Ironman 70.3 Italy results 2014

On Sunday June 1 in Pescara, Italy Kona Ranking Points and prize money for the pros and thirty Ironman 70.3 qualifying spots for the World Championships were up for grabs for the pro and age-grouper triathletes who came out on top in the Ironman 70.3 Italy results 2014.

Of course there were the usual pros who would be fighting it out but Alessandro Degasperi and Daniel Fontana who have battled more than once for top spot would be up against some very strong challengers.

Victor Morales also figured highly as the race began to make a run at a podium spot on his best effort.

There were also some other very strong cyclists in the solid field of pros who could end up at the top of the podium.


Moreno Molins, Albert
Cool, Hannes
Marais, Stuart
Moldan, Johannes
Paoli, Stefano
Mantolini, Simone
Debil-Caux, Victor
Morales, Victor
Lowe, Tom
Mlinar, Markus
De Paolis, Luca
Puglia, Tony
Reichel, Horst
Ciavattella, Jonathan
Küng, Manuel
casadei, Alberto
Alonso-McKernan, Clemente
Fontana, Daniel
Risti, Ivan
Thornton, Kevin
Blokhin, Anton
Degasperi, Alessandro
Passuello, Domenico Passuello
Pertusati, Gabriele
Mazzetta, Gabriele
Degham, Toumy

It was Jonathan Ciavattella leading the way in the swim for the pro men, but he had plenty of company very close behind as a large pack began the bike course virtually together.

As the pro men entered transition two it was Domenic Passuello of Italy, Johannes Moldan of Germany, and Stuart Marais of South Africa who managed to create a small gap from the rest of the field.

Albert Molins and Victor Morales who were about a minute back in fourth and fifth place as the run began. All in all there were about seven pro men who had a shot at a podium position as the run began.

As the runners neared the halfway point of the run it was Stuart Marais who held a narrow lead over Passuello. Moldan was running in third spot.

Marias proved to be the strongest runner on the day and he held his one minute lead right to the finish line.

Victor Morales was second and Albert Moreno Molins rounded out the podium.


Marais, Stuart	        00:16:57 02:14:46 01:11:55 03:48:49
Morales, Victor	        00:18:07 02:14:32 01:11:38 03:49:53
MORENO MOLINS, ALBERT	00:16:55 02:15:56 01:13:36 03:51:26
Moldan, Johannes	00:17:01 02:12:28 01:17:17 03:52:00
Debil-Caux, Victor	00:18:05 02:14:29 01:16:13 03:54:00
casadei, Alberto	00:15:20 02:17:27 01:16:38 03:54:46
Fontana, Daniel	        00:15:29 02:17:16 01:17:50 03:55:47
Thornton, Kevin	        00:15:50 02:16:35 01:18:02 03:56:25
Passuello, Domenico Passuello	 02:13:31 01:21:41 03:56:40
Alonso-McKernan,Clemente00:15:23 02:18:12 01:17:27 03:56:49


Duffy, Jennifer
Dogana, Martina
Scattolin, Linda
Grossrieder, Monique
Csomor, Erika
Pedersen, Camilla
Bilham, Emma
Renner-Schneck, Michaela

To nobody’s surprise it was Camilla Pedersen leading the way into transition one for the pro women.

Emma Bilham was a full minute back in second and Michaela Renner-Schneck was 48 seconds behind Bilham.

Camilla Perersen simply took off on the bike course and by the time she reached the bike/run transition her lead was just over ten minutes over Emma Bilham who was in second place.

What a performance by Camilla Pedersen of Denmark. She takes the top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Italy results 2014 by a wide margin.


