Importance of Sports Drinks to Triathletes

Never under-estimate the importance of sports drinks to triathletes

Being physically active will put will put a strain on fluid and energy reserves. In order to compete or even train at the highest level, carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks that replace lost fluid and energy quickly are desirable to give a boost to muscles and provide an ongoing supply of energy.

In most cases, especially in longer endurance events, water is just not enough. Though important, water does not supply the necessary ingredients to replenish electrolytes and restore the chemical balance of the body to insure optimum performance and this is where the importance of sports drinks to triathletes comes into play.

A beneficial sports drink will include several ingredients

GLUCOSE- It is absorbed quickly and is what the body prefers for an instant source of energy. Do not confuse this with sucrose or fructose. They just do not absorb as well into the system.

GLUTAMINE- This is one of the most common amino acids in our bodies, and will help considerably in reducing physical stress. This is especially important if you have an intense race or demanding training program.

CREATINE- Especially important in faster, explosive running. For instance, a sprinter would benefit more from this as opposed to a long distance runner., the secret drink

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SODIUM AND POTASSIUM- When sufficient quantities are included in the ingredients of your sport drink, these electrolytes will help in absorbing and maintaining fluid levels in the body.

It’s been proven that regardless how good a sports drink is for an athlete, they just will not use it if the taste is unpleasant.

I think the main reason most people don’t drink the suggested 6-8 glasses of water a day is obvious. If they’re anything like me, they just can’t gag down that much bland water.

It’s the same with a sports drink. It must strike a balance between being good for your body as well as having a good smell, taste, and the right amount of sweetness. It matters little how good a drink is for you, if the flavor doesn’t inspire people to drink it.

Athletes are more likely to use a drink that tastes good and is easily assimilated into the blood stream.

That’s the main reason why the more popular, effective sports drinks come in orange, lime, and many other flavors. The flavor adds appeal to the product and as a result, athletes are more likely to use it and benefit from it’s qualities as a restorative drink.

So the main concern in choosing a sports drink is making sure it has the proper ingredients to replace lost nutrients and at the same time, find a flavor that appeals to your senses.

Some of the more recognized brands are Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax and Allsport.

As a rule these drinks typically have some form of sugar, electrolytes (the most important being sodium), coloring, flavoring, and

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There is however a drink that is head and shoulders above all others if you are willing to hunt it down as it’s not widely marketed.

These guys are well aware of the importance of sports drinks to triathletes and all endurance athletes, they just happened to go the extra mile.

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When you have trained all year for an Ironman Triathlon you certainly want to get the most out of your electrolyte replacement drink of choice and this one certainly has all the earmarks of a winner as they clearly understand the importance of sports drinks to triathletes.


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