A homemade squat rack might seem like a great idea to some people, but might not be the wisest course of action.

Although it seems like a great plan at first, after I searched all over the internet, checked out fitness centers, and asked people who know about construction involving wood and steel and heavy weights, I have come to one conclusion.

It simply makes no sense to attempt to build your own rack. Even if you have the necessary know-how and the ability to build one, it’s simply not cost effective.

Besides, you most likely want to have a piece of weight lifting equipment in your home that looks good and functions properly.

homemade squat rack

Homemade squat rack

Obviously not everyone has the talent to put together a homemade squat rack that has a professional look and meets all the necessary safety requirements.

Remember that if someone else uses your squat rack and injures themselves because of poor construction, that you could be liable.

It a homemade squat rack is really what you want, then it’s best to have someone with the proper construction skills help you build it. If not, then it might be a better plan to find yourself a good used professionally build squat rack.

This is especially true when you can most likely pick up a used one in excellent shape for a hundred dollars or even less.

As far as the sport of triathlon goes, I believe the squat is one of the best exercises one can do. It simply makes you more powerful out on the bike course and makes the transition from biking to running a whole lot easier.

I can remember the year I put tons of effort into doing squats and at 150 pounds of body weight was squatting very close to 400 pounds at one point at that was pretty well where I maxed out.

About two or maybe three of those and I reached the failure point and it was the safety features on the fitness equipment that would enable me to do squats without a spotter.

Although it was just a few times that I ever lifted that much weight as it was just to see where my max was so I could adjust downward for other squat exercises, I’m quite sure there are many people who do heavy squats all the time.

I can’t even begin to imagine trying to lift that much weight on a homemade piece of equipment all alone in my basement. (Especially if it was something that I built).

It’s just not worth the potential for injury and anyone seriously considering building their own squat rack should really consider looking into buying a new one or used one in good condition.


If you are really determined to build your own, visit this page on building a squat rack.

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