Pedersen, Camilla	00:17:04 02:29:33 01:26:35 04:19:04
Dogana, Martina	        00:20:46 02:38:26 01:24:17 04:29:33
Bilham, Emma	        00:18:05 02:39:34 01:28:27 04:31:54
Renner-Schneck,Michaela	00:18:53 02:43:09 01:25:00 04:33:29
Duffy, Jennifer	        00:20:45 02:48:01 01:27:55 04:43:01
Grossrieder, Monique	00:23:32 02:46:25 01:29:30 04:46:03

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Mauri, Francesca	06:12:09

MALE 18-24

Ambrosini, Davide	04:18:18
De Maio, Adriano	04:30:40
Patti, Alessandro	04:35:32
Rimaud, Jean marc	04:42:14
Sgarbossa, Giorgio	04:44:58

FEMALE 25-29

Ballestri, Giulia	05:03:05
Schober, Sophie	        05:18:26
Grasso, Chiara	        05:51:09
Manz, Jeaninne	        05:52:29
Stampfli, Mélanie	06:13:11

MALE 25-29

Bartoli, Fabrizio	04:09:57
Erath, Mario	        04:13:04
Nicoletti, Marco	04:17:24
Mansuino, Gabriele	04:22:06
Cirer Enseñat, Bartomeu	04:26:49

FEMALE 30-34

Beck, Rachel	        05:02:56
Scalambra, Elisa	05:09:24
Farrell, Gemma	        05:18:14
Wuergler, Cristina	05:25:20
Margaroli, Paola	05:27:33

MALE 30-34

Bergamo, Enzo	        04:21:31
Czencz, Peter	        04:23:01
Masciarelli, Andrea	04:25:29
Santuccione, Davide	04:31:17
Bertossi, Daniele	04:33:06

FEMALE 35-39

HOCQUAUX, Cecile	05:08:21
Silei, Laura	        05:12:37
Di Benedetto, Cecilia	05:18:35
COCCIA, MARINA	        05:22:46
Kelbaugh, Hannah	05:31:30

MALE 35-39

Favre, Francky	        04:14:22
Künzi, Daniel	        04:20:22
mattoccia, Mirko	04:21:31
Berti, Emilio	        04:25:11
Swuec, Giuliano	        04:27:04

FEMALE 40-44

Villa, Elisabetta	05:05:57
Garinei, Paola	        05:09:49
Fumagalli, Luisa	05:14:22
Mitrunen, Katja	        05:33:31
Bernardini, Cristina	05:35:39

MALE 40-44

Forlani, Simone	        04:21:18
Piantanida, Maurizio	04:23:14
Busatto, Enrico	        04:28:14
Neri, Marco	        04:28:37

FEMALE 45-49

Brunelli, Alessandra	05:07:52
Tucker, Amanda	        05:25:46
Cigana, Edith	        05:26:39
Peretto, Sabrina	05:28:37
MEMMO, LUISA	        05:31:15

MALE 45-49

Nocentini, Leonardo	04:23:20
Tundo, Tonino	        04:28:24
Pasqualini, Guido	04:34:03
Canapini, Giovanni	04:36:19
Pagliacci, Antonio	04:36:38

FEMALE 50-54

Saeby, Solveig	        05:18:51
Fry, Jeannie	        05:24:41
STAVLA, VIRNA	        05:36:17
VASINO, AURELIA	        05:44:34
Edney, Susan	        05:51:33

MALE 50-54

Mussotto, Paolo	        04:37:26
POZZATTI, DIEGO	        04:41:58
Lomi, Emilio	        04:43:10
Malucelli, Marco	04:45:08

FEMALE 55-59

Pindera, Loreen	        05:57:01
Scott, Lise	        06:32:13
Gerhard, Annemarie	06:48:37
Marucci, Antonia	06:58:48

MALE 55-59

Fauvart, Hans	        05:00:00
Mendes, Gerald	        05:02:59
Wihlidal, Klaus	        05:08:07
Berlie, Pierre	        05:14:53
Lupini, Giorgio	        05:17:28

MALE 60-64

Jonker, Michiel	        05:09:56
Buttgereit, Gunter	05:21:29
BASSAN, GUIDO	        05:36:58
Trpisovsky, Milos	05:45:18

MALE 65-69

Gautier, Jean-Yves	05:18:00
Quadflieg, Hubert	05:43:09
Riccetti, Franco	05:45:08
D'orazio, Roberto	05:50:46
Crinnion, David	        06:14:27

MALE 70-74

Manz, Pierre	        06:21:17
Macdonald, John	        07:20:36

MALE 75-79

Silverblatt, Fredric     

These results originated on Be sure to visit the Ironmanlive site if your results are not listed here.


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