Ironman 70.3 Boise results 2014

Being at or near the top of the Ironman 70.3 Boise results 2014 would mean some valuable Kona Ranking Points for some of the excellent field of pros entered in the race.

We’re well into the qualifying season for the 2014 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and Mont Tremblant, Quebec and time is beginning to run out.

Bevan Docherty and Liz Lyles topped the 2013 version of 70.3 Boise.

Liz Lyles was back to defend her title, but Bevan Docherty was not. However Brent McMahon and Luke Bell have returned to take a run at top spot.

Ben Hoffman and Craig Alexander were late withdrawals from the race.


Brent McMahon
Luke Bell
Jeff Symonds
Maik Tweksiek
Trevor Wurtele
Josh Amberger
Kevin Everett
Justin Birks
Chris Boudreaux
Nathan Dressel
Andrew Drobeck
Derek Garcia
Christian Kemp
Guy Crawford
Dantley Young

Much as expected it was Brent McMahon leading the way onto the bike course. Kevin Everett was right with him with Josh Amberger just eleven seconds behind the leader in third place.

The bike proved to be a close affair as the pro men seemed to be taking a “wait and see” attitude and nobody was creating a significant gap at the front of the field.

All the favorites were within striking distance of the lead and it would be a race decided by who could maintain the fastest pace over the 21k run course as heat and fatigue became a factor.

Luke Bell, Brent McMahon, Trevor Wurtelle, and Maik Tweksiek all began the run virtually together.

It wasn’t long before Bell, McMahon, and Wurtelle broke away and early on it became obvious that the winner would come from these three pro men.

With just two miles to run it was Brent McMahon and Trevor Wurtele dueling it out for the lead with Luke Bell dropping back into third place.

It’s Brent McMahon winning it in a very close race over Trevor Wurtele.

He just won the Hawaii 70.3 last weekend as well. Great job for the Canadian star.

Wurtele came in just seconds behind him.


Brent McMahon        00:24:07 02:12:30 03:57:33 03:57:33
Trevor Wurtele 	     00:26:45 02:09:28 03:57:47 03:57:47
Luke Bell 	     00:25:13 02:11:07 03:58:48 03:58:48
Josh Amberger 	     00:24:03 02:15:25 04:02:17 04:02:17
Maik Tweksiek 	     00:26:35 02:10:01 04:02:49 04:02:49
Jeff Symonds 	     00:26:50 02:17:41 04:03:15 04:03:15
Derek Garcia 	     00:26:47 02:11:29 01:27:44 04:08:48
Andrew Drobeck 	     00:33:09 02:15:15 01:17:52 04:09:25
Kevin Everett 	     00:24:04 02:18:40 01:27:51 04:13:12
Guy Crawford 	     00:25:13 02:22:24 01:25:37 04:15:52
Nathan Dressel       00:29:36 02:23:48 01:31:57 04:28:12

For the pro women, Kate Bevilaqua and Melanie McQuaid looked like the two most likely to unseat Liz Lyles as Ironman 70.3 Boise title holder.

Meredith Kessler was highly favored to challenge for the win but also withdrew from the race.

Olesya Prystayko and Janelle Morrison have also returned to Boise and last year they placed fifth and seventh respectively.


Trish Deim
Olesya Prystayko
Kara Lapoint
Janelle Morrison
Liz Lyles
Melanie McQuaid
Jenny Fletcher
Erin Green
Jenni Plane
Sue Huse
Kate Bevilaqua
Mackenzie Madison
Kelsey Withrow

It makes sense that Kate Bevilaqua and Melanie McQuaid led the way after the first transition as they have both been racing very well, but Last years champion Liz Lyles was just 30 seconds back of the two leaders.


30:54............Melanie McQuaid
30:59............Kate Bevilaqua 
31:23............Liz Lyles 
31:33............Jenny Fletcher 
33:00............Erin Green 
33:53............Olesya Prystayko 
34:26............Trish Deim 
35:24............Jenni Plane 
35:37............Kara Lapoint 
36:02............Janelle Morrison 

Melanie McQuaid was part of a quartet of Canadian pros who descended on the Big Island for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii 2014 and she was up against some of the best.

She had a great race and was full value for her third place finish behind Angela Naeth and Bree Wee.

In Boise McQuaid showed no signs of tiring and was getting away from the field and by the 25 mile mark was over two minutes ahead of last years winner Liz Lyles. Kate Bevilaqua was another two minutes back in third place.

Erin Green, Jenny Fletcher, and Olesya Prystayko were all in the mix for a podium spot on their best effort.

Melanie McQuaid proved to be strongest of all and late in the race had a commanding lead over the rest of the field and went on to win to make it a Canadian sweep.

Her official finish time was 04:24:07.


