Ironman 70.3 Muncie results 2014

The Ironman 70.3 Muncie Results 2014 featured a few surprises as the defending champions were both defeated.

Magali Tisseyre and Andrew Starykowicz returned to Muncie in an attempt to defend the title they won in Ironman Muncie 2013.

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It’s never a dull race when you have super-cyclist Andrew Starykowicz at the start line. It was sure to be no different on Saturday July 12 when several top pros had their hands full staying with Starykowicz on the 66-mile bike course.

Starykowicz is not just all about the bike as his running steadily improves and if he has too much of a lead coming out of the bike/run transition the top of the podium in the Ironman 70.3 Muncie Results 2014 might be decided early.

However there were also several very strong pro male bikers in the field who were quite capable of staying close to Starykowicz and in that case the outcome would be much different. Starykowicz is running well these days but would most likely need a head start of several minutes in order to lead the way to the finish line.


Lionel Sanders
Jonathan Shearon
Martin Van Barneveld
Reeven Nathan
Jimi Minnema
Blake Becker
Adam Bohach
Guy Crawford
Mario De Elias
Patrick Evoe
Mike Hermanson
Andrew Starykowicz
Josh Amberger
Richie Cunningham
Chris McDonald
David Kahn
Joe Umphenour
Tony White


Josh Amberger of Australia was first out of the water followed closely by David Khan of the USA. They were the only two pro males who finished the swim under 24 minutes with times of 23:29 and 23:31 respectively.

As expected, Andrew Starykowicz was quickly in the lead on the bike course with Josh Amberger the only one managing to stay with him in the first half of the bike course.

What a great ride by Amberger as he stayed close to Starykowicz right to the bike/run transition and then quickly took over the lead and began to create a gap on the run course.

Lionel Sanders passed Starykowicz and took over second place and quickly caught up to Amberger and at the halfway point of the run they were running side-by-side. It became a race for first, second, and third as the rest of the field was far back of the three leaders.

Lionel Sanders took charge in the last half of the run and is the winner of Ironman 70.3 Muncie 2014.


Lionel Sanders 	     00:26:31 02:02:20 01:10:54 03:42:48
Josh Amberger 	     00:23:29 02:01:34 01:17:55 03:46:11
Andrew Starykowicz   00:24:42 02:00:19 01:19:18 03:47:25
Joe Umphenour 	     00:24:12 02:10:10 01:17:11 03:54:40
Mario De Elias 	     00:26:34 02:08:48 01:17:22 03:56:08 
Jonathan Shearon     00:26:28 02:07:08 01:19:22 03:56:35
Adam Bohach 	     00:26:34 02:11:55 01:15:00 03:57:01
Blake Becker 	     00:26:25 02:09:08 01:20:05 03:58:56
Chris McDonald 	     00:26:37 02:08:41 01:21:48 04:00:28
Guy Crawford 	     00:24:41 02:09:24 01:26:06 04:03:26

Tisseyre, Clifford and Bevilaqua lead charge for podium spots in Ironman 70.3 Muncie results 2014

Canadian Magali Tisseyre went into the race hoping to regain her winning form. Kate Bevilaqua is having her best years a pro and figured highly to be at or near the front of the pack as the gun sounded to begin the race.

Ashley Clifford is races tough every time out and can always be expected to challenge for a podium spot.


Malaika Homo
Andrea Hutchins
Missy Kuck
Ariane Monticeli
Tami Ritchie
Kyla Chapman
Kate Bevilaqua
Magali Tisseyre
Ashley 	Clifford
Beth Shutt
Hallie Blunck


Only thirty seconds separated the first five female pros as they made their way into the first transition. Missy Kuck was first out of the water with an excellent swim time of 26:25. The first five women were all in under 27 minutes.

Ashley Clifford proved to be the strongest on the bike and as she began the 13.1-mile run she had a lead of over three minutes. Malaika Homo and Missy Kuck were racing in second and third.

Magali Tisseyre dropped out of the race and did not complete the bike course as she continues to regain her top form.

Kate Bevilaqua encountered problems on the bike course but was full value for finishing the race.

Clifford was the strongest on the run course as well and easily took the top spot in the Ironman 70.3 Muncie results 2014. Her official winning time is 04:16:21.


Ashley Clifford      00:26:41 02:21:04 01:24:54 04:16:21
Hallie Blunck 	     00:29:56 02:23:21 01:31:32 04:28:25
Beth Shutt 	     00:30:24 02:23:07 01:30:52 04:28:44
Malaika Homo 	     00:26:38 02:26:45 01:37:59 04:34:46
Kyla Chapman 	     00:26:52 02:37:08 01:28:06 04:36:19
Tami Ritchie 	     00:28:07 02:33:02 01:34:36 04:40:09
Missy Kuck           00:26:25 02:29:02 01:42:17 04:41:28
Ariane Monticeli     00:33:08 02:35:56 01:28:09 04:41:32
Andrea Hutchins      00:34:33 02:41:48 01:32:33 04:54:11
Kate Bevilaqua 	     00:26:55 03:06:03 01:32:13 05:09:12

Here are the top finishers in each of the age-groups.

