Ironman 70.3 Florida results 2012

2000 athletes are entered in this years running of Ironman 70.3 Florida that features a new course near Haines City, Florida.

Lance Armstrong is sure to add extra excitement to the race as he attempts to win his first Ironman 70.3 since becoming a pro triathlete.

The new course features a one-loop swim, out-and-back bike, and three-loop run course around Lake Eva.

The bike course is fast and it will be interesting to see what kind of strategy Armstrong tries as there are some very good bikers and runners to contend with.

Maxim Kriat from the Ukraine can hold his own on the bike course and Mauro Cavanha of Brazil has tons of speed and will make his presence felt on the run course.


David Kahn
Ed Donner
Tyler Lord
Lance Armstrong
Zach Ruble
Jimmy Archer
Andres Castillo
Pablo Montoya
Josh Seifarth
Fabian Rahn
Jim Lubinski
Andrew Hodges
Michael Poole
Chris Huff
Julien Biboud
Raymond Botelho
Jason Watson
Andrew Langfield
Stephen Dyke             
Flo Kriegl                
Mauro Cavanha             
Martin Lamonatgne-Lacasse
Francesc Godoy           
Chris Bagg                
Bojan Maric              
Maxim Kriat

Nina Kraft will likely go in as the favorite for the pro women, but Jessica Jacobs and Amanda Stevens will provide a stiff challenge.


Nina Kraft
Ashley Clifford
Mandy McLane
Heather Leiggi
Amber Ferreira
Erica Urquiola
Fiorella Dcroz
Angela Axmann
Missy Kuck
Terra Castro
Natasha Yaremczuk
Paolina Allan
Jessica Jacobs
Amanda Stevens
Melody Ramirez
Jennifer Tetrick
Tamara Kozulina


It was David Khan leading the way in the swim for the men. Lance Armstrong was 1:24 behind the leader at the end of the swim.


1 25:20 1 David Kahn Port Jefferson NY USA
2 25:21 0:02 25 Francesc Godoy Barcelona ESP
3 26:29 1:10 23 Mauro Cavanha Curitiba BRA
4 26:33 1:14 7 Andres Castillo Bogota COL
5 26:43 1:24 4 Lance Armstrong
6 26:50 1:31 14 Michael Poole Land O Lakes FL USA
7 26:55 1:36 13 Andrew Hodges Huntsville AL USA
8 26:57 1:38 29 Maxim Kriat Clermont FL USA
9 27:29 2:10 9 Josh Seifarth Windsor ON CAN
10 28:23 3:04 26 Chris Bagg Portland OR USA

As expected it was Amanda Stevens finishing the swim first for the pro women with a great swim time of 25:04 and Nina Kraft is a full 90 seconds back in second place.


1 27:16 52 Amanda Stevens Oklahoma OK USA
2 28:42 1:26 36 Nina Kraft Clermont FL DEU
3 29:15 2:00 45 Fiorella Dcroz Cali COL
4 29:44 2:29 37 Ashley Clifford Carmel IN USA
5 30:19 3:04 38 Mandy McLane Boulder FL USA
6 31:53 4:38 48 Terra Castro Austin TX USA
7 32:30 5:15 54 Jennifer Tetrick Santa Monica CA USA
8 33:03 5:47 49 Natasha Yaremczu Clermont FL USA
9 33:51 6:35 39 Heather Leiggi Bryn Mawr PA USA
10 33:51 6:36 55 Tamara Kozulina Clermont FL USA

By the 20-mile mark on the bike course Lance Armstrong moved into second place with Goday of Spain about 30 seconds back according to spotter reports.

It’s sort of a surprise to me that Kriat is over 5 minutes back of the leader.

It seems like every mile Armstrong creates a bigger and bigger gap as he is putting on a display of time-trial biking.

It seems a lot like the last race Lance was in. He fought into a wind by himself and was burned out half-way through the run. At mile-25 Lance has a 4-minute lead. It seems his plan is to get as big a cushion as possible and hang on in the run.

With some of the runners in this field he may need 8-9 minutes at least.

At mile-40 the lead is up to 5:35. I think he still needs more.

For the pro women it is Amanda Stevens who is still in full control of the race as she has been on the lead since coming out of the water far ahead of the others.

Tetrick is in second place about two minutes behind Amanda.

Wow! Lance had a 2:01:13 bike split. Had he not eased up for the last ten miles he would have gone sub-2 hours for 56 miles.


1 2:27:56 4 Lance Armstrong
2 2:38:35 10:40 25 Francesc Godoy Barcelona ESP
3 2:38:40 10:45 29 Maxim Kriat Clermont FL USA
4 2:38:48 10:53 1 David Kahn Port Jefferson NY USA
5 2:38:56 11:01 14 Michael Poole Land O Lakes FL USA

There is the cushion he needs to win today. Now it’s a matter of hanging on to the finish.

Kriat and Gidoy are running together and are currently 2nd and 3rd.

As the women reach the transition area it is still Amanda Stevens with a lead of just under one minute, so the race is for the pro women is still very much up in the air.


1 2:55:21 52 Amanda Stevens Oklahoma OK USA
2 2:56:15 0:55 54 Jennifer Tetrick Santa Monica CA USA
3 3:01:33 6:12 38 Mandy McLane Boulder FL USA
4 3:01:35 6:14 36 Nina Kraft Clermont FL DEU
5 3:02:37 7:17 51 Jessica Jacobs Green Bay WI USA

At the seven mile mark Kriat has taken over the second spot, but is still over 7 minutes behind Lance who by all reports it running strong.

Ironman 70.3 florida results 2012

Lance Armstrong was on his game today

There was no stopping Lance today.

He wins Ironman 70.3 Florida with a remarkable time of 3:45:38!

He has always been student of the game and you just knew he would eventually figure things out as far as pacing and nutrition. In his 4th attempt Armstrong is on top of the Ironman 70.3 podium for the first time.

Not only was his bike split “smoking” fast, he had a personal best run of 1:15:56.


1 3:45:38 4 Lance Armstrong
2 3:56:56 11:18 29 Maxim Kriat Clermont FL USA
3 3:59:45 14:07 25 Francesc Godoy Barcelona ESP
4 4:01:08 15:31 7 Andres Castillo Bogota COL
5 4:02:04 16:26 23 Mauro Cavanha Curitiba BRA

In the race for top spot for pro women, both Amanda Stevens and Jennifer Tetrick faded in the run after pushing hard on the bike course.

Jessica Jacobs ran a very smart, tactical race and over-took the win in Ironman 70.3 Florida.

Tetrick was second and Amanda Stevens hung on for third place.

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