Melanie McQuaid      00:29:09 02:22:26 01:29:53 04:24:07
Liz Lyles            00:29:19 02:27:47 01:28:34 04:28:55
Sue Huse 	     00:34:55 02:31:54 01:26:47 04:37:26
Kate Bevilaqua 	     00:29:10 02:32:38 01:33:01 04:37:50
Olesya Prystayko     00:32:06 02:33:21 01:33:56 04:42:34
Jenny Fletcher 	     00:29:13 02:37:37 01:35:06 04:45:44
Trish Deim 	     00:32:03 02:35:50 01:34:49 04:46:26
Janelle Morrison     00:33:54 02:37:28 01:33:34 04:48:45
Kara Lapoint 	     00:33:09 02:45:40 01:35:28 04:58:23
alexandra  Gordichuk 00:34:22 02:43:23 01:42:44 05:03:30
Jenni Plane          00:32:38 03:09:20 01:59:36 05:46:13

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Amanda Hunter 	  05:22:46
Whitney Dawson 	  05:25:36
Megan Foley 	  05:38:50
Stephanie Moore   05:42:47
Jessica Ponzo 	  05:45:46
Emily Hawgood 	  05:50:20
Kimber Snow 	  05:55:27
Kelli Tikker 	  06:02:02
Caroline Billon   06:02:14

MALE 18-24

Jake McDonald 	  04:22:07
Brian Oneil 	  04:29:08
Keaton Wolansky   04:48:00
Michael Chronert  05:03:32
Brian Kinder 	  05:17:45
Brad Haag 	  05:21:53
Patrick Haenel 	  05:25:19
Malcolm Moncheur  05:28:52
Timothy Walters   05:40:22
Franklin Fox      05:43:07
Jacob Norris 	  05:44:00
Steven Cassingham 05:49:09
Matthew Burnett   05:55:59

FEMALE 25-29

Meg Faulkenberry  04:55:01
Maria Hodges      05:06:56
Kelsey Davis 	  05:20:20
Stephene Gaitan   05:32:34
Janelle Watson 	  05:37:35

MALE 25-29

Ian Mallams 	  04:13:58
Mike Lavery 	  04:18:57
Bruce Deakyne 	  04:30:26
Elliot Kawaoka    04:30:45
Garret Smith 	  04:35:47

FEMALE 30-34

Rebecca Eckland   04:49:28
Alia Crum 	  04:52:59
Rachel Corey 	  05:02:44
Elisa Litwora 	  05:06:09

MALE 30-34

Kory Burgess 	  04:24:22
Kenny McDaniel 	  04:25:17
DavidLarpenteur   04:28:59
DanielMacpherson  04:31:30
Justin Samples 	  04:32:36

FEMALE 35-39

Sonja Wieck 	  04:38:56
Katy Cargiulo 	  04:42:53
KathrynThroolin   04:52:03
Sarah Barkley 	  04:58:44
Erin Crum 	  05:00:50

MALE 35-39

Dan Litwora 	  04:23:53
Patrick Allaire   04:26:47
David Derkacs     04:29:02
Adam Daniels 	  04:34:12
Andrew Li 	  04:35:49

FEMALE 40-44

Amber Fisher 	  05:06:59
Robynne Parry 	  05:22:45
Courtney James 	  05:26:46
Jacqueline Sasaki 05:30:10

MALE 40-44

Michael Rushton   04:26:38
David Ference 	  04:34:52
DavidCiaverella   04:39:05
Stephen Kukta 	  04:49:33
Steve Meek 	  05:00:10

FEMALE 45-49

Leslie Myers 	  05:05:59
Suzanne Endsley   05:25:45
Toni Ramey 	  05:27:14
Angela Fairchild  05:34:32
Stacy Robertshaw  05:34:35

MALE 45-49

Michael Rushton   04:26:38
David Ference 	  04:34:52
David Ciaverella  04:39:05
Stephen Kukta 	  04:49:33
Steve Meek 	  05:00:10

FEMALE 50-54

Ann Davidson 	    04:55:10
Bodil Arlander 	    05:16:16
Margaret Hepworth   05:18:20
Tawnie McDonald     05:23:00
Thury Gudmundsdottir05:28:27

MALE 50-54

William McDonald  04:44:02
John Tuttle 	  04:44:09
Sean Molina 	  04:44:13
John Bursell 	  04:53:40
Daniel Weintraub  04:58:35

FEMALE 55-59

Diana Spangle 	  06:00:01
Marty Smith 	  06:02:21
Pat Ketcham 	  06:02:40
Joy Schindler 	  06:52:50

MALE 55-59

Stuart Porter 	  05:13:23
Gary Azevedo 	  05:13:47
David Knotts 	  05:18:57
Jonathan Wiedemann05:23:21
Marc Fontaine 	  05:27:11

FEMALE 60-64

Sandra Wendel 	  06:22:16
Sue Dejesus 	  06:27:56
Pamela Kallio 	  06:38:28
Gail A. Hughes 	  06:40:25

MALE 60-64

Johnny Williamson 05:23:44
Richard Bouton 	  05:38:57
Eugene Partridge  06:03:39
Steve Cooper 	  06:16:40
Rory Polson 	  06:17:57
Vince Gayman 	  06:20:55
Mark Heppe 	  06:22:32
Kevin Kohn 	  06:56:53

FEMALE 65-69

Lesley Tuggle 	  07:02:52

MALE 65-69

Paul Decoursey 	  05:42:16
Reed Stoops 	  06:13:08
Cecil Pegram      06:16:12
Dwight Schuh 	  06:20:43
Dennis Kasischke  06:38:57
Bob Valdez 	  06:44:36
Jay Mellen 	  06:59:34

FEMALE 70-74

MALE 70-74

Milos Kostic 	  05:53:57
Gene Peters 	  06:41:42
Richard Weinbrandt06:44:57

MALE 75-79

These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.


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