Ironman 70.3 Florida results 2014

On Sunday April 13, Haines City welcomed pro and age-group triathletes to one of the most popular 70.3 events on the WTC circuit and competition was fierce for top spots in the Ironman 70.3 Florida results 2014.

It was a full field of 31 male pros who fought it out for the three podium spots.

Going into the race there really was no clear cut favorite although Greg Bennett, Viktor Zyemtsev, and Clayton Fettel all figured highly for the pro men as the gun sounded to begin the race.


Collington Kevin MPRO USA
Bennett Greg MPRO AUS
Zyemtsev Viktor MPRO UKR
McMahon Brent MPRO CAN
Fettell Clayton MPRO AUS
Fast Andrew MPRO USA
Guembel Wolfgang MPRO CAN
Bouchard Frederic MPRO CAN
Umphenour Joe MPRO USA
Wheeler Patrick MPRO USA
Metzler Justin MPRO USA
De Kanel Rod MPRO NOR
Snilstveit Gudmund MPRO NOR
Pierce Tim MPRO CAN
Rhyner Jacob MPRO USA
Tejada Raul MPRO GTM
Castillo Latorre Andres MPRO COL
Nilsson Christian MPRO NOR
Allerup Jens Toft MPRO DNK
Burnes James MPRO USA
Scott Drew MPRO USA
Sepulveda Rodrigo MPRO CHL
Donner Ed MPRO USA
Wygand Richard MPRO BRA
Cyr Edward MPRO CAN
Cain Ryan MPRO CAN
Poole Michael MPRO USA
Jarrige Yvan MPRO FRA
Pawlaczyk Kyle MPRO USA

It was Greg Bennett leading the way with three swimmers right behind him as just 15 seconds separated the top four pro men as they made their way into transition one.


Greg Bennett      00:25:11
Joe Umphenour 	  00:25:12
Viktor Zyemtsev   00:25:25
Wolfgang  Guembel 00:25:27
Justin Metzler 	  00:25:42
Rod De Kanel 	  00:26:02
Aj Baucco 	  00:26:51
Patrick Wheeler   00:28:40
Gudmund Snilstveit00:29:40
Andrew Fast       00:30:42

Bennet built on his lead on the 56-mile bike course when he posted a bike split of 2:07:28.

Artem Parienko, Viktor Zyemtsev, and Jens Toft Allerup were all in the hunt about within striking distance of the leader as the the 13.1-mile run began.

When the dust settled, Bennett posted a much faster bike time than Zyemtsev(by almost five minutes)but was not able to sustain his lead during the 13.1-mile run.

Viktor posted the fastest run time of the day with his 1:13:39 clocking and it was good enough to take the top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Florida results 2014.


Viktor Zyemtsev    00:25:25 02:12:39 01:13:39 03:54:26
Greg Bennett 	   00:25:11 02:07:28 01:19:26 03:54:54
Artem Parienko 	   00:25:15 02:09:11 01:17:54 03:55:18
Jacob Rhyner 	   00:25:33 02:12:24 01:14:53 03:55:37
Jens Toft Allerup  00:24:29 02:09:34 01:19:06 03:56:05
Joe Umphenour 	   00:25:12 02:12:58 01:17:37 03:58:39
Yvan Jarrige 	   00:25:18 02:12:45 01:20:00 04:01:06
Justin Metzler 	   00:25:42 02:16:36 01:18:00 04:03:22
Raul Tejada 	   00:27:25 02:10:25 01:24:26 04:05:21


Arendt Jackie WPRO USA
Bennett Laura WPRO USA
Shapiro Margie WPRO USA
Gellatly April WPRO USA
Bruck-LaGala Katherine WPRO USA
Cornman Jocelyn WPRO USA
Atkins Dee WPRO USA
Goss Lauren WPRO USA
Jastrebsky Rachel WPRO USA
Ferreira Amber WPRO USA
Jones Stephanie WPRO USA
Kozulina Tamara WPRO USA
Gallant Sharon WPRO CAN
Serpico Suzy WPRO USA
Chong Jessica WPRO USA
Javens Amy WPRO USA
Gordon Jacqui WPRO USA
Wassner Rebeccah WPRO USA


In the race for top spot for the pro women it was Laura Bennett posting a swim time of 26 minutes to lead the way out of the water.

Lauren Goss was in a tight race with Rebecca Wassner for second place and they had swim times of 26:28 and 26:29 respectively.

Fourth and fifth place were just over a minute behind the leader.

It was Margie Shapiro of the USA forging to the front of the pack by the 30-mile mark of the 56-mile bike course.

Lauren Gross, Caitlin Snow, and Laura Bennett had her in sight and were close behind.

By the time the pro women reached the final transition it was Caitlin Snow in the lead with Margie Shapiro right behind her.

The rest of the field had fallen a bit off the pace and had some catching up to do.

Lauren Goss moved into third place and Laura Bennett was close behind in fourth.

It was all Caitlin Snow from there as she simply ran away from the field and posted a winning time of 4:13:27 that was almost seven minutes faster than second place finisher Margie Shapiro.


