Pro and age-group athletes race for spots in Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga Results 2015.


Chattanooga, Tennessee debuted it’s Full Ironman race in 2014 and it was very successful and the inaugural 70.3 version of Ironman Chattanooga is well-placed for those who might want to return in September to take on the Ironman.

The race that takes place on Sunday May 27 is pretty much sold out except for charity spots.

It’s challenging to pick a winner with this deep and talented field of male pros.

No doubt Andy Potts and Greg Bennett will be two of the favorites, but if they want to take top spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results they will have to deal with Terenzo Bozzone, Leon Griffin, and several others who could win this race on their best effort.


Potts Andy
Bozzone Terenzo
Bennett Greg
Griffin Leon
Seear James
Bretscher Daniel
Baird Chris
Baucco AJ
Becker Blake
Bordine Karl
Brady Patrick
De Oliveira Reinaldo
Fleischmann Brian
Glavac Nick
Kosmicki Adam
Park Justin
Racz Levente-Botond
Rosinski Steve
Smith Jack
Starkey Michael
Sullivan Sean
Umphenour Joe
Vallant Rene
Wade Robert
Zawaski Steven

THE RACE-pro males

Andy Potts led the way in the swim, but by only 2 seconds over Brian Fleischmann. There was actually a group of six within 11 seconds of each other including James Seear, Terenzo Bozzone, Greg Bennett, and Joe Umphenour.

It soon became clear that the run would decide the race as is usually the case with so many exceptional cyclists.

There would be no break-away with Andy Potts, Leon Griffin, Terenzo Bozzone, Greg Bennett, James Seear, and Brian Fleischmann all exiting the bike/run transition virtually together.

Even after almost ten miles of the run it was anybody’s race with Potts, Griffin, and Bozzone jockeyed for position at the front.

However it was Andy Potts who prevailed and who takes top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results 2015.


Potts, Andy         00:21:59 02:09:35 01:14:22	03:49:43
Griffin, Leon	    00:23:26 02:08:44 01:15:50	03:51:15
Bozzone, Terenzo    00:22:05 02:09:48 01:17:18	03:52:38
Baird, Chris	    00:25:17 02:10:54 01:14:25	03:54:22
Fleischmann, Brian  00:22:01 02:10:03 01:21:32	03:57:19

The field for the pro women is just as talented and it’s just as difficult to pick a winner.

Nina Kraft and Jessie Donavan figure highly in this race but then so do Anna Cleaver and Ashley Clifford. They are all capable of finishing at the top on their best effort.


Donavan Jessie
Cleaver Anna
Clifford Ashley
Kraft Nina
Leiggi Heather
Burnett Cori
Cameto Sarah
Fillnow Kelly
Hering Jackie
Lopez Maria
Mendez Natasha
Pierce Brittany
Roohi Molly

THE RACE-pro females

To nobody’s surprise it was Anna Cleaver coming out of the water with the lead.

She was 21 seconds ahead of Jackie Hering and 29 seconds ahead of Ashley Clifford.

Nina Kraft was 55 seconds back of the leader and the rest of the field was three minutes or more behind and had some work to do in order to catch up.

Much like the men’s race Cleaver, Clifford and Hering battled at the front of the pack and entered the second transition together and the race was on as they began the 13.1-mile run.

It was Clifford holding a short lead of 18 seconds over Hering after two loops of the run and they were virtually alone at the front with Kelly Fillnow almost four minutes back in third place.

With three miles left to run Ashley Clifford held a 30 second lead over Jackie Hering with the rest of the field far back and Kelly Fillnow still holding down the final spot on the podium.

Ashley Clifford hangs on and is the winner of the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga in a winning time of 04:20:33.


Clifford, Ashley 00:24:27 02:28:17 01:23:30 04:20:34
Hering, Jackie   00:24:30 02:28:22 01:24:36 04:21:41
Fillnow, Kelly   00:27:47 02:27:42 01:25:52 04:25:11
Donavan, Jessie  00:30:12 02:25:38 01:28:15 04:28:34
Leiggi, Heather  00:28:30 02:28:22 01:30:06 04:31:33

These results originated on IronmanLive. Be sure to visit the website for all the results.


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