Ironman 70.3 Men’s World Championship 2017

World’s best collide in Ironman 70.3 Men’s World Championship 2017

It was a who’s who of some of the best male pro triathletes on the planet that met up in Chattanooga on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

It was anybody’s guess who would win with so much talent in the field.

The winner for the pro men in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2016 in Mooloolaba was Tim Reed in a race to the finish that couldn’t be much closer.

Only two seconds separated Reed and Sebastian Kienle. It was just another 24 seconds back to Ruedi Wild in third place.

The USA has a strong presence in the 2017 edition of the race. Then there’s Javier Gomez of Spain, Brent McMahon of Canada, and many other podium possibilities from all over Europe. Of course there’s Tim Reed and Sam Appleton from Australia to consider as well.

It’s very difficult to pick a winner this caliber of field.


(There are normally a few who do not start)

Tim Reed 
Sam Appleton 
Tim Don 
Sebastian Kienle 
Andreas Dreitz 
Tyler Butterfield 
Mauricio Mendez Cruz 
Rodolphe Von Berg  
Javier Gomez 
Maurice Clavel 
Kevin Collington 
Matt Hanson  
Ivan Tutukin  
Mario De Elias 
Jesse Thomas 
Carlos Javier Forero  
Brent McMahon 
Jackson Laundry 
Yvan Jarrige 
Matt Chrabot 
Felipe Van de Wyngard   
Pieter Heemeryck 
Patrick Dirksmeier 
Reinaldo Colucci  
Drew Scott 
Ivan Kalashnikov   
Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches 
Ben Kanute  
Trevor Wurtele 
Taylor Reid
Alan Carrillo Avila 
Eric Watson  
Adam Otstot 

The first pro male out of the water was Ben Kanute of the USA in a time of 24:05. Of course he had plenty of company with Javier Gomez four seconds behind him and a large pack less than a minute off the pace.

Kanute and Gomez kept a static lead of just over 1:30 over the chase pack, but they weren’t shaking loose for a big lead.

Kanute was strongest of all on the bike and by the time the run began he had a lead of 4 minutes or more on the large chase pack.


There were about nine pro men in the mix for second or third on the podium, and it would come down to the run.

At the first run marker, Javier Gomez had cut the Kanute lead to three minutes. Kienle was right behind him, with Sam Appleton and Tim Don both another 30 seconds back as the race tightened up.

Javier Gomez made the pass and took over first place. At the ten mile mark his lead had grown to about 40 seconds on Ben Kanute who was still in second. Tim Don was third, over two minutes behind the leader.

Javier Gomez goes on to win and earns the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Men’s World Championship 2017. His winning time was 3:49:45.

Ben Kanute of the USA was second in 3:51:07 and Tim Don of Great Britain was third in 3:52:00.

4th Sam Appleton.........3:53:34
5th Sebastian Kienle.....3:54:46
6th Maurice Clavel.......3:55:18
7th Tyler Butterfield....3:56:22
8th Andreas Dreitz.......3:56:34
9th Ivan Tutukin.........3:56:55
10thPieter Heemeryck.....3:57:38

These results originated on Be sure to visit them for complete race results and info on upcoming WTC events.

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