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I made it a mandate years ago to answer any questions that visitors might ask to the best of my ability. Any answers or suggestions I pass on are the result of my own experiences as an age-grouper who set out on the Ironman journey in Kona some 25 years ago.

It’s the same for my books. There is nothing in my Ironstruck books pertaining to the Ironman that I made up or borrowed from other sources. My Ironstruck books and the information in them are from my own experiences.

I wrote “Triathlete In Transition” for the very beginner triathlete and that book has several guest writers who provide the reader with their expertise and thoughts concerning the field they excel in. For instance Terry Laughlin the creator of the “Total Immersion” swim technique discusses swimming and the beginner triathlete. So in the case of “Triathlete In Transiton”, I have asked others to be part of the book as I felt it would benefit the beginner triathlete.

I’m not a pro-athlete or a certified coach and I don’t pretend to be. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will try and find it for you.

Sometimes people ask “how do I get ready for the Ironman I’ve entered?”

Talk about a loaded question. Basically what they are asking is “can you set up a training program for me”? Actually I can’t because I get visitors from over 100 countries every month and I would spend from dawn to dusk writing out training programs. Besides that, there are many, many great coaches out there who are trained to coach others.

However if you have specific questions that you can’t seem to find answers to or just want a sounding board for concerns you may have about the direction your triathlon journey is going or perhaps just want to talk about a race you just finished or is coming up in the future, then feel free to contact me.

I’m always interested to know where people are from so be sure to include your first name and where you call home when you email me.

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