Ironman 70.3 Cartagena Results 2016

Pro and age-group athletes race for spots in Ironman 70.3 Cartagena Results 2016.

On Sunday December 4 an excellent field of pro athletes were on hand in Cartagena, Columbia to race for prize money and Championship Points up for grabs in the Ironman 70.3 Cartagena results 2016.


Acevedo Van Arken, Rodrigo
Acosta, Camilo
Alexandridis, Iain
Arias, Jorge
De Elias, Mario
Fontana, Daniel
Gerlach, Thomas
Giardini, Davide
Guerte, David
Hancock, Tim
Hanson, Matt
Manente, Felipe
Manssur Filho, Antonio
Marmol, Giovanny
Matthews, Paul
Melo, Danilo
Metzler, Justin
Morel, Jeremy
Perreira, Gustavo
Quinchara Forero, Carlos
Rodriguez, Felipe
Shoemaker, Jarrod
Smith, Reilly
Staer Nathan, Mikael
Tejada, Raul
Tigert, Daniel
Tohara, Kaito
Villata, Eduar

Only three pro men managed to break the 25 minute barrier in the swim. Davide Giardini was first to reach the 1.2-mile swim line in a time of 24:31. Paul Matthews was second in 24:34, and Carlos Quinchara Forero was third in 24:36.

Davide Giardini was also the fastest through the 66-mile bike course and had a lead of about five minutes over Matt Hanson as he began the 13.1-mile run.

Justin Metzler was close behind Hanson in third. All three leaders were from the USA.


Giardini, Davide	00:24:31 02:08:22
Hanson, Matt      	00:27:08 02:10:30
Metzler, Justin   	00:25:55 02:11:44
Quinchara Forero,Carlos	00:24:36 02:13:19
De Elias, Mario   	00:27:12 02:13:04
Morel, Jeremy    	00:28:56 02:15:00
Guete, David     	00:27:14 02:18:24
Villata, Eduar    	00:29:09 02:17:12
Staer Nathan, Mikael	00:28:20 02:18:27
Perreira, Gustavo	00:28:19 02:19:14
Arias, Jorge     	00:25:59 02:21:16
Tigert, Daniel	        00:28:01 02:20:36
Melo, Danilo     	00:33:40 02:15:43
Hancock, Tim     	00:29:27 02:19:40
Marmol, Giovanny	00:28:59 02:22:56
Rodriguez, Felipe	00:24:36 02:33:34
Chavez, Alejandro	00:28:15 02:40:39

According to race officials some male and female pros have run off course. Not sure how this even happens in a sanctioned WTC event, but it could prove difficult to determine the winners unless of course they all ran off course. However this does not appear to be the case as the first ones across the finish line were not in contention before the mix-up.

The first unofficial male pro across the finish line was Canadian Mikael Staer Nathan. He was about 15 minutes behind the leader at the start of the run. Actually the top five finishers were far back in the field when the run began. This indicates that they ran a shorter course than the true leaders.

The leaders early on in the race were Americans Davide Giardini and Matt Hanson. They were far ahead of the unofficial top five finishers.

***Official results will be posted on this page once things are sorted out. This could take a while.***


Cameto, Sarah
Castillo Franco, Diana
Chretien, Flo
Dcroz, Fiorella
Frederiksen, Helle
Goss, Lauren
Grohmann, Katharina
Harari, Lotty
Linnell, Allison
Patterson, Julie
Rios La Luz, Militza
Rodriguez, Fiama
Seymour, Jeanni
Simon, Erika
Wassner, Laurel
Wassner, Rebeccah
Withrow, Kesley

Lauren Goss led the way in the swim for the pro women. She was the only one to come in under the 26 minute mark with her time of 25:47.

However, it was Jeanni Seymour taking control on the bike course with the days fastest bike split for the pro women.

Her time of 2:23:07 was just enough to give her a bit of a head start over Lauren Goss as the run began. Sarah Cometo was in the mix and close to the pace in third place.


Seymour, Jeanni   	00:26:55 02:23:07
Goss, Lauren      	00:25:47 02:26:53
Cameto, Sarah    	00:27:53 02:25:53
Withrow, Kesley    	00:26:11 02:29:26
Castillo Franco, Diana	00:26:12 02:29:28
Linnell, Allison	00:30:45 02:27:08
Patterson, Julie	00:29:17 02:33:04
Dcroz, Fiorella   	00:27:30 02:35:10
Wassner, Laurel   	00:26:55 02:38:09
Rios La Luz, Militza	00:27:31 02:40:30
Rodriguez, Fiama	00:29:17 02:41:58

The results for the pro women are official. It was an excellent race for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Cartagena results 2016.

Lauren Goss and Jeanni Seymour battled to the finish line and it was Lauren Goss earning the win by 27 seconds over Seymour. Her winning time was 4:23:20.


Goss, Lauren     	04:23:20
Seymour, Jeanni    	04:23:47
Withrow, Kesley    	04:31:14
Castillo Franco, Diana	04:33:48
Cameto, Sarah    	04:35:28
Linnell, Allison	04:39:17
Wassner, Laurel   	04:46:04
Dcroz, Fiorella   	04:54:47
Rodriguez, Fiama	04:58:59
Patterson, Julie	04:59:49
Chretien, Flo    	05:06:49
Harari, Lotty    	05:10:15

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