Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga Results 2016

Excellent race for podium spots in Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga Results 2016.

It was a top field of pros who answered the starting gun to begin the point-to-point mostly downstream swim in the Tennessee River.

The winners of Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga 2015 were Andy Potts and Ashley Clifford with winning times of 3:49:43 and 4:20:34.

Andy Potts was not on hand to defend the title he won in 2015. It was near impossible to pick a favorite for the pro men as there were probably about a dozen who went into the race with podium potential on their best effort.


Alexandridis, Iain
Becker, Blake
Botelho, Raymond
Bowstead, Mark
Buckingham, Kyle
Cavelier, Sacha
Delsaut, Trevor
Duncan, Robert
Eeckman, Alistair
Fleischmann, Brian
Gambles, Joe
Gerlach, Thomas
Glavac, Nick
Griffin, Leon
Harris, Daniel
Hawkins, Travis
Hipple, Tripp
Holmes, Sam
Jordan, Tyler
Kienle, Sebastian
Kramer, Christian
Lubinski, Jim
Maclean, Doug
Metzler, Justin
Otstot, Adam
Park, Justin
Pawlaczyk, Kyle
Riley, Colin
Russell, Matt
Ryan, Kevin
Tutukin, Ivan
Vanderlinden, Alex
Wade, Robbie

Ivan Tutukin of Russia was the only pro male to finish the 1.2-mile swim in under 23 minutes. However, he had a pack of 7 chasers who were all within 18 seconds of him when he entered the swim\bike transition area.

Ultimately it was the two stand-outs on the 56-mile bike course who captured the top spots on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results 2016.

Sebastian Kienle and Sam Appleton were the only ones who managed to break 2:04 on the bike course. There nearest challenger was about five minutes away.

It was Kienle who eventually prevailed on the run course with a split of 1:16:15 that was almost two minutes faster than Sam Appleton who finished second.

However the most amazing run split of the day belonged to Ivan Tutukin of Russia. His spectacular run of 1:13:40 and the fastest swim time of the day earned him a well deserved spot on the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results 2016. Although his bike split was third fastest of the day, it put him about nine minutes behind the leaders.


Kienle, Sebastian	03:46:48
Appleton, Sam	        03:48:46
Tutukin, Ivan    	03:53:05
Park, Justin     	03:57:34
Russell, Matt    	03:57:51
Griffin, Leon    	03:58:55
Kramer, Christian	03:59:25
Metzler, Justin   	04:00:21
Buckingham, Kyle	04:00:28
Otstot, Adam     	04:01:22
Gerlach, Thomas   	04:03:57
Vanderlinden, Alex	04:06:44
Delsaut, Trevor   	04:08:11
Holmes, Sam      	04:10:15
Hipple, Tripp    	04:10:28
Becker, Blake     	04:11:14
Glavac, Nick     	04:15:24
Ryan, Kevin      	04:17:23
Jordan, Tyler     	04:18:15
Hawkins, Travis    	04:19:28
Harris, Daniel   	04:22:17
Alexandridis, Iain	04:23:18
Riley, Colin      	04:25:01
Duncan, Robert    	04:38:06
Cavelier, Sacha  	04:38:52

The USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia all had strong female pro representation in the race for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results 2016. Lauren Barnett, Ashley Clifford, Heather Jackson, Mirinda Carfrae, Leanda Cave, and Magali Tisseyre were just a few of the contenders who can be very tough on their best effort in pretty much any race.

Tisseyre and Carfrae both had tune-ups in the recent Ironman 70.3 St. George 2016 where they finished in 4th and 8th place respectively against an excellent field. However they would be up against 70.3 Chattanooga 2015 champion Ashley Clifford.


Barnett, Lauren
Brennan Morrey, Ruth
Burdzilauskas, Whitney
Cameto, Sarah
Carfrae, Mirinda
Cave, Leanda
Chong, Jessica
Clifford, Ashley
Ferreira, Amber
Fischer, Danielle
Fletcher, Jenny
Gellatly, April
Huse, Sue
Jackson, Heather
Juhart, Monica
Keat, Rebekah
Leiggi, Heather
Mccracken, Amelia
Mendez, Natasha
Pierce, Brittany
Roohi, Molly
Roy, Stephanie
Seymour, Jeanni
Smith, Lesley
Spieldenner, Jennifer
Standifer, Caitlin
Thomas, Katie
Tisseyre, Magali
Wendorff, Amanda

Six of the pro women led by Magali Tisseyre of Canada completed the swim in under 26 minutes. Tisseyre entered the transition area with a lead of 22 seconds on the chase pack.

The favorites didn’t disappoint early on as Heather Jackson posted the fastest bike split of the the day with her clocking of 2:17:38 to propel herself into the lead as the run began.

Magal Tisseyre and Lauren Barnett had the second and third fastest bike splits and set out to try and run down Jackson the leader. It was a pretty difficult task as there was no let-up from Jackson. With less than two miles to run her lead was still over seven minutes on Tisseyre who was holding onto second with Mirinda Carfrae close behind in third.

