Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote results 2013

With just one week to go before the Ironman World Championships in Kona, an excellent field of pros battled it out for top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote results 2013 on Saturday October 5.

The field would have been even stronger, but several of the pros originally entered for the race were actually in Kona getting ready for the big show.

Earlier in the year Michelle Vesterby was the winner of Ironman Lanzarote 2012 where she posted a 51 minute swim split and a winning time of 09:58:07 and she is preparing to take a run at the World Championships in Kona

Ronnie Schildknecht, Bert Jammaer, and Sonja Tajsich were also entered in the race but have qualified for the World championships next week and did not start Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote.

However, it was a very talented field that did the answer the gun for the swim start at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen in the Canary Islands.

After the two-loop swim the race became much more difficult as the 56-mile bike course is so challenging that it has earned Lanzarote the reputation of being one of the most challenging 70.3 races in the world.


Alfaro San Ildefonso, Peru
Jaskolka, Marek
Bryukhankov, Alexander
Baldwin, Nick
Fernández Cortés, Francisco
Simon, Oliver
McCrystal, Bryan
Del Corral Morales, Victor
Clarke, Will
Passuello, Domenico
Wild, Ruedi
Degasperi, Alessandro
Ward Muñoz, Nicholas
Kleinl, Martin
Rodriguez, Victor
Nilsson, Christrian


Hignett, Susie
Lawrence, Holly
Herlbauer, Michi
Schulz, Jenny
De Groote, Sophie
Jerzyk, Agnieszka
Boterenbrood, Danne
Deckers, Tine
Konschak, Katja
Schmitt, Natascha
Warriner, Samantha


A group of eight pro men led the swim and the official fastest swim time was recorded by Alexander Bryukhankov with a clocking of 22:23.

Victor Del Corral was about three minutes back of the lead swimmers with his swim time of 25:02, but he stormed to the front on the 56-mile bike as he posted the fastest bike split of the day. His bike time was 2:24:10 and only three riders were able to get under the three-hour mark on the very challenging bike course.

Ultimately it was the four pro men who posted the fasted bike times who were in the top four over-all in the race once it was all over.

As is often the case in a 70.3 Ironman it came down to the run and it was Victor Del Corral who had the most left and his excellent run of 1:13:21 gave him a victory of four minutes over second place Will Clarke. Domenico Passuello took the final podium spot in the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote results 2013.


Del Corral Morales, Victor    00:25:02	02:24:10 01:13:21 04:06:41
Clarke, Will                  00:22:29	02:29:19 01:15:30 04:10:52
Passuello, Domenico	      00:25:16	02:27:34 01:16:03 04:12:45
Wild, Ruedi		      00:22:28	02:29:37 01:20:02 04:16:07
Degasperi, Alessandro	      00:23:58	02:33:33 01:14:37 04:16:14
Alfaro San Ildefonso, Peru    00:22:24	02:33:59 01:17:14 04:17:24
Jaskolka, Marek		      00:22:26	02:37:08 01:23:15 04:26:38

For the pro women it was Danne Boterenbrood, Holly Lawrence, and Katja Konschak who were the first to reach the bike/run transition with swim times of just over 24 minutes.

Tine Deckers had over three minutes to make up on the bike and had the fastest pro female bike split with her official time of 2:44:29 but she was unable to sustain the necessary pace in the run to challenge for the win.

It was Agnieszka Jerzyk out-dueling Danne Boterenbrood and her run time of 1:22:42 on the 13.1-mile course gave her the win by one minute over Danne Boterenbrood.


Jerzyk, Agnieszka	      00:24:52	02:47:20 01:22:42 04:39:47
Boterenbrood, Danne	      00:24:04	02:47:00 01:25:02 04:40:43
Hignett, Susie		      00:25:11	02:47:06 01:26:45 04:43:32
Deckers, Tine		      00:27:20	02:44:29 01:30:32 04:46:49
Schulz, Jenny		      00:29:22	02:51:22 01:22:19 04:47:33
Herlbauer, Michi	      00:24:56	02:54:37 01:25:02 04:48:46


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