Ironman 70.3 Boulder results 2013

What a great field of pro descended on Boulder, Colorado to take their best shot at topping the Ironman 70.3 Boulder results 2013 in one of the last weeks of the season as far as Kona Ranking Points.

Many of the pros in the race are already qualified for Kona 2013 and the 70.3 Championships, but there are several still on the bubble and are in need of as many Kona Ranking Points as they can earn.

It always makes for a great race when so much is at stake and when you include Ironman UK in progress as this race begins, upcoming inaugural Ironman Whistler, Ironman Louisville, and the North American Championships in Mont Tremblant it’s going to be quite a month of racing in WTC events.


Joe Gambles AUS
Jordan Jones USA
Greg Bennett USA
Ben Hoffman USA
Paul Ambrose AUS
Michael Lovato USA
Paul Matthews AUS
John Polson AUS
Derek Yorek USA
Andres Darricau ARG
James Seear USA
Rob Duncan USA
Justin Daerr USA
Bryan Rhodes NZL
Timo Gronlund FIN
Gavin Anderson USA
Leon Griffin A
Dantley Young AUS
Callum Millward NZL
Jimmy Archer USA
Jared Milam USA
Adam Bohach USA
Matthew Russell USA
Chris Leiferman USA
Mauro Cavanha BRA
Steven Zawaski USA
Joseph Lampe AUS
Mario De Elias ARG
Henry Hagenbuch USA
Kevin Taddonio USA
Joe Umphenour USA
Mark Bowstead NZL
Tim Don GBR


Angela Naeth CAN
Leanda Cave GBR
Rachel Joyce GBR
Melissa Hauschildt AUS
Amy Marsh USA
Amanda Stevens USA
Julie Dibens GBR
Kat Baker AUS
Malaika Homo USA
Whitney Garcia USA
Kristyn Robinson BMU
Uli Bromme USA
Christine Anderson USA
Danielle Kehoe USA
Trish Deim USA
Donna Phelan CAN
Jeanni Seymour ZAF
Lauren Capone USA
Holly Lawrence NZL
Jessica Chong USA
Kendra Lee USA


You just knew it was going to take a very fast time to come out on top of the Ironman 70.3 Boulder results 2013. There was just so much talent in the race.

Although James Seear was the first out of the water with an amazing time of 23:18 it was the group behind him that contained all the major players as the race played itself out.

It was Joe Gambles, Greg Bennett, Callum Millward and Paul Ambrose who rose to the top of the leader-board on the 66-mile bike course and as is usually the case in the 70.3 distance, the race was ultimately decided on the 13.1-mile run course.

It was the sparking time of 01:14:30 posted by Joe Gambles that earned him the title of Ironman 70.3 Boulder Champion for 2013.


Gambles, Joe........00:24:48 02:03:25 01:14:30 03:44:41 
Bennett, Greg.......00:24:44 02:03:24 01:16:17 03:46:23  
Millward, Callum....00:24:27 02:03:39 01:17:43 03:47:53  
Ambrose, Paul.......00:24:45 02:03:27 01:21:39 03:51:40 
Jones, Jordan.......00:25:28 02:08:32 01:17:07 03:53:20

In the race for top spot among the pro women it did not seem to bother Melissa Hauschildt at all that five women beat her out of the water. As a matter of fact Amanda Stevens and Leanda Cave had about a three minute head-start heading out onto the bike course.

Hauschildt was just a monster on the bike course(well, on the run course too).

She just blew by everyone with a very quick bike time of 02:12:26. Only Amanda Stevens managed to stay within five minutes of the bike time posted by Hauschildt.

The 01:22:38 run was even more impressive and it’s safe to say that Melissa Hauschildt is on top of her game after this performance and her finish time of 04:04:36 is truly spectacular.


Hauschildt, Melissa......00:27:26 02:12:16 01:22:38 04:04:36 
Cave, Leanda.............00:24:52 02:20:35 01:29:42 04:17:26  
Stevens, Amanda..........00:24:49 02:17:45 01:33:05 04:17:59 
Bromme, Uli..............00:31:04 02:18:49 01:27:26 04:19:53 
Seymour, Jeanni..........00:29:11 02:20:56 01:29:38 04:21:54


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