Heather Jackson went on to cross the finish line first in the Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga results 2016.


Jackson, Heather	04:11:56
Tisseyre, Magali	04:18:33
Carfrae, Mirinda	04:19:32
Seymour, Jeanni 	04:21:12
Barnett, Lauren 	04:21:22
Ferreira, Amber 	04:24:43
Smith, Lesley   	04:28:54
Brennan Morrey, Ruth	04:30:06
Huse, Sue       	04:32:44
Wendorff, Amanda	04:34:01
Cameto, Sarah    	04:35:05
Clifford, Ashley	04:35:56
Fletcher, Jenny 	04:38:08
Thomas, Katie    	04:38:25
Roy, Stephanie    	04:38:51
Mccracken, Amelia	04:41:44
Chong, Jessica   	04:46:02
Pierce, Brittany	04:46:46
Mendez, Natasha   	04:51:36
Gellatly, April  	04:54:05
Standifer, Caitlin	05:02:37

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Dorresteijn, Tessa	05:59:19
Colberg, Lauren  	06:13:46
Nasralla, Rachael	06:15:07
Kaselow, Jocelyn	06:21:57
Gill, Cayci      	06:39:22
Jerulle, Maggie 	06:44:26
Berne, Egan      	06:56:27
Santoyo, Maria   	07:38:21
Cronkright, Jessica	07:59:03

MALE 18-24

Feigh, Adam      	04:26:02
Eagle, Zach      	04:37:34
Langley, Sean    	04:49:36
Reader, Nicholas	04:50:56
Russell, Joey    	04:59:43
Osborne, Nicolas	05:01:02
Baker, Paul     	05:11:07
Ward, Ryan       	05:16:20
Patton, Stephen   	05:21:41
Steele, Scott    	05:30:40

FEMALE 25-29

Hutchinson, Ami   	04:45:39
Clagg, Stacie     	04:48:44
Boley, Mikaela    	04:50:36
Moody, Nicole     	04:54:42
Davis, Morgan     	04:56:42
Stock, Jade     	05:00:49
Smailis, Donna    	05:05:53
Leonard, Rebecca	05:07:31
James, Cori      	05:11:07
Pope, Lauren	        05:16:46

MALE 25-29

Engel, Eric      	04:16:44
Nasser, Christopher	04:23:35
Aldrich, Chris    	04:23:50
Henry, Malachi    	04:28:45
Moreno, Yorlliry	04:33:24
Dombrowski, Brandon	04:39:20
Briggs, Nathan   	04:39:37
Hausauer, Jake    	04:42:15
Anderson, Steven	04:49:21
Mcamis, Scott	        04:50:09

FEMALE 30-34

Ramsey, Lenny     	04:42:02
Gaines, Cara     	04:43:44
Kelly, Susie    	04:49:00
Gibson, Sara     	04:50:10
Amerson, Lindsey	04:53:34
Welch, Kate     	05:07:25
Humphries, Kimberly	05:08:22
Lecault, Melanie	05:09:14
Romero, Daniela   	05:12:28
Hayes, Jennifer	        05:12:42

MALE 30-34

Odom, Thomas    	04:18:51
Mcafee, Jack     	04:22:05
Triick, Matt     	04:24:22
Beirl, Luke      	04:24:25
Mcleod, Joseph   	04:27:59
Saba, Matt       	04:29:32
Shechtman, Matt   	04:31:52
Thomas, Daniel    	04:32:47
Ramos, Jorge     	04:33:02
Hotchandani, Tim	04:37:54

FEMALE 35-39

Fleming, Gin     	04:43:47
Simmons, Jaime    	04:44:29
Snell, Kinsey   	04:50:05
Ziemianska, Aneta	04:53:03
Stanton, Amy     	04:54:32
Keever, Carey    	05:02:25
Bradley, Meagan  	05:04:49
Waters, Katie   	05:06:08
Parker, Corey     	05:06:48
Roy, Brianna     	05:07:17

MALE 35-39

Barcus, Matt      	04:20:37
Migonis, Matt    	04:22:29
Stanfield, Allen	04:25:05
Johnson, Charlie	04:25:18
Leutenegger, Dustin	04:26:13
Santos, Fabiano  	04:27:50
Marjala, Aaron Raymond	04:34:43
Mendez, Javier   	04:35:35
Weiss, Brandon   	04:36:59
Powell, Gordon   	04:37:30

FEMALE 40-44

Depa, Michelle    	04:59:12
Dambrauskas, Dana	05:00:39
Mowinski, Abby   	05:07:07
Mocko, Hannah     	05:08:29
Fairley, Dena    	05:11:37
Ross, Amy        	05:13:26
Wilham, Robyn   	05:17:19
Rutherford, Tammy	05:17:30
Jenna     	        05:18:02
Rutledge, Ali   	05:19:46