Caitlin Snow    00:27:17 02:22:53 01:20:27 04:13:37
Margie Shapiro 	00:27:29 02:22:57 01:26:58 04:20:13
Lauren Goss 	00:26:28 02:24:39 01:27:25 04:21:44
Amber Ferreira 	00:27:47 02:24:23 01:28:06 04:23:47
Laura Bennett 	00:26:14 02:25:41 01:30:36 04:25:45
Jackie Arendt 	00:27:14 02:25:06 01:30:29 04:26:13
Rebeccah Wassner00:26:29 02:26:40 01:30:35 04:27:14
Tamara Kozulina 00:32:38 02:24:46 01:28:13 04:28:46
April Gellatly 	00:29:01 02:22:55 01:37:54 04:33:21
Jessica Chong 	00:33:19 02:29:23 01:29:54 04:36:48

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Mauren Solano    04:42:09
Paige Kelly 	 05:14:06
Johanna Lopez 	 05:20:48
Liz Chavez 	 05:47:39
Brooke Bird 	 06:03:21

MALE 18-24

Malachi Henry 	 04:31:46
Andrew Hibbitt	 04:41:43
Michael Noblit 	 04:55:58
Jordon Appleby   04:58:05
German Marmol 	 05:02:31

FEMALE 25-29

Kirsten Schut    04:36:57
Jessica Anderson 04:51:08
Patricia Franco  04:55:12
Stephanie Shumate05:13:32
Amber Griffith 	 05:14:27

MALE 25-29

Fernando Medel 	 04:19:12
Andres Zimeri 	 04:24:59
Eric Lashway 	 04:28:19
Ryan Post 	 04:28:24
Marc Adams 	 04:32:09

FEMALE 30-34

Jennifer Vogel	  04:47:40
Larisa Sidorovich 04:56:14
Lauren Wilson 	  05:01:53
Kelly Hadiaris 	  05:07:52
Maria Lopez 	  05:08:03

MALE 30-34

Cedric Boily     04:06:39
Ryan Kelly       04:12:07
Ryan Linden      04:14:16
Louis Therien 	 04:16:30

FEMALE 35-39

Kimberly Grogan  04:51:07
Emily Kratz      04:52:47
Julia Worden 	 05:05:47
Kathryn Aguilar  05:06:16

MALE 35-39

Kirk Hopkins     04:18:46
Tim Snow         04:19:34
Charlie Johnson  04:19:53
Justin Davis     04:26:41
Leonardo Aranha  04:31:33

FEMALE 40-44

Kristin Schwieger04:46:10
Deanna Newman 	 04:47:45
Julia Wreski 	 04:57:21
Tricia Rydson 	 05:01:16
Jennifer Nicol 	 05:02:18

MALE 40-44

Jon Noland        04:19:25
David Durocher    04:24:04
Anton Van Zyl 	  04:26:31
Ted Cochrane 	  04:27:01
Esteban Estrada   04:32:18

FEMALE 45-49

Amy Lichon        04:56:04
Tanya Houghton 	  05:04:13
Joscelin Grizzetti05:06:15
Kelly Collins 	  05:12:47
Stacy Robertshaw  05:15:21

MALE 45-49

Kerry Mowlam      04:32:49
Shawn Burke       04:32:51
Francois Stonge   04:33:29
Fredrik Johansson 04:34:58
Jason Fitzhugh 	  04:35:14

FEMALE 50-54

Sue Pierson 	  04:54:36
Cathy Friedel     05:12:49
Teresa Tinsley 	  05:20:47
Kim Locher 	  05:23:34
Karen Tamson 	  05:24:23

MALE 50-54

Paul White         04:29:20
Michael Rose 	   04:38:19
Gary Bushey        04:40:19
Michel Brouillet   04:44:47
Brad Cody          04:45:05

FEMALE 55-59

Laura Sophiea 	   05:00:33
Bonnie Grundman    05:22:05
Yolanda Ramirez    05:47:34
Elizabeth Kollar   06:07:05
Laurie Copeland    06:09:12

MALE 55-59

Larry Black 	  04:41:35
Frank Green       04:46:52
Laurent Cali 	  04:57:11
David Frazer      05:00:44
Martin Grigio 	  05:01:13

FEMALE 60-64

Joanne Furu        06:04:07
Patricia Smith 	   06:26:09
Sue Dejesus 	   06:28:16
Sandy Padgett      06:45:45
Lourdes Garcia 	   06:58:03
Linda Smith 	   07:09:23

MALE 60-64

Ken Junkins 	   04:59:51
Bill Schmidt 	   05:17:16
Andrew Brookner    05:23:07
David Stock        05:43:53
Will Hathaway 	   05:48:52

FEMALE 65-69

Barbara Mathewson  06:07:40

MALE 65-69

Harry Barnes 	  05:19:43
Robert Tebo 	  05:42:21
Chris Miller 	  05:52:42
Tom Jones 	  06:31:48
Bill Pattinson 	  06:33:24
Jonathan Waller   06:54:22
Joseph Tindale 	  07:05:14
Neil Snyder 	  07:15:35
Larry Nuosce 	  07:27:02

MALE 70-74

Jerry Magliulo 	  05:44:15
Roger Little 	  05:50:25
Russ Hudson 	  06:12:23
Buechner, Udo	  07:44:51

MALE 75-79

Tony Handler      08:26:48


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