Honey Coconut Bread


There is nothing like the aroma of homemade bread and here’s a look at how to make honey coconut bread, a healthy, original, and great tasting treat.

Honey Coconut Bread Recipe.

I fooled around with this recipe until finally I had it where I wanted it. It would have been great to use “all” whole wheat flour, but you really do need the white flour to help it rise, otherwise you end up with a small, flat loaf.

So here it is if you are one of those very special people who understand and appreciate how rewarding it can be to create something like this bread and not settle for something off the store shelf all the time.

It’s fun, it’s healthy, and damn, this bread really tastes great even if I do say so myself.

honey coconut bread

Honey whole wheat bread and buns

This will make 4 smaller loaves, but you might have better shaped loaves if you make 3 larger loaves from with recipe. You can also make buns with this dough if you like. They are excellent as well.

Use the standard 9X5 loaf pan.

These are the ingredients you will need.

*2 envelopes of yeast

*4 cups of water

**1 half cup of virgin coconut oil(the coconut oil replaces butter- great flavor and healthy)

**1 quarter cup of molasses

**1 half cup of honey(when I go to Iroman Canada every year to do book signings, I buy honey right from the bee farm. mmmmm)

**2 teaspoons of sea salt

**7 cups of whole wheat flour

**3 cups of white flour

(If you have problems with the dough rising, you might try 6 cups of whole wheat flour and 4 cups of white, but I like to use as little white flour as possible. So far I have had no problem with increasing the whole wheat flour and using less white. As I said earlier, it’s necessary to help the bread rise. Try 7-3 ratio first and if you are not happy with the results try 6-4 ratio.)

This will take about three and three quarter hours from start to finish, but it’s worth it. Plus most of that time is just waiting for it to rise and then bake.


–dissolve the yeast in warm water. Too hot or too cold should be avoided. It may prevent the yeast from activating properly.

–Use a very large bowl and mix in coconut oil, molasses, honey, and salt. Mix it well.

–Take the yeast and water mixture and add it to the bowl with the other ingredients. Mix it again.

–Slowly add in both the flours. Add the last few cups extra slowly at the end until the flour feels like the proper texture and it’s possible to knead it(not too sticky)

–Roll it onto a flat, clean, floured surface. and knead it until it feels nice and smooth.

–Put the dough back into a large bowl that you have coated with coconut oil.

–Let it rise until it’s about twice it’s size. This can take 60-90 minutes. Use your best judgment because some kitchens are warmer than others.

–When it has risen, turn it back onto the flat, clean, floured surface and knead gently just for a minute or so.
honey coconut bread
–Divide the dough into 3 equal portions if you want nice big loaves or 4 portions if you want 4 smaller ones.

–Shape the dough into loaves and place them into the bread pans that you have coated with coconut oil.

–Let them rise for another hour and you are pretty much finished the hardest part of your honey coconut bread recipe.

–I prefer a baking temperature of 350 for 35-40 minutes and that seems to be about right.

Let them cool a bit before removing from the pan as they will tend to stick depending on the type of pan you are using.

If you have some sort or rack you can put them on so air can circulate while they finish cooling once out of the pan that would work well.

Not only will your home smell great, you will have some excellent honey coconut bread to enjoy.

I should add that it also freezes very well.


There all many additives you can try at different times to create different texture and flavor of the bread. For instance, sometimes I will add in a cup of oatmeal and use a bit less flour. This makes for a denser bread. You can even add bran if you want.

You can also add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and just about anything else you think might work well. Anyway, this recipe makes a really great tasting, moist bread and I’m sure you will enjoy it. It makes amazing toast!

The honey replaces white sugar and it’s really hard to go wrong with that, plus it just adds to the already great flavor.

Virgin coconut oil is very expensive but it’s the real deal and is fast becoming the new “super-food” It actually helps you burn fat because it speeds up your metabolism and that is a rare quality that no other fat seems to have. It works especially well if you use it on a regular basis while you are in training. It’s a great addition to your honey coconut bread.

When you have time take a look at this page about coconut oil and where to purchase the best coconut oil on the internet.

Hopefully you will give this honey coconut bread recipe a try.


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