Ironman 70.3 Muncie results 2012

Ironman 70.3 Muncie results 2012. On Saturday July 7, 2012 Muncie, Indiana hosted it’s second 70.3 event under the WTC banner.

There were over 1700 triathletes expected at the swim start that will take place at the Prairie Creek Reservoir. The swim-start and finish line were just five miles away from Muncie and there was plenty of spectators on hand to cheer on the triathletes.


For those triathletes who prefer an out-and-back fast course, Muncie 70.3 is perfect. There are no double loops at all.

2012 ironman 70.3 Muncie results

1700 triathletes on hand for Ironman 70.3 Muncie

The swim in Prairie Creek Reservoir is a single-loop and it is expected that the water temperatures will exceed the allowable limits. If the temperatures stay at 78F as expected wetsuits will not be allowed.

This almost always means that the swim times will be a few minutes slower as wetsuits add extra buoyancy and tend to help weaker swimmers maintain more favorable body position. Without wetsuits there is more drag and as a result it slows most swimmers down.

The bike course normally favors those who prefer the flats and for those pros who are great climbers and prefer some higher elevations it could be a daunting task to keep up with the speedsters who excel on the straight roads.

The 56-mile out-and-back flat and fast bike course wound it’s way through farm country in Delaware and Henry Counties.

The 13.1 mile run was also out and back and had it’s share of rolling terrain, but over-all very fast finish times were expected.


It would seem that Ben Hoffman was the favorite going into the race. He was in fine form and earlier this year won Ironman St. George.

However, in a race that just might be determined by speed, Greg Bennett had plenty of consideration for ending on top of the podium. So far this season it has been “always a bridesmaid and never a bride” as he was second to Lance Armstrong in Iroman 70.3 Hawaii 2012 and second to Craig Alexander in Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 2012.

You have to think that he was ready to take the next step up on the podium after chasing two of the most accomplished endurance athletes on the planet to the finish line.


Ben Hoffman 
Tim Berkel 
Joe Umphenour
Bryan Rhodes 
Zach Ruble 
Joshua Amberger 
James LaMastra 
Jim Lubinski 
Daniel Bretscher 
Lewis Elliot 
Jonathan Shearon 
Josh Seifarth 
Ollie Whistler 
Shanon Stallard 
Ryan Rau 
Ryan Bates 
Robert Wade 
Jesse Vondracek 
James Duff 
Rich Allen 
Christian Kemp 
Greg Bennett 
Tom Maliszewsk

It was quite a challenge to pick a winner out of the pro women entries as there were several in the race who were quite capable of winning.

You would have to think going in that Jody Swallow wwould be hard to beat in the swim and would no doubt be happy if wetsuits were not allowed as this could give her a distinct advantage and a lead of several minutes leaving the swim/bike transition.

However there were some formidable competitors capable of catching her before the run even starts. If not on the bike course than perhaps on the run course where you can usually expect Kelly Williamson to come charging. Kelly has already won Ironman 70.3 San Juan 2012 and Ironman 70.3 Texas 2012 and had the potential to make this number three.

Then of course there was Jo Lawn, and Mirinda Carfrae who were quite capable of winning in Muncie.

This was most likely the most competitive female pro field of the Ironman 70.3 season.


Kelly Williamson 
Rebekah Keat 
Joanna Lawn 
Sarah Piampiano 
Andrea Hutchins 
Missy Kuck 
Ashley Clifford 
Lesley Smith 
Mirinda Carfrae 
Jodie Swallow 
Julia Grant


It was bad news for the athletes as the distances for Ironman 70.3 Muncie had to be shortened because of the extreme heat.

It became more of an Olympic Distance type race with a swim of one mile, a thirty mile bike, and a 10K run.

The abbreviated swim for the pro men was headed by Joshua Amberger and he started the bike course with a lead of less than a minute on a large group what contained all the major contenders in the race.

Realistically this is still anybody’s race as Greg Bennett and Ben Hoffman are the favorites going into the race and are sure to pounce n the leader before the dust settles on the bike course.


Amberger, Joshua	00:19:49
Umphenour, Joe	        00:20:47
Kemp, Christian   	00:20:50
Bennett, Greg	        00:20:50
Rhodes, Bryan   	00:20:52
Duff, James	        00:20:55
Bretscher, Daniel    	00:20:57
Hoffman, Ben    	00:21:00
Allen, Rich	        00:21:13
Whistler, Ollie	        00:21:51

As suggested what might happen in the IronStruck pre-race at the top of the page Jodie Swallow had the lead out of the water, but this time she had company as Kelly Williamson stuck right with her and they made their way into the swim/bike transition area together.

They had a lead of over 90 seconds on Mirinda Carfrae and Jo Lawn. Unfortunately Leanda Cave did not start the race.

The race for top spot for the men was still very tight coming off the bike course as there were at least five pro men within striking distance.


Bennett, Greg	          01:03:13
Amberger, Joshua	  01:04:13
Hoffman, Ben	          01:04:19
Bretscher, Daniel	  01:04:24
Kemp, Christian	          01:03:14

For the women it was Kelly Williamson leading the way on the bike course with Jody Swallow right at her side. It would come down to the run with the advantage going to Williamson on the strength of her running ability.


Williamson, Kelly	   01:10:34
Swallow, jodie	           01:10:36
Carfrae, Mirinda	   01:11:14
Lawn, joanna	           01:11:13
Kuck, missy	           01:10:20


As expected it was Greg Bennett and his superior running that won the race for him today. After coming second in his last two races to two of the best endurance athletes in the world, you just knew Bennett would be a man on a mission in Muncie.

His 10k time of 33:36 was just too fast for the others to match. Joshua Amberger was full value for his second place finish and Ben Hoffman held on for third.


Bennett, Greg	             02:00:24
Amberger, Joshua	     02:01:37
Hoffman, Ben	             02:03:24
Bretscher, Daniel	     02:03:43
Kemp, Christian	             02:04:31

For the women, Kelly Williamson used her strong running to the best of her advantage and blew away the rest of the pro women field on the 10k run course with a time of 35:48. Only four women were able to break the 40-minute mark.


Williamson, Kelly	     02:10:53
Swallow, jodie	             02:14:55
Carfrae, Mirinda	     02:15:33
Lawn, joanna	             02:18:33
Kuck, missy	             02:21:02

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