Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit


The Hurricane Freak Of Nature Wetsuit is the latest in wetsuit in technology with the highest in design standards with a price to match.

I guess it had to happen. Finally a wetsuit has been developed that actually retails at over $1000. To be more precise, the “Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit” by TYR has just recently been made available to the general public at a price of $1,199.

I can remember quite clearly back in the 1990’s when I was in Penticton during Ironman race week and they had a new wetsuit for sale that was priced at just over $400. Back then it was most likely the highest price out there at the time. The wetsuit was called the “Predator.”

Even that price made a lot of people shake their heads so this newest addition to the wetsuit family will certainly spark some reaction in the world of triathlon.

This new suit by TYR supposedly provides the optimum in speed plus a perfect fit. Pretty much the same promise that has been made by the creator of every latest and greatest wetsuit manufactured in the past decade. What else can they say? Why would you buy it if it made you feel uncomfortable and slowed you down?

The “Freak is also very soft” and durable and the polyester lining dries quickly.

Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit

Freak of Nature wetsuits

Here are a few other features.

V-GCP V-Shaped graded force catch panels
Speed Wrap Paneling
Quick Release Ankle Cuffs
360 Degree Core Stabilization
Elevation Panels
Form-Fittings Wrist Cuffs
ROM Zones

Many of the top pro triathletes in the world have given the “Freak” a test run and have glowing reports about it. Some of the pros who have tried it out include Craig Alexander, Mirinda Carfrae, Chrissie Wellington, Julie Dibbens, and TJ Tollakson.

I would be hard-pressed to believe that they payed for their suits. Still you would have to think their is some validity to their high praise as most of the top pros will not simply endorse any product because it’s free.

Buying a wetsuit this expensive would be like paying for a community spot in an Ironman. For the people who can afford it you pay a lot more for the privilege of getting into the Ironman. However there are also some perks that go along with the increased cost.

The TYR Hurricane comes with it’s own set of perks. It has it’s own branded steel briefcase and includes a Freak of Nature swim cap. You can’t wear the swim cap in an Ironman of course as they provide race specific swim caps. Just the same I it might impress the people in your Master’s swim class.

It also comes with a custom care kit and a membership card with an individualized access code. Purchasers of the wetsuit also have the option of registering for exclusive benefits. This includes the opportunity of winning a spot in the Ironman U.S. Championships.


Of course this wetsuit will only be accessible to a select group of triathletes who can afford the excessive price. The problem is, many new triathletes are basically on a shoestring budget.

Most want nothing more than to be able to finish reach the Ironman finish line one day any way they can.

Not only could they not afford the TYR “Freak”, many can’t afford a wetsuit period. Their only option is to rent one for the race or perhaps buy a used road bike that would probably cost less than this wetsuit.

If a person has the financial clout to be able to afford a Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit than by all means they should treat themselves to the best the market has to offer.


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