Iron will is something that is front and center when the Ironman has been involved and many amazing people take on the Ironman challenge.

Somehow in their wisdom or by a twist of fate, the friends who first envisioned the Ironman came up with the perfect combination. Its perfect because to complete the course requires a combination of ability, desire, self-confidence, courage and iron will.

Yet at the same time it is within the grasp of so many people around the world who are willing to accept the challenge when they are seduced by the call of the Ironman. Or, “Ironstruck”.

The Hoyt father and son team is a perfect example of what can happen when the desire and the spirit to over-come are so powerful that few goals out of reach. Their courage gives hope to so many.

What they manage to accomplish has a way of making the arguments people have for getting off the couch and gaining control of their lives seem insignificant and very possible to overcome.

To put it a little more bluntly, the Hoyt’s virtually “shame” people into action.

It just never ceases to amaze me when you hear stories of the obstacles people have overcome in order to take up the Ironman challenge.

iron will -Hoyts in Boston Marathon

The Hoyts in the Boston Marathon

The Ironman isn’t easy.

Theres no guarantee that you ll finish.

In a race of this complexity, there are just so many things that can go wrong. In any given Ironman race, somewhere around 5%-7% of starters will not reach the finish and sometimes more depending on race day conditions.

Personally, I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. There are a few races I never finished and found myself in that 5-7%. Injuries and once even food poisoning meant my day finished early.

I’ve also had races that I will remember forever and everything just seemed to go right.


You can be an age-grouper or a pro–regardless, the Ironman distance will test you. After all, if it were easy reaching that elusive, far-off finish line would not be quite so rewarding and fulfilling.

It’s just so remarkable how individuals will take up the Ironman challenge despite dealing with handicaps that seem to suggest the Ironman finish line is simply not attainable. These people have true Iron will.

Yet year after year the Ironman is the venue for amazing acts of courage.

Amputees, visually impaired, and even people who have endured severe illness and been told they will never be physically active again have crossed the Ironman finish line.

The Ironman has been the catalyst for people to change the way they live on a daily basis. Many have overcome serious addictions, quit smoking, lost weight, and in many ways have a new lease on life.

Reaching that finish line has a way of changing a person. By its very nature, it teaches us that obstacles in everyday life can be overcome with the right combination of courage and iron will.

That’s what makes the Ironman such a great event. It’s so mentally and physically challenging and yet at the same time is within reach of such a wide spectrum of individuals who are willing to take up the challenge.

The Ironman just continues to grow year after year and there really is no end in sight. It must truly amaze the originators of this event who have watched it grow from such small beginnings into one of the worlds premier and most cherished endurance event.


Watch this video of the Hoyts.

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