Ironman 70.3 Boise results 2012

Whatever happened to global warming? The fifth edition of Ironman 70.3 Boise that took place Saturday June 9, 2012 and was thrown into chaos when the bike course was shortened from 56 miles to 24 kilometers.

The swim and the run distances remained the same but there is a very good chance that the swim was not all that pleasant if there was snow in the vicinity.

It’s unfortunate because it was a great field of pros who were on hand in Boise. There were also many age-groupers who trained long and hard for this day and had no choice but to make the most of the race-day conditions.

2012 ironman 70.3 boise results

Weather chaos in Ironman 70.3 Boise 2012

If you race often enough you will race under a myriad of different circumstances.

Ironman Canada for instance has had blistering hot days, freezing cold days and smoke from forest fires that resulted in major changes in the course.

Most recently it was Ironman New Zealand that had to be shortened to a 70.3 because of brutal weather conditions.


Millward, Callum
Reed, Matty
O'Donnell, Timothy
Reed, Tim
Wurtele, Trevor
Nelson, Kirk
Everett, Kevin
Matthews, Paul
Elliot, Lewis
Fox, Michael
Blokhin, Anton
Kilshaw, Stephen
Thompson, Nicholas
Hill, Damian
Taddonio, Kevin
Russell, Matthew
Bagg, Chris
Holtham, Elliot
Sheeks, Matthew
Barnett, Damon
Baucco, Aj
Bordine, Karl
Lubinski, Jim
Archer, Jimmy
Langfield, Andrew
Still, Monte
Legh, Christopher
Lawrence, Hannah
Pruden, Rusty
Abel, Torsten
Bennett, Greg
Collington, Kevin
Cooper-Scott, Haley
Ganter, Chris
Hadway, Josh
Lieto, Matt
Powell, Andrew
Symonds, Jeff
Thurston, Heath
Watson, Jason
Young, Dantley


Swallow, Jodie
Homo, Malaika
Butterfield, Nikki
Grant, Julia
Corbin, Linsey
Marangon, Lisa
Tetrick, Jennifer
Challis, Rachel
Bromme, Uli
McGlone, Samantha
Seymour, Jeanni
Deim, Trish
Luebke, Jennifer
Lamacchia, Leslie
McDonald, Marilyn
Lawrence, Hannah
Calkins, Kathleen
Cooper-Scott, Haley
Ossenbrink, Stephanie
Tisseyre, Magali

Going into the race it looked like Timothy O’Donnell would be the one to beat when you take into the consideration the great field of pros he beat in Ironman 70.3 Texas. Of course that was the same race where Lance Armstrong imploded on the run course.

If not Timothy than surely it would be Matty Reed or Trevor Wurtele who would cross the line first. But hold the phone! It was Callum Millward of New Zealand who came out of nowhere and captured the victory by one second in a sprint finish with Matty Reed. Timothy O’Donnell finished in third place.


Millward, Callum......00:25:08	00:32:17	01:12:58	02:13:23
Reed, Matty...........00:25:06	00:34:11	01:10:40	02:13:24
O'Donnell, Timothy....00:24:53	00:33:56	01:12:23	02:14:17
Reed, Tim.............00:26:25	00:33:12	01:12:47	02:15:41
Wurtele, Trevor.......00:28:16	00:32:18	01:11:58	02:16:03
Nelson, Kirk..........00:28:59	00:31:50	01:12:38	02:16:35
Everett, Kevin........00:24:46	00:33:13	01:15:38	02:16:52
Matthews, Paul........00:26:25	00:33:55	01:13:02	02:17:48
Elliot, Lewis.........00:29:06	00:32:31	01:14:23	02:19:05
Fox, Michael..........00:26:04	00:35:27	01:14:12	02:20:04

It looked for all the world like Magali Tisseyre and Linsey Corbin were the ones to beat in the Boise 70.3. Magali won Ironman 70.3 Mooseman and Linsey was sensational in winning Ironman 70.3 Hawaii.

However it was Jody Swallow who led from the first transition and never gave up the lead. Jody would have also been a pre-race favorite going in under normal circumstances, but she has been off for many months recovering from an injury.

It seems that she has had a full recovery. A great effort by Jody.

Migali Tisseyre opted out of the race and did not start. Linsey Corbin finished six minutes off the pace in fifth spot.

Malaika Homo of the United States had a solid performance and took the second spot. Nikki Butterfield finished in third place to round out the podium.


Swallow, Jodie........00:25:43	00:35:39	01:25:02	02:29:28
Homo, Malaika.........00:28:10	00:36:01	01:24:14	02:31:51
Butterfield, Nikki....00:30:03	00:36:09	01:22:14	02:33:33
Grant, Julia..........00:29:53	00:36:13	01:24:22	02:34:25
Corbin, Linsey........00:29:59	00:36:02	01:24:03	02:35:40
Marangon, Lisa........00:28:13	00:39:03	01:25:44	02:36:51
Tetrick, Jennifer.....00:30:01	00:35:55	01:26:25	02:37:04
Challis, Rachel.......00:30:03	00:37:17	01:28:10	02:39:41
Bromme, Uli...........00:34:14	00:37:43	01:25:38	02:42:24
McGlone, Samantha.....00:29:59	00:37:00	01:32:01	02:42:38

There were many outstanding performances by the age-groupers as well in Ironman 70.3 Boise.

Meghan Faulkenberry and Peter Metzger won the 18 to 24 age-group with times of 02:51:16 and 02:47:33.

Mark Hillers was just short of breaking into the top ten pros with a time of 02:23:40 in the 25 to 29 age category.

B.J. Christienson had a sizzling time of 02:18 in the 30 to 34 age-group and that made him the 8th fastest male of the day including the pros.

Christina Jackson posted the fastest time for female age-groupers with a sensational 02:38:32 time.

On the senior end of the scale it was Thomas Miller who finished in a time of 4:07:38 at age 70 and Gerri Lewerenz who is also 70 years old finished the Ironman 70.3 Boise course in 5:01:02.

Great job Thomas and Gerri. You are an truly an inspiration to many.

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