you are interested in body-building for instance, a high protein diet might be ideal to help you build mass.

Lifting weights is seen as an anaerobic exercise and has different demands on the body than what a biker or runner might experience.

There is also a big difference between a high protein diet plan and a diet high in carbohydrates when it comes to weight loss if that is your intention.

For instance calories burned running and calories burned biking are far different from calories you will burn if you are on a high protein diet and lifting weights.

I’m sure that most people are familiar with the high protein Atkins diet that was supposedly the way to lose weight.

 high protein diet plan

A high protein meal

When you think about it the best way to achieve quick weight loss is to balance any diet you are on with exercise on a regular basis.

That may be so, but when I tried it and stuck with it religiously over three months the effects were devastating when it came to my running.

I remember one 10k race in particular where I knew after less than a minute that I was in for a really bad time. I had virtually no energy and the race was a complete disaster.


There is no substitute for complex carbohydrates when it comes to fueling your body and increasing your endurance.

One thing I learned was that sufficient carbohydrates are essential when it comes to optimum performance as a marathoner, Ironman, or any other type of athlete who is required to perform over an extended period of time.


When I was on the high protein diet I mentioned, there was no shortage of protein available for my high protein diet plan. I pigged out on bacon and eggs, steaks, chicken, fish, and protein shakes.

If you are considering starting out on a high protein diet plan than you might want to know more about egg nutrition as egg whites especially are a great source of protein.

 high protein diet plan  -a dozen brown eggs

Brown Eggs are a good source of protein

As a matter of fact I tried about every cut of beef available on the counter at the local super-market. At first it seemed like fun and because I had always deprived myself of most of these foods over my career, it was a treat for me.

However, I began to miss having toast and jam with my bacon and eggs. I missed having mashed potatoes and gravy with by beef roast, and I also missed having a baked potato with my steak.

I gave up carbohydrate powder, banana, and strawberry smoothies for tasteless protein shakes.

In other words, I began to have every minute of it and to make matters worse, it took away from every aspect of my endurance and energy that was essential for distance races.


So if you are looking for protein sources for your high protein diet plan, some of the above that I mentioned are good.

If you are a vegetarian you might consider soy milk, dairy products like plain cottage cheese and yogurt, and beans and legumes that are available at most health food stores.

You can also incorporate egg-based protein shakes into your diet.

Some vegetarians will avoid beef, pork, and chicken, but will include fish in their diet.

If this is the case, then tuna, sardines, and salmon are very high sources of protein and also contain some very high quality fats.


Check out the Atkins Diet for yourself.

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