FEMALE 18-24

Lauryn MacFawn 	   04:48:54
Meghan Wiebe 	   04:57:22
Carly Guggemos 	   05:08:36
Brittany Broyer    05:16:53
Alexandra Hetrick  05:20:02

MALE 18-24

Max Bierman 	   04:17:33
Ethan Page 	   04:35:19
John Baldwin 	   04:39:23
David Endean 	   04:45:21
Reid Taylor 	   04:46:56

FEMALE 25-29

Jocelyn McCauley   04:44:16
Jacqui Giuliano    04:45:26
Jessica Anderson   04:49:00
Brielle Dana 	   05:02:37
Hannah Stedge 	   05:12:36

MALE 25-29

Ben McMurray 	   04:12:44
Patrick McKeon 	   04:15:48
Ryan Hardy 	   04:17:00
Nick Glavac 	   04:17:16
Nick Zendler 	   04:18:25

FEMALE 30-34

Allison Howell 	     04:54:56
Lisa Tecklenburg     04:57:51
Whitney Burdzilauskas04:58:41
Holly Smith 	     05:02:09
Kim Brant 	     05:02:52

MALE 30-34

Michael Welch 	   04:19:35
Derek Lantz 	   04:20:28
David Smith 	   04:21:50
Dan Dziubski 	   04:22:40
Ryan McCready 	   04:25:30

FEMALE 35-39

Annie-Claude Gaudet04:38:03
Amanda Wendorff    04:41:53
Caroline Kratz 	   04:50:07
Mindy Nicolet 	   04:53:50
Kathryn Aguilar    05:00:41

MALE 35-39

Mark Harms 	   04:05:20
Will Battaile 	   04:30:07
Jeff Joyner 	   04:30:16
James Harrington   04:31:36
Colin Dunham 	   04:32:09

FEMALE 40-44

Jennifer Harrison  04:50:57
Anna Markus 	   04:52:13
Nicole Sommer 	   05:02:43
Ali Rutledge 	   05:06:03
Lucie Mays-Sulewski05:12:42

MALE 40-44

Mike Wolfgram 	   04:26:47
Christopher Martin 04:28:34
Bill Kessler 	   04:29:43
Jim Hansen 	   04:32:33
Matthew Burrell    04:32:43

FEMALE 45-49

Paula Bennett 	   04:53:07
Kim Sanner 	   04:53:46
Darlene Howe 	   05:07:47
Robin Asbury 	   05:18:14
Christine Hojnacki 05:28:50

MALE 45-49

Timothy Fears 	   02:58:17
David Forsee 	   04:15:54
Ron Shashy 	   04:30:13
Todd Shellenberger 04:33:32
Ralf Holzer 	   04:33:45

FEMALE 50-54

Cheryl Chaney 	   05:02:24
Amy Kuitse 	   05:09:05
Robin Ringenary    05:27:12
Lisa Martin 	   05:27:51
Lisa Ransom 	   05:31:20

MALE 50-54

Dan Falke          04:43:42
Ryan Stoll         04:45:08
Paul Zieske 	   04:58:02
Tomasz 	Jankowski  04:58:16
John Sakelaris 	   04:59:48

FEMALE 55-59

Julia Daggett 	   05:16:42
Joni Blanshard 	   05:24:00
Julie Theroux 	   05:46:28
Amy Riesmeyer 	   06:04:50
Marie Bartoletti   06:13:21

MALE 55-59

Eric Wilkins 	   04:51:11
Daniel Dungan 	   04:54:36
Steve Oehrle 	   04:58:13
Lee Sherbakoff 	   05:01:52
Edgar Breda 	   05:03:11

FEMALE 60-64

Ruth Kohstall 	   05:40:50
Elizabeth Weaver   05:52:30
JoanneFuru 	   05:55:04
Sandi Wiebe 	   06:16:31
Sandy Padgett 	   06:44:05
Jean Quinn 	   07:00:09
Deborah Lewis      07:09:21
Sherry Lewis 	   07:31:46
Elizabeth Upsall   07:31:51
Debbie Morehead    07:38:08
Susan Duffy 	   08:10:58

MALE 60-64

Charlie Cowan 	   04:53:19
Cliff Adlerz 	   05:00:53
Gerald Steinhoff   05:05:58
Butch Wabby 	   05:30:33
Monte Hitchcock    05:30:56

FEMALE 65-69

Nancy Lieberman    06:46:33

MALE 65-69

Anthony Polemarkis 06:07:15
Patrick Bourdillon 06:16:09
David Westerholm   06:42:50
David Mitchell 	   06:50:28
Donald Smith 	   07:32:16
George Verlich 	   07:44:39
John Sullivan 	   07:46:07
Patrick Duffy 	   08:29:24

MALE 70-74

Russ Hudson 	   05:58:20
Jack Lynch 	   06:39:55
Joe Dervin 	   07:19:21
Ralph Jenkins 	   07:39:47


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