MALE 40-44

Stubleski, Dan   	04:10:15
Weslock, Rick    	04:23:56
Christensen, Peter	04:25:52
Durocher, David  	04:29:01
Klingensmith, Jon	04:35:44
Hinton, Timothy  	04:36:43
Atkins, John     	04:40:30
Porter, Caleb    	04:40:47
Stephens, David 	04:40:48
Wahl, Armin      	04:41:20

FEMALE 45-49

Farris, Carrie   	04:59:24
Updike, Vicki    	05:04:37
Lawrence, Patti 	05:05:27
Houghton, Tanya 	05:06:43
Lindeman, Cynthia	05:09:57
Milford, Angie    	05:12:40
Martin, Cortney   	05:12:51
Kitchen, Susan    	05:19:37
Berry, Shari      	05:21:08
Ruderman, Diana   	05:26:05

MALE 45-49

Lowman, Brian    	04:28:52
Russell, Thomas  	04:29:51
Gisclair, Jerry  	04:31:40
Ashwanden, Charles	04:31:57
Miller, Art     	04:36:54
Krzyzanowski, Roman	04:37:23
Gile, David      	04:39:01
Sutter, Richard   	04:39:48
Stonge, Francois	04:42:13
Price, Estevan   	04:44:41

FEMALE 50-54

Kester, Kristine	05:13:18
Ford, Susan     	05:14:59
Baker, Kay      	05:26:09
Vergauwen, Magdalena	05:27:26
Richardson, Karen	05:32:27
Ringenary, Robin	05:39:42
Hoover, Glynis   	05:51:23
Benvenuto, Lori    	05:54:48
Petty, Connie     	05:55:49
Brown, Lesley    	05:57:33

MALE 50-54

Lavoie, Pierre   	04:26:33
Linck, Paul      	04:37:48
Brouillet, Michel	04:40:59
Crino, John      	04:45:54
Cope, Rick       	04:46:00
Armstrong, Rafe  	04:47:03
O'leary, Timothy	04:49:24
Levickas, Stephen	04:49:32
Roane, Hampton   	04:51:06
Gilkey, Duke     	04:51:34

FEMALE 55-59

Gould, Gaye      	05:11:15
Daggett, Julia   	05:12:19
Dayan, Karen     	05:34:28
Cournoyer, Stephanie	05:46:25
Pitcairn, Kristin	05:50:16
Johnston, Sharon	05:51:54
Parsons, Renee   	05:57:30
Wilkerson, Jenny	06:00:34
Donato, Reiko    	06:02:29
Darr, Debbie    	06:08:44

MALE 55-59

Jansik, Richard  	04:56:06
O'brien, John     	04:56:36
Alex, Glenn      	05:04:34
Hannan, Casey      	05:07:08
Tierney, Rick     	05:11:12
Morrow, Stephen   	05:12:20
Edgerle, Brett    	05:13:14
Roberts, Wyman    	05:13:46
Marshall, Ken     	05:16:33
Ruffin, Stephen   	05:19:46

FEMALE 60-64

Kohstall, Ruth   	05:45:24
Ricker, Dotty    	06:22:43
Piscitelli, Joanne	06:25:16
Price-Alexander,Deborah	06:32:56
Smith, Patricia 	06:59:49
Wolfe, Debra     	07:08:12
Polon, Kathy     	07:12:46
Myers, Deborah   	07:13:02
Smith, Linda J. 	07:16:14
Bark, Sue        	07:28:01
Buscemi, Mary Lou	07:30:02
Miller, Wanda    	07:39:39
Gallagher, Maureen	07:47:21

MALE 60-64

Moats, Kevin     	04:51:22
Zepp, Kevin      	05:12:37
Pate, Peter      	05:34:54
Hollenhorst, John	05:35:46
Mccreary, George	05:36:15
O'driscoll, Christopher	05:36:18
Griffin, Scott    	05:48:28
Henry, Max A     	05:52:48
Pruett, Rick      	05:55:47
Boyd, Sam               05:56:01

FEMALE 65-69

Dejesus, Sue     	06:19:47
Honneus, Linda     	06:28:34
Lowden, Patti     	07:14:30
Hoffman-Vaile, Marsha	08:08:39

MALE 65-69

Wojcik, Bob      	05:43:36
Bloom, Paul     	06:03:50
Palermo, Bill     	06:14:23
Mclyman, Ted     	06:42:19
Thompson, Dick     	07:00:59
Rogers, Steve     	07:01:25
Pattinson, Bill     	07:08:30
Polon, Bruce      	07:22:12
Davis, Darell     	07:36:44
Taylor, Wayne     	07:37:18
Lowden, Ken      	07:37:28
Brown, Peter     	07:41:29
Heineman, Darrell	07:56:15

FEMALE 70-74

Lockwood, Joan          06:42:01

MALE 70-74

Donaldson, Jim   	06:03:44
Lundell, Dwight   	06:19:56
Dyke, James      	07:08:26

MALE 